3rd October Thursday Update on Young Love

3rd October Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Anandi coming back home and hugs Amol. Amol asks her about Jaitsar. Anandi tells him that she is missing tausa and the tears keeps flowing from her eyes. She tells him that Basant wanted to see everyone happy and asked everyone not to cty. Amol says, badi nani is very strong. She must have not cried. Amol says, he will pray to God to take care of Basant and asks her not to cry. Anandi smiles and hugs him.

In Jaitsar hospital, doctor removes the glass pieces from the woman’s face and tells Jagya that she needs a plastic surgeon as her face is not recognizable.

Subhadra tells Hardik that she is right and tells that she heard them talking. A flashback is shown of Gulli and Hardik’s conversation. Gulli asks him to wear Kurta whereas Hardik says he doesn’t like kurta. Subhadra says, you both seem to be poles apart. Hardik says, that’s why they have fallen in love with each other. Subhadra thinks he is not paying any attention to her words.

Gehna gives milk to Dadisaa and thanks her for supporting her and making her feel that they are not alone. Dadisaa says, you are part of this house. Gehna says, you made me feel this like a mom. She says, you didn’t ask me to remove my bindi and also doesn’t allow Nandu’s mundan. She says, she can’t tell her that she got so much strength with her words. She says, you kept Basant’s words and wish. Dadisaa tells her that rituals are made not to hurt anyone. She asks her not to worry as her maasa is there with her. Gehna lies on her shoulder.

Jagya checks the patients. Ganga asks him to take rest for sometime. Jagya says, still some patients needs treatment. I can’t let them alone. Ganga says, she also can’t sleep. Next morning, Jagya tells Ganga that they shall go home. Wardboy comes and informs that the woman who was operated yesterday is shouting. Jagya goes to check her. The woman screams and asks the nurse to leave her hand. Jagya comes and holds her hand. The woman feels Jagys’s touch and asks who are you? Jagya feels he heard this voice before and wonders who is she? The woman faints. Jagya asks the nurse to inform him when she gets conscious and asks the other nurse to inform the police.

Anandi and Gulli cook food. Anandi asks Gulli, what happened. Gulli tells her that Hardik got angry with her as she insisted him to wear kurta instead of tshirt and that’s why he cancelled the plan. She says, he is not talking to me. Anandi tells her that Hardik has different thinking and asks her to give him some time. She asks her to make something for Hardik to please him. Gulli thinks to make chocolate milk shake. Subhadra hears them.

Gehna asks Dadisaa about Jagya and Ganga. She asks shall I bring tea. Dadisaa says let them come. We will have together. Jagya and Ganga come home. Ganga tells her that they had to stay in the hospital. Jagya sits with Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks him about the patients. Jagya tells her that so many people are injured. He tells about the woman whose face was injured. Dadisaa says, she will pray with Devimaa and says I will come and meet her. Gehna and Ganga bring tea. They pick the tea cup to give it to Basant and realizes that he is no more. They get sad and teary eyed.

Suman telling Rakhi that Vivek asked Saachi to leave before he comes back home. She tells that Vivek can’t forgive Saachi. Rakhi says, she will talk to Bhaiyya and she is sure that there is some misunderstanding. Saurabh asks, what do you mean. I am lying. Rakhi says, she knows him very well. Suman asks her to go to her room. Saachi feels bad. Suman tells Saachi that Vivek won’t be able to forgive and forget her. She taunts her. Saachi gets teary eyed. Suman raises a question on her upbringing and values. Saachi says, Saurabh is behind the troubles and misunderstandings between Vivek and her.

Suman takes her son’s side and accuses her further. Saachi says, how to make you feel that I am innocent. Suman asks her to leave before she throws her out of the house. Saachi cries and leaves the house. Saurabh smirks. Roshan says, it is good that she left. Saurabh and Suman smiles. Saurabh says their revenge is complete now. Suman says not yet. We have to get her out of Vivek’s life very cleverly. We have to convince Vivek to divorce her. Saachi is walking on the road and recalls Vivek’s words asking her to get out of his life and home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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