3rd October Thursday Update on This is Love

3rd October Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Ishita shouting for help. Raman hits the goon with a stick. Goons catch them. Rajat hears the noise and looks out of window. He sees goons beating Raman. Ishita tries to save Raman. Rajat goes. Doctor Ashok stops him and says you don’t need to go. Rajat says goons are beating Raman, where is security. Ashok says its happening on Sudha’s instructions, Sudha called to talk to you. Sudha says I have handled Raman and Ishita’s matter, you focus on work. Rajat says but this is wrong. She says because my hospital reputation is at stake. Rajat says its wrong, injustice, goons are beating a handicapped man. She says let it be, you focus on work and don’t interfere in my plan, Raman won’t do anything now. Bala, Appa and Mr. Bhalla come and stop goons. They take Ishita and Raman home. Mani says its my mistake, I should have been with you, if Shagun was along, maybe she would have called. Ishita says its not your mistake, its Rajat’s mistake, he is responsible for Raman’s paralysis. Shagun says we have no proof.

Ishita says we can get proof from Raman’s therapist, she is treating Rajat, if we tell her everything, she will help. Raman asks do you still think they will help us. She says we have no solution. He says we have solution, Romi get my whiskey bottle. They ask what. Raman shouts. He says now I will do what I want, Romi make a drink for me. Romi gives him a drink. Ishita says everything will get fine, this is not a solution. He asks how will you take me for treatment then to therapist, call her, didn’t you understand, I will explain, we fought honest and saw what we got, we will fight smartly now, therapist will treat me for alcoholism, you will say that I have become a drunkard after yesterday incident, she will give me same treatment as Rajat, we can get some proof. They smile. Its morning, Ishita fixes appointment with therapist.

Ishita says you should change clothes, I will iron the shirt. Raman says I m acting drunk, therapist should believe me. She smiles. He says you can’t come with me like this, Ruhi make her ready. Ruhi takes Ishita. Ishita looks helpless. They come to meet Dr. Munjal. Munjal asks what’s this state, how is Raman, really sorry, I know Rajat has done this, you know our profession, I can’t help you. Raman comes and scolds Ishita. Munjal asks are you drunk. Ishita says no, its smell of aftershave. Munjal asks why are you lying. Raman says you are a doctor, why are you asking, I m drinking, I m not ashamed. Ishita says he was alcoholic, he left it, but this paralysis and Rajat’s doings, very sorry Raman. Raman asks her to get out.

Ishita and Ruhi go out. Ruhi asks can he convince Munjal. Raman says take me out Ruhi, Ishita, doctor is mad, when will everything get fine, what relax. He scolds Munjal. He says I m suffering, I have become a burden, enough, I have to go. He throws things. He shouts Ruhi, take me out now. Ruhi says we shall go, else dad will beat you. Munjal asks does he beat you. Ishita says no. Ruhi says don’t cover up, dad has thrown bottle at her hand and hurt her yesterday. Ruhi takes Raman. Munjal stops Ishita and says I can understand your pain. Ishita says he is in much pain, he is angry, what shall I do, I can’t help him, I feel he can become a drunkard some day. Munjal says I will help you, I treat alcoholics, get Raman in session. Ishita agrees. She goes out and says its done.

Munjal says Raman will join us today. Raman scolds Ishita. Munjal says relax Raman. Rajat looks on. Munjal says Ishita has to go out, family members aren’t allowed inside. Raman shouts on Ishita. She goes. Munjal asks them to share things for motivation. Raman says you think I m mannerless, I feel so helpless, I m ashamed of seeing the mirror, what can I do. He drinks. Ishita stops him. Munjal says we understand. Raman says you don’t understand. He pushes Ishita and says my life is ruined, you care for wine. Munjal says she is your wife, you can’t do this. He says who will take responsibility of whatever happened with me. Munjal says sorry, session ends here. Raman comes to washroom and sees Rajat. Rajat helps him. Raman says its okay, I will manage.

He taunts on Rajat. He says you are responsible for this, how will you lie to yourself, you ruined my life. He scolds Rajat. Rajat makes a leave. Raman says you are reason for my ruined life. Munjal says I want to help you. Ishita says Raman is feeling disabled, he can’t get justice, who will stand for him. Munjal says I will become witness against Rajat in court, Rajat admitted that he has performed mistakes in surgeries, its enough now. Ishita says you are doing a big favor on us. She goes to Raman and says therapist agreed to give statement against Rajat. He says Rajat is feeling very guilty for what he has done, everything will get fine.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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