31st January Thursday Update On Young Love

So the episode starts in the party where Jaggubaba aka Jagdish is smiling ear from ear seeing the students dancing on Radha on the dance floor and Sanchi is ogling on him…some guy comes and asks Sanchi for Dance…Jagdish encourages her to go..Sanchi says no…Jagdish tells her that she should have gone but Sanchi the Sati Savitri in making and faking…says that she has come with him and she would not leave his side…Jagdish is impressed and he extends his hand and takes her to dance and they dance intimately

But apparrently we discover that Sanchi was daydreaming and that she was still sitting on the table along with Jagya and sipping orange juice! On this side, Ganga is massaging Dadisa’s feet…Dadisa is talking about her dreams of Jagdish’s marriage…she says that as soon as she finds a bride for Jagiya she will put all the responsibilities of his marriage on Ganga..Ganga says that marriage will bring steadiness in his life…Dadisa asks whether she has any plans of her future, Ganga says that what future…Dadisa says that she needs to get remarried too…Girls are like waves in the water they will always go towards the bank…as in their hubbies and Sasural…Dadisa says that as soon as she finds a bride for Jagdish …she will start searching for a groom for Ganga..Ganga somehow is in deep thoughts hearing this…Gehna and Basant:

Basant brings some sweets for Gehna and she gets all happy shappy and says that her son also likes this sweet very much…Basant asks how does she know it is a son…Gehna says that she wants a son,,..and asks Basant what does he want…and Basant says that he wants a daughter…Gehna asks for the reason…he says that he too wanted a son before Nandu, but then he reflects on Jagya and his past misdeeds …he says that Guys cannot be bound but girls can be ..as Anandi changed his thoughts …how one can be totally dependend on a girl his whole life time!!
Gehna is overwhelmed by this thought…and feeds him sweet!

Ganga is reading english in her room…she tells Mannu that he wont be able to make her understand the meaning of this… she thinks about Jagya and thinks that he will be able to solve her problem…She dials with hesitation and Jagya picks up and takes the phone outside as he couldnot hear her in the party…
Sanchi starts mumbling and cursing Ganga. The guys in the party sees Sanchi alone and again approach her for dance and tease her but she gets angry as they call Jagdish her bodyguard…On this side Jagdish explains Ganga the meaning of the phrase and tells her that things which might look weird may not be so really…like an eggplant…which looks ugly but is very delicious when eaten

Ganga is impressed…Jagya tells her to give another example by her own if she has understood…she says that when she met him, she did not think much of him but as she understood him she found him as different from other guys as Poonam from Amavas ,Jagya is impressed…and smiles at it..The guys in the party bluff that Jagdish is calling Sanchi near the lab and he had a gift in his hands…Sanchi the biggest duffer on the planet believes it as she thinks that the phone call was a big natak and jaggy wanted a private moment with her. She walks to the place day dreaming about romantic moments On the other side Jagdish returns to the party and doesnot find Sanchi…her friend comes and tells her that she has gone to meet him and along with those guys…Jagdish smells rat..he tries calling Sanchi but her number is out of reach …and he runs towards the place where Sanchi was supposed to have gone.

At College ki Function
Sanchi is excited about first romantic moment with Dr. Sweet and goes into the classroom/lab only to be accosted by the Bad Dudes. Contrary to his friends advise, “Ranjit” tries to make Sanchi’s dress completely off shoulder from one shoulder. She manages to shout for help just as Dr. Sweat is looking for her.

Dr. Sweet saves the day. Her friends enter just behind him. He returns her dress strap to position after a slap to a chamcha (assistant villain). He gives Sanchi his jacket and looks ready to move furniture in the black muscle T. He even locks the door, so the villains are easy to arrest.
There is tu tu mein mein in the arrest.of Sunny & Company, Dr. Sweet says something supersmart: Sanchi’s free to dress as she pleases and the flaw lies in the boys intentions. Sanchi slaps them for suggesting that Dr.Sweet already had his “fun” with Sanchi. Her friends refuse to cooperate with police investigation when inspector wants witnesses, but they step up after a bhasan from professor…and white…I mean dark knight steps up to testify of course

In the Car:
Sanchi asks if her short dress is to blame. Dr. Sweet sweetly explains that she should dress according to her and her own family’s practice. Sanchi reveals her family thinks she wore longer skirt. Dr. Sweet explains that then there was a “chor” in Sanchi as well. She went against her family’s tradition. Clothes should be according to situation… location occassion and company. Sanchi wants to keep what happened from her family, but Dr. Sweet advices truth.

Kesar Bagh
A serving ice cream to all present (daddu in room sleeping and ira is away) when Dr. Sweet and Short Dress arrive together n melt the ice.