3rd April Wednesday Update on Young Love

3rd April Wednesday Update on Young Love

Shiv and Anandi are in a college for a workshop. First Anandi gives her lecture how girls get afraid as soon as they step out because of daily kidnapping, raping, etc. and they have to stop this as it affects their mind very badly in a long term.

Bal brings Ganga to the head of the hospital. The head takes interview of Ganga. He asks if she knows English. Ganga says in english, yes sir, but I am not so good. The interview continues. After that the head tells her to wait outside and he will let her know. As Ganga leaves, Bal has his dirty eyes on her.

Back to college, now Shiv lectures on how girls can protect themselves from molestation. He says they have to keep mind alert and know how to use certain weapons. Shiv and Anandi have brought a guy and a girl with them who show the college girls how all the weapons are used. They show a demo how a girl can attack back if any guy attacks on her. Anandi says they are expert, but I would also like to try it and show you that any girl can do. She does what was shown in the demo successfully.

Shiv says, you must fight back. Once the attacker sees you fighting back, he won’t attack you back. I understand all this is easy to say, but we have to take action. Anandi supports Shiv and says the girls should make noise, save some emergency phone numbers in their phones.

One girl asks what if it happens in night, when there is no one around. Another girl ask, what if they are alone in bus, train, and if someone attacks here. Another girl asks if someone locks them in a room or somewhere, then who will help them there? Anandi in thoughts…

Bal comes out. Ganga asks him what happened. He hands over an envelope. He’s glaring at Ganga as she opens it. Ganga smiles after opening it as she got the job. Bal puts his hands on Ganga’s shoulder and says, that you were going to get it. Ganga looks down at her shoulder. Bal leaves her and says how he told the head about Ganga’s child and Kaka and then interview happened and then she got the job. Ganga asks if any other nurse lost her job because of her. One ward boy is looking at them while they talking. Bal says no. Ganga doesn’t know how to thank him. Bal says, there is no need.. it’s my work to help others. He asks her to come at sharp 8 in the morning tomorrow. He takes her photo to make ID card. He touches and looks at the photo and says, very good. The Ward boy comes and says something about supply department.. probably said it’s other people’s job. Bal stares with anger and leaves.

The ward boy tries to alert Ganga against Bal, but she doesn’t listen to him and says she didn’t job because of Bal, but got because of her interview and after the head saw her certificates. She leaves.

Back to college, Anandi says with the help of the experts, we will try to answer all your questions.

If no one is around – don’t go to such quiet place in the night. If you still have to go, and if you see anyone following you, then run. You will see ATM somewhere and there must be security guard.
If someone suddenly comes in front of you – the experts show how to fight back by which the girls will get time to run away.
If a girl is alone in an elevator – press all the buttons, so that way elevator will stop on every floor and attacker won’t be able to do anything.
If a girl is alone in the bus – don’t go alone in bus.. it’s safer to travel in an auto or taxi especially in night time. Call family member in front of the auto driver and give all the information about auto number, the route it’s taking. Once the driver listens all this, he won’t think about doing anything wrong.
If a girl is alone in house – run to the kitchen, there you can find many things to protect yourself. Scream so the neighbors can help you.

One girl asks what if there’s more than 1 attacker.

The experts give a demo what to do. Pick up anything that comes in your hand first and attack them. Attack on their body parts from which it is hard to recover fast.

One girl asks until how long we will fight like this? Anandi says, until men don’t change their view about the girls, we will keep have to fight. Teach your brothers, son, fathers how to respect girls. It’s not men’s identity to abuse women. Until then we will have to fight for ourselves. Everyone stands up and claps.

Ganga is going out and thank God because she got the job. She says she will work very hard. She meets a doctor. That doctor asks her, you will work here? They don’t give good salary. Even their patients came to my hospital saying treatment is not good here. He suggests her to try somewhere else as she topped her class. Ganga says, I don’t want that much money. What they offer is enough for me and Mannu. And as long as about treatments not being good here, at least I can do my work with full honesty. He says I know you will do your work with honesty, but you could have at least asked me about it once. Ganga says, everything happened so sudden that I didn’t get any time to think. She says some saying in hindi and that is why she says she said yes. Ganga leaves.

Sumi is cleaning Jagya’s closet so Sanchi can put her stuff in there too. She then finds Ganga’s photo from there and is shocked. She is about to tear it, but Dadisa comes and stops her. Dadisa says, no.. don’t do this. You know you have no right to tear this photo.. nor any need. Sumi asks, why he has to keep her photo here? She left from here so all her memories should be gone too. Jagya is going to get married. Dadisa says, I understand everything but by tearing this photo, it’s not like Jagya will forget her and his responsibilities. She will slowly get the job and settle down and Jagya will be done with his responsibility. He will then get married and get busy.. and will forget everything slowly. Dadisa puts the photo back and closes the closet and leaves from there.


Ganga has made kheer puri as she got the job. Kaka says she should had let him work. Ganga says it’s a good news that is why I thought to make something good for you two. She can’t believe and it still seems like a dream to her that Ganga who didn’t know anything yesterday .. got the job today. She gives all the credits to Jagya. Kaka says, that is why I told you to think once more. He did so much for you. He must be wanting you to work in his hospital. Ganga remembers her conversation with Jagya and says, until how long I will be a trouble for him. Kaka says, it’s not about that.. there everything is so familiar, and here everything is new. Ganga says, doctor sahab has taught me that you need to move on in your life.. Nothing remains same with the time. And looking at today’s situation, I must start a new beginning.. that is why I decided to stay here.. but if you want to go back to your village, then I won’t stop you. Kaka says, no.. you think about your and Mannu’s future.. I will take care of Mannu. Ganga thanks him and says she will get a support if he stays with her. She is feeding Mannu. Mannu pushes her hand to make her eat. Ganga eats. Mannu smiles.

Shiv is leaving for the work. Anandi is trying to stop him for the breakfast, but Shiv is getting late. He’s leaving but then sees Anandi’s pallu back on. He stops and puts the pallu down, and says, that’s better. Both have an eyelock. They come down. Now Ira stops him for the breakfast. Anandi says, he doesn’t want to eat anything, I said him so many times. Ira is trying to stop him, but Meenu says if he is getting late and wants to take it with him, then let him. Ira says, he is my son.. I know him very well.. he won’t eat anything that way. Shiv promises that he will eat and asks her to pack at least. Ira is still trying to stop him, but Meenu tells Ira to leave it.. Meenu packs and gives him the breakfast. After Shiv leaves, Ira is not happy and asks Meenu why she had to pack his breakfast.. She says, if I had forced him more, he would eat it. Meenu says you know how punctual he is. Ira says, what would happen if he is late 1 day. He’s collector in end. Anandi notices everything. Her phone rings. It’s Shiv. After the call, Anandi tells Ira that Shiv had his breakfast. Mennu is happy while Ira feels bad and leaves from there. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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