31 October Thursday Update on This is Love

31 October Thursday Update on This is Love

Bala says we shall hide it right away. Kaushalya asks what’s going on. He says nothing. Kaushalya asks are you hiding the shoes, you can keep it here. He says we can trust her. She keeps the shoes. Karan and Rohan look for shoes. Rohan says I think Pihu has hidden it. Pihu comes to them. Ruhi asks what’s this. Pihu says if you want the shoes, you have to pay a price for it, Dadi said its a tradition, I don’t want money, I want promises. She says you are going to take Ruhi and Aaliya, I will feel lonely, you will have to call me every day and remind them as well. Rohan says promise. Pihu says you will have to get them to meet me and bring gifts for me.

Karan says I accept. Pihu says you have to take me on long drive and get me an icecream, you have to keep Aaliya and Ruhi happy. Rohan says done, anything else. She says shoes are over there. Ishita hugs her. Ruhi and Aaliya’s bidaai happens. They throw the rice behind and cry. Laado pyaari…plays….. Ishita and Shagun hug them. Raman cries. Raman hugs them. Mani and everyone also hug the brides. Raman says Kaushalya ji, forgive me, we didn’t have any intention to do anything such. Kaushalya says forgive me too, would you all come to my house, its my request, my guests didn’t come, we have to go Grahpravesh. Amma says we are relatives now, we can go. Appa says lets go then. Ishita surprises Ruhi and Aaliya. They see the family members coming. Kaushalya does grahpravesh of Ruhi and Aaliya. Everyone smiles. Rohan comes to the room.

Karan says I m feeling so warm, you also go and change, your bag is there. Ruhi smiles. Rohan sees Aaliya. He hugs her and says tonight is very special, we are going to be one. He holds her close. She gets away. He says I know you are very nervous, I think we should give this more time, you feel comfortable, I will wait, okay? Aaliya stops him and hugs. Ruhi gets a surprise and asks what’s all this. Karan clicks pics with her and posts on social media. He says we shall have a couple name, Ruhan, it sounds cool. She smiles and says its best, I m very happy today. He says I m also very happy, so I got a cake for you. She says its my fav cake, let me click a pic. They out hashtags. They drink champagne and smile.

Raman looks at the house and gets sad. Mr Bhalla comes and says I need my son to give me some time, I feel my son made me away. Raman asks why are you saying this. Mr. Bhalla says you thought I won’t understand your pain, you were in tension and didn’t think of talking to me, your trouble is mine, you could have discussed it with me. Raman says I m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Mr. Bhalla says you sold your shares, we have our shares, we will pay off the loan, we will sell property and jewellery. Ishita looks on. Raman says no, if you are with me, I will have courage to fight enemies, I hope you have forgiven me. Mr. Bhalla hugs him. Ishita smiles.



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