31th Oct Wednesday Update On True Love

31th Oct Wednesday Update On True Love

Short Update

Satya brings flowers for Sanchi and sings her to sleep. Ichcha is touched by their love. Meanwhile, Mai is shocked seeing Vansh’s baby clothes shoved carelessly in Tapu’s closet. Chanda warns Nani-Taps of Mai’s anger, but Tapu assures Nani that it was an accident. Nani decides to go do some damage control. At the hospital, Veer requests Satya-Sanchi to come live at their house. Satya refuses, and tells them to go home since Sanchi is asleep now. In the parking lot, Veer sees Sanchi walking around on the terrace. He runs up quickly and catches her in the nick of the time. Later, they scold her and Veer again offers them to stay at his house. Umed comes there and agrees with Veer. Finally, Satya gives in and accepts the offer.

Nani goes to talk to Mai about how Taps is innocent and doesn’t take care of her stuff. Mai scolds her for calling Vansh’s memories ‘stuff’. She tells how Ichcha is much more respectful than Taps and has never disrespected the family. Later, Taps goes and tells Mai that she feels like eating something khatta. Mai gives in and agrees to make something. Nani is shocked at how easily Mai was persuaded. Taps explains how Mai sees her baby as Vansh, and she goes on about how she will always be better than Ichcha. Later, Dadaji announces to the family that Satya-Sanchi will be staying with them. Veer asks Mai forgiveness for not picking up her calls and worrying her. He leaves and Mai reprimands Ichcha for going to Damini’s bday and bringing this accident upon them and staining Veer’s hands. Ichcha tells Mai that she’s sorry, and she only wishes for Veer’s best.

In the Thakur house, Rohini feigns feeling cold and forces Damini to get her sweater from her room, the same one where Rohini had earlier stuffed in Divya’s kangans. Damini gets it and bends down to pick up some spoons that Rohini deliberately drops. The kangans fall out and Rohini accuses Damini of being a thief. Jogi sends Damini away and makes it clear from his expressions that he knows Pushkar-Rohini are behind this