31st July Wednesday Update on Young Love

Jagya saying Ganga to come as time has come for Mannu to leave. Nandu gets emotional and hugs Mannu. Sumitra blesses him. Dadisaa blesses him as well. Makhan Singh cries. Ganga cries and asks Mannu to meet his younger brother Abhi. Sumitra consoles Ganga. Ganga takes Mannu in her hands and starts walking out of the house. Mannu signs bye to everyone. They cry.

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Ganga and Jagya come to Jail. Jagya shows some paper to the Jailor. Jailor asks them to sit. They are sitting sadly. Jailor asks them to come in. Ganga hugs Mannu tightly. They go inside. Ratan Singh parents are already sitting there. Jailor says, Ratan will come in a while and asks them to sit. Ratan’s father forcibly takes Mannu. Ganga gets tensed. Ratan’s mom says, we got our grand son. She says, these people tried to snatched him but God give him back to us. Jagya and Ganga are standing sadly.

Sumitra asks Dadisaa to eat atleast something. Dadisaa refuses. Sumutra asks her to take care of her health. Dadisaa says, you didn’t eat as well. Keep the plate in the kitchen. Nandu comes and asks being the elders you should stop them from taking Mannu. Why you let Mannu go? He goes.

Payal does Vivek’s aarti and asks him to sit on the horse. Vivek sits on the horse and proceeds with the baraat. Ratan’s mom taunts Ganga. Ratan Singh comes. His mom says your son is back with us. He looks at Ganga who is crying badly. Nandu prays to God to send Mannu back to them. Dadisaa tells Nandu that Devimaa won’t listen to you. She gave him life but snatched Mannu from us. She says, I have lost trust on you. Nandu says, I have faith on Devimaa.

Ratan’s father gives Mannu to Ratan. Ratan kiss and hugs him. Ratan’s mom says, he is your Bapusaa. Mannu says my Bapu is there and signs at Jagya. Ratan asks Ganga to take her son and says he will live with you. Ganga and Jagya are surprised. Ratan’s Dad takes Mannu from Ratan and asks him, whether he is gone mad. Ratan says, it is right. Ganga is giving him good upbringing which we can’t give. His father says, we can raise him well. Ratan says, my decision is final. He gives Mannu to Ganga.

Ganga hugs Mannu. Jagya asks, what is in your mind? Is this your new trick? Ratan gets tears in his eyes. He says, I can’t play any trick now. He tells my son came to me but the God taught me a lesson. He tells about his friend Gunjan and his son Shankar and tells everything. Ratan says, after that incident I gets a dream that my son is with me in Jail. If he lives with me then he won’t be a good man. I did lot of crimes but I can’t see him as a criminal. I have full faith that you people will give him good upbringing and values. Ratan’s parents try to misguide him. Ratan says stop it and blames them for his criminal status. He asks Ganga to go. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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