31th Oct Wednesday Update On This is Love

31th Oct Wednesday Update On This is Love

Ishita saying you are unbelievable, surprise package, you have beaten them so much. Raman says how will I be quiet if anyone teases you, I mean any woman. She says why did you hold knife, your hand has bleeding. She asks someone for first aid box. Raman says I will get fine. A man gives her cotton and ointment. She thanks the man. She says Gulabo I felt glad seeing a woman having power, but if they did anything to you. She does the aid. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…….. Raman sees her and smiles.

Mani says I m sorry about this. Niddhi says I will do it. Mani says no, I m doing it, Shagun I m going office, will come back soon. Niddhi says you did good deeds, that you got chance to become father in this age. She asks him to take care of his would
be baby, I will go and get your files. Shagun says Mani, don’t go, work from home. He agrees. Niddhi says I will go office and get files. She goes.

Mihika tells Mani about Seemanthan ceremony, pandit said tomorrow’s date is good. Mani asks can Shagun handle this. Mihika says yes, don’t worry, this ceremony will be good for Shagun and the baby, they will pray and bless baby. Aaliya asks Mani to agree for this please. Mani says fine, let me know if you need me. Adi says no need to take stress, I will manage. Mihika says no, men are not allowed in this ceremony, but baby’s father Mani can come. Mani says fine and goes. Mihika says I will call saree vendor and jeweler, Shagun you select what you want to wear. Aaliya says its exciting right Adi. Adi goes. She goes after him and asks what happened. He says I want to come in function, Mihika refused to me, I want to see you and be with you. She says fine, I will click pic and send it to you. He says this is not enough, our Chennai plan cancelled and now I can’t come in party. She says just grow up, I will go. He holds her and says fine if its childishness, I always want to be with you, all the time, when you are not with me, don’t know what happens to me, I always think of you, when you get ready for me, I will just see you.

Adi kisses her forehead and gets close. She gets away and says not now, you remember what Ishita explained, I have guilt of last time, I hope you understand. He says yes. She says I will think of something and call you. He says fine. She goes.

Mrs. Bhalla selects some sweets. Mihika checks arrangements. Ishita checks sarees and says I have many sarees, this one is so beautiful, I love this color. Everyone select sarees. Aaliya says I m going to dance, as function is small one. Raman looks on. Jeweler comes and shows the sets. Shagun asks what’s the need to do all this. Mrs. Bhalla says some set should be from Maayka also, and hugs Shagun. They all smile.

Jeweler asks Niddhi to see some saree. Niddhi says no, I don’t want. Shagun thanks Mihika for this surprise. Niddhi says have patience Shagun, one more surprise will be waiting for you. Raman stops the saree vendor and says I have seen the saree, I want one. He takes the saree which Ishita liked. The man says this one will suit you. Raman in manly voice scolds the man. Raman asks the rate. He takes the mobile and gives his mobile number. He takes the saree, and says I will pay tomorrow morning, will it work. The man says yes and leaves. Raman says men are so mean, women bear a lot, I hope Ishita gets happy seeing this saree. He turns and sees Ruhi. Ruhi asks for whom is this saree. Raman says there is Shagun’s baby celebration, so I got this saree for Ishita. Ruhi says wow, its very beautiful, how do you this is her fav color. Raman says I knew it, don’t tell her that I bought this, she does a lot for everyone, I thought to do this for her. Ruhi says you are very nice.

Ishita thinks what to wear in function tomorrow. Raman comes there and offers help in selecting saree. Ishita says yes. Raman asks why don’t you wear this for tomorrow’s function, your mum in law selected this for you. Ishita says I liked this one, its so good, how did mummy ji knew this. He says you will look beautiful in this saree. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………. He goes away and looks on. She says I wish Raman could see me in this saree, he likes me in this color, its function just for women, he can’t come in function. Raman says I will come as Gulabo, I will dance with you.

Its morning, Mihika and Neelu wind up some work. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to iron her suit. Mihika asks her to wear saree, as its south indian function, I will get a good saree for you. Mrs. Bhalla says you don’t know my problem. Neelu jokes. Mihika laughs and says don’t worry, your saree don’t get loose. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to tie saree tight.

Raman talks to Ishita and says I know about function, I will come. Mrs. Bhalla calls him out. He ends call. She says how did you wake up early, my bathroom geyser is not working, I will go here. He says no, I have meeting, I m punctual. She says Ishita can’t wait for me, I can’t wait more, I have to go to her soon. He thinks what to do, I also have to reach there soon, Gulabo also promised Ishita.

Raman reaches Divya. She says I will make you ready such that everyone stares at you. He asks her to cover up his beard. She says you have to shave. Ishita calls him and asks Gulabo to get seven type of fruits. Divya does his waxing. He screams. She asks where are you. Raman says Divya, I know her, as Abhishek recommended me. Ishita say fine, make me talk to her, I will invite Divya. She talks to Divya and says sorry, we decided in hurry, I kept puja function for Shagun’s baby, we will be glad if you come, everyone will be glad. Divya says I will come soon. Ishita asks her to send Gulabo soon. Divya asks Raman to go and shave fast, Ishita is calling him.

Ishita asks the caterer about helpers to serve guests. The man says everything is according to south indian taste. Aaliya talks to Adi and asks how to call you in celebrations. Adi says you don’t make any efforts. The man asks for two guys helpers for serving guests, they should in south indian clothes. Adi hears this and says Aaliya, I will come there, you can’t stop me. She asks how can you come. He says you are challenging me, if I come, you have to kiss me. She says fine, come here and show. He says fine, be ready. Aaliya calls him mad. She collides with Ishita and says it was Adi’s call. She blushes and goes. Ishita says I wish my children always stay happy. Niddhi looks on and says thinks smile Ishita, this happiness won’t stay for long.

Adi asking Romi can’t we go in that function. Romi says its women’s function, what will you do there. Adi says I have to bless baby. Romi asks bless baby or Aaliya, I don’t want to listen to you this time, I don’t have to meet Mihika, fine. Adi says fine, I will go Raman to take advice. Adi tries to convince him. He says your personality has dare and courage missing. Romi says I know you are provoking me, fine I will come along, if you get caught, I will not get in between, did you plan anything to go there. Adi says its foolproof plan, come with me. Romi says it means you planned everything and was acting here.

Adi says I told you, daring is missing, I did homework. Romi says you did not do homework in childhood. Adi says I just caterer saying he needs
two men to serve food. Romi asks you mean we will serve food there in Mani’s house. Adi says anything for love. Raman says so much has to be done for love. Ishita says Gulabo you got all the fruits, its so many. Raman says I was confused and got more fruits. Ishita says like my Raavan Kumar. Raman asks what, Raavan?

Aaliya comes to call Ishita. Raman asks Ishita to go, I will manage. Ishita goes. Raman manages the work. He asks the man to keep sweets on this table. Niddhi comes and tells the man to keep sweets that side. Raman asks what are you doing. The man says madam told this. Niddhi argues with Raman. Raman says don’t act oversmart. Niddhi shouts. Mani comes and asks them to stop it. He asks why are you shouting, Tisha is doing this as I told her, you do your work, go and see Pihu. Raman goes. Mani sends everyone to work. Niddhi smiles.

Adi and Romi come in disguise of Tamilian men. Adi asks Romi not to move his wig, I have done everything. Romi says I look Madrasi less and more of a pregnant lady, how to talk in Tamil. Adi says I will tell you, its easy, learn four words, just say yes Amma, sorry, okay and sure, just nod to them. Romi asks is this Tamil, I also know this, I m bearing Mihika since 7-8 years.

Adi and Romi go and talk to caterer. The man asks them to serve guests and check what guests want. Adi and Romi say yes Sir, we can do it. The man asks them to go and serve welcome drink. Romi says you will get us caught. Adi says don’t worry, I will get a prize here. Romi asks what prize. Adi says kiss. Romi asks what. Adi says I meant I can’t tell anyone, come soon. Romi worries and thinks what to do, where are Aaliya and Raman.

Raman comes to Ishita. Ishita asks Gulabo to help her in setting the pleats. Raman praises her. Raman helps her. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein….plays……Raman says Madrasans look beautiful. Ishita gets ready and says I will go fast. Raman says don’t you think you are forgetting anything. She says no. He gets Gajras from the purse and says this one. Raman asks her to sit. Raman fixes the Gajra. She thinks of Raman. Raman asks what happened. Ishita says I thought something. Raman asks did you think of your husband. Ruhi comes and asks Ishita to come fast. Ishita thanks Gulabo and goes. Raman calls Ruhi and says I have something for you. Raman fixes Gajra to Ruhi. Ruhi says you are so sweet. Raman asks about Pihu. Ruhi says she is very excited, she is ready since morning.

Pihu says I m going to become Akka of baby, I have to see everything. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to be with Shagun. Ishita compliments Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to start the rituals. Adi comes to Aaliya to serve drink. Mani prays for Shagun and his baby. Niddhi asks are you thinking for the baby. She threatens Mani. Mani gets angry and asks her to stop troubling her now. He goes.

Romi says what did Tisha say that Mani got so angry, something is happening here. Aaliya says I don’t want drinks, please go there. Shagun receives the gifts. Adi says please take it. She asks him to go. He says sorry. She calls him mad. Adi comes back to her and holds her. He says nothing will happen if you shout and slap, you have to kiss me, I won the challenge, because I m your Adi. She gets shocked, and says Adi you here. He reminds the challenge and asks her to kiss. She says you got mad, leave. Adi looks at her.

Ishita says we will start the celebrations, Divya will start the dance, Abhishek said Divya is a great dance, Aaliya will dance along with you. She calls Aaliya. Aaliya says Adi you will get kiss after marriage, go from here. Aaliya and Divya dance on Sajna ji vari vari…. Everyone clap. Mrs. Bhalla compliments Ishita’s saree and asks when did you buy this. Ishita says why are you pulling my leg, you gifted this to me. Raman looks on and thinks what to say. Ishita says you gifted this, you are joking. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you are joking. Raman says Ishita ji, I will dance with you, come. Ishita says no. Ruhi sends her. Raman and Ishita dance on Tamilian Baby doll song. Raman sees Ishita and dances. Niddhi and everyone look on. Raman holds Ishita again and again. Ishita signs Mihika to come. Mihika dances with them. Mihika shoves Gulabo unknowingly. Raman gets a jerk. Gulabo’s padding ball falls down. Divya sees that and worries for Raman. She thinks if anyone notices Raman, everything will be known. She looks on.