3rd July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Jagya stares at Ganga. Ganga asks, did you stare at every nurse. Jagya says, only one. They go to do the operation. Saachi starts telling about the night. She says, I didn’t know what happened with me. Sumeet says, she lost consciouness and she didn’t know anything as Saurabh spiked her drink. Vivek objects. Sumeet asks Saachi, how you came to know about the tragedy. Saachi says, I came to know about it after getting consciousness. I got MMS from Saurabh’s number and then I came to know that he is guilty.

Ganga assist Jagya in the operation. Ganga worries for Abhimanyu. Patient’s pulse starts dropping. Abhi is crying nonstop for his mother. Ganga prays for Abhi’s wellbeing. Dadisaa comes home and asks Sumitra about Ganga. Sumitra says she didn’t come till now. Sunanda calls from Balwadi and tells Dadisaa that Abhi is crying since 30 mins. Dadisaa asks, where is Ganga? Sunanda says, she is still in the operation theatre. Dadisaa says, he might be trying for his mother’s milk. She says, I will reach there soon. Ganga worries for Abhi while in the operation theatre.

Sumeet asks Saachi to tell what is in that MMS. Saanchi says, he raped me. Sumeet continues that Saachi’s tears and silence is speaking all. Vivek stands to cross examine Saachi’s statement. He asks, did you share the MMS with your family. Saachi says no. He asks, did you keep it safely with you? Saachi says, I was scared after seeing the MMS and I have broken my phone in anger. She says, MMS was deleted from the memory card. Police says, we didn’t get any MMS. Vivek says, Saachi is just accusing Saurabh without any proofs. Saachi says, Anandi and Payal are the witnesses.

Vivek says, your bhabhi and your friend Payal didn’t see Saurabh doing the act. He calls Anandi to the witness box. Dadisaa comes to the balwadi and takes Abhi in her arms. She feeds him milk. She says, it is my fault that I left you. Sunanda says, he didn’t drink milk with my hands. Dadisaa thinks, how can Ganga take the baby for granted? Jagya operates on the patient. Anandi tells that Saachi was unconscious and tells everything. Vivek says, you didn’t see any thing wrong happen with Saachi. Anandi says yes. He asks, did you family know that Saachi left for party? Anandi says no. Vivek asks, tell me whether Saachi came for the first time to the court or not? Anandi says, Saachi came before also for some case. Vivek asks her to tell about that case. Anandi says, you know it already. Anandi says, Saachi is a changed person now. She didn’t do any mistake. Vivek asks, who won in that case? Anandi says, Dr Jagdish singh won. I was right then and today also I am with truth.

Vivek says, Saachi is a spoilt brat. Anandi says, Saurabh spiked her drink and physically exploited her. He recorded it in his mobile. Vivek asks her to prove it.



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