31st July Wednesday Update on This is Love

Aaliya asking Adi why is he going office on Baisakhi day. He says I have much work, you waste time at home, I have to prove myself to your dad. She says stop this nonsense, we didn’t say anything. He says I can’t take anyone’s orders, no need to interfere in my work, don’t tell anyone about it. She says you mean I m creating a scene, I know how to keep Ishita stress free, please come on time in evening. He says I know, I will come on time. He leaves.

Raman says I spoke to police, they will provide security, Ishita shouldn’t know this. Romi asks what about Bhavna. Raman says police is finding Bhavna, I refused for posters as her life can fall in risk, she is a woman and she is mentally unstable now, anyone can take advantage. Ruhi comes and calls them.

She says Mr. Bhalla is calling, we have to leave for Gurudwara. Appa says we will go home and get ready. Amma says why are they so loud. Appa says it doesn’t matter. She says this is noise, you are taking their side.
Roshni comes. She says I got a good job here, I wanted to come back to my country, so I m back, do you have place for me in your house. Amma says of course, you can come anytime. Roshni thanks and hugs Amma. She says I didn’t wish to trouble Ishita. Appa says you have to make coffee for me. Roshni says sure. Ishita says I will see what to wear. She sees a dress and smiles reading Raman’s note. She likes the dress. She gets ready. Raman comes and says glad you liked it. She says I loved it. He says I got this parandha for you, shall I fix it, I m practicing it since morning. She asks really. He says yes, why not. They smile. He fixes the parandha. She says such a perfect parandha, how did you make this, I m impressed. He goes to get ready. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Shravan gets ready. Parmeet hugs him and wishes happy Baisakshi. He gives some shagun. Shravan says its not needed. Parmeet says keep it. Shravan thanks him. Parmeet says he is in my control. Roshni comes there and says I will meet Ishita. Parmeet stares at her. Mr. Bhalla, Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi see Roshni and get surprised. Roshni hugs them and wishes happy Baisakhi. She says I m staying with Amma and Appa, I will meet Ishita and come. Mrs. Bhalla says get them fast, Amma takes much time to get ready. Adi comes there. He sees Roshni and stops. He rubs his eyes. Roshni stops him and asks what happened, don’t you identify me Adi. Parmeet looks on. Adi pinches Roshni and says Roshni, you are back. He hugs her.

Aaliya comes and sees them. Adi says its Baisakhi today. Roshni wishes and hugs Aaliya. Adi says we will go downstairs, come fast. Roshni goes to meet Ishita. Parmeet thinks it will be fun now, when a third person comes, it becomes a love triangle. Ishita says I m much surprised today. Raman says surprise didn’t end. Roshni hugs her. Ishita gets surprised. Raman says I have a surprise, come with me. Ishita sees Amma, Appa, Kiran and Bala in punjabi attires. She compliments them. Shravan asks how do you look. Ishita says superb. Bala says these clothes are so light and airy. Ishita says Kiran looks so good, its awesome surprise. Amma says this suit suits me, its comfortable, I will leave sarees now, don’t say this to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says guests would have come, lets go. Ruhi sees Parmeet with some bag. She thinks where is Parmeet taking black clothes.

Everyone greets each other. Romi sees Roshni. Adi smiles seeing her. Romi says she can tell them about out London matter. Adi says she is my friend, nothing will happen, I m sure. Aaliya sees Adi smiling and staring at Roshni. Everyone dances on dhol. Ruhi asks where is Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says she went out, she didn’t wish to come here, everyone blames her, she went to her friend. Ruhi says I don’t believe this, I m sure Simmi is planning something with Parmeet, she would be around. She greets a lady. She sees someone and goes to see. She says Raman said police will come for security, I will ask him. Ishita and everyone dance. Raman is on call.

Ruhi calls him out. She asks about police. Raman says police is in civil dress, they will catch Bhavna, doctors and ward boys are also here, don’t look stressed, there is cops everywhere, smile, come for dance. Aaliya goes to have water. Shagun goes after her. She asks why did you come here. Aaliya says I came to have water. Shagun and Mani compliment Aaliya. Mani says Raman made me dance. Shagun says you danced well. Adi comes to get water. Adi hugs Mani and wishes. Mani asks about presentation work. Shagun says let everyone enjoy Baisakhi. Roshni says come and dance with everyone. Shagun sees Aaliya.




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