31th Oct Wednesday Update On Young Love

31th Oct Wednesday Update On Young Love

In the temple premises
Shiv presents himself amusingly before her, saying that now that he is present in front of her, she could tell him how much she loves him. While she is feeling shy, shiv is taking pleasure in her uneasy composure. She looks up at him but doesnt say anything and leaves from there in shyness.

Jaitsar havel
Jagiya is sitting with gehna and others and helping with the kitchen. Dadisa asks him about laxmiganj village and how was his stay there. jagiya says that he never had the time to notice that, since he was busy with his doctor’s profession. He says that though there are many hindrances, still he was at peace even though the villagers were at pain due to unavailability of medical euipments. Bhairo says that he’s sure thathe would have done his best since he is capable. Jagiya says that he tried his level best. Then, dadisa notices a burn wound on his hand, and asks him, jagiay remembers her encounter with ganga and how she had burned his hand in self defence and how he had unknowingly stopped a girl from getting her freedom. Basant suggests that they should have lunch now. They all decide on the same.

Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Shiv gives meenu prashad and tells her the entire story of how he found jagdish, much to her amazement. anandi also credits it to shiv that its because of him that jagiya’s back in the haveli today. Meenu too is happy and congratulates anandi and her family too. She tells that ira called up to decide on sankrant celebrations that they would celebrate in udaipur. They ll decide on it and meenu asks if anandi knows how to fly a kite. She starts telling voraciously and ends up mentioning jagdish that he had tried hard to make her learn but she couldnt. Then realising her mistake, she finds an awkward presence in the room. But she manages to divert their mind telling them how she could never handle a kite. Shiv says that he would teach her and till then, she could be his flying assistant. Meenu too recalls stories of shiv flying kites along with sanchi, as his assistant. Anandi is happy to get everybody calm again.

Jaitsar haveli
Everybody is showering pamperings of all kinds by making his favourite food at the dining table. sumitra says that she would feed him with her hans, gehna too joins in feeding her and the others too follow. Jagiya is overwhelmed to see this kind of love. He finally breaks down into tears. He says that he had tried hard to keep tears from flowing, reminded of what he hd don to them and then being showered with so much love. he says that he’s angry and rgretful within himself that how could he not appreciate this love before and hence doesnt consider him worthy of this love. dadisa pcifies him saying that he has the fullest of rights on their love and thaat he should grant the family to let them shower love on their son. He says that whats done cant be undone, hence he has to move forward onloy now. He says that he promises, henceforth, that every step of his would be in the right direction, so that they can stand tall with pride. Everyone is very happy to see him transformed so much and appreciate him.

Ratan Singh’s haveli
While ganga’s son is crying in the other room, ganga is very tensed but ratan and his second wife are very irritated at his crying. Finding her unable to manage, ratan tells his wife to take him to ganga. As she gives him to ganga, she starts bickering about her sleep falling apart due to her son, badmouthing him. Ganga flares up saying that she shouldn’t call her son anything. As she raises her hand to slap her, ganga stops her hand midway saying that she wouldn’t bear anyone badmouthing her son and that she would kill her the next time she tries to do so. Ratan’s second wife goes away threatening that she would make her life miserable and worse than animals in this house and leaves. Ganga gets back trying to calm her son and putting her to sleep.

Jaitsar haveli
An elated sumitra catches bhairo’s eyes and he asks her the reason. She says that she is happy since she just saw her son. And is nostalgic about how she saw to it that he finished the milk that she made it for him on dadisa’s insistence. She commenst on how much cheer has spread in the house. Bhairo too agrees with her on that. She says that she had mistook jagiya for all his bad deeds, but today she doesn’t feel anguish for her son, but it has been replaced with love and affection. Bhairo too says that he feels honoured in being his father. Bhairo has an idea that he discusses with sumotra, who is very excited to hear this and they both decide that they would tell the entire family about it and then together surprise jagiya who, they are sure, will be very happy to hear it.