30th Oct Tuesday Update On Young Love

30th Oct Tuesday Update On Young Love

Location: Shiv’s house in jaitsar
Makhan comes and gives the things that dadisa has sent for shiv and anandi, for them to distribute it to the orphanages. shiv comments on the generous nature of anandi’s family and the love they shower on others too. Anandi says that she gets the same love as her family from him.

Location: Shanti Dham Anathalaya
Shiv and anandi enter and find the orphans playing around. He discreetly starts inspecting around. They introduce themselves to the warden saying that they have brought things for the people. She takes them around for a tour of the orphanage telling them and showing them around.

Shiv and anandi distribute clothes to the children. There a girl denies to take a frock and instead asks for a blanket for her doctor. when anandi asks her to get her doctor bhaiya, she says that he’s currently treating a patient. anandi and shiv go inside with the girl and are surprised to find jagiya there, who himself is shocked to see them.

Anandi comes to jagiya and asks him the reason of him being here, when he had promiased her that he would take care of their family. She says that only he can fulfill her absence in that haveli and it pleased her since her departure was easyu for her nd them, thinking that he was staying behind to be with them and take care of them and keep them happy. Jagiya, teary eyed remembers watching his marriage. shiv says that even he has lost a lot in his life and wants to stay away from its memories. Jagiya says its not like that and clarifiesthat he couldnt start a new life there and it was important for him to distance himself from others to start a new leaf and that he was almost on the verge of returning. Anandi says that its not only him who suffered, but his family is equally in pain too in his sufferings and asks him to stop punishing himself and his family and return back to jaitsar. He says that he cant right now shocking anandi and shiv.

Shiv says its not in his right, but he wants to say something that anandi would never tell this therefore, he wants to speak on his behalf that the pain and loneliness that he’s going through, anandi has been through that when he had left as witnessed by shiv himself. Anandi could have gone back to her home but didnt, as she was the daughter and not daughter in law, when jagiya broke off his relations wiht her because she didnt want them to be punished for what he did. He says that she thought of others and not himself, but he thought only about himself. She fought with the situations and faced it but he is just escaping, as he has a fear of rejection that cant go by staying away. He asks jagiya if the pain has lessened since he has been away, he says that we can run away from people, but not ourselves. He reminds him of the pain that his family is going through because of him punishing himself. He asks jagiya to think about them and not himself and how he can keep them happy and his pain and sadness would disappear himself and asks him to come along with them to return back to the haveli.

Jagiya says that shiv and anandi can give happiness to his family, not him since they are the most loved ones in the family for dadisa. shiv denies this and says that some are birth relations and some are joined by choice but each relation has its importance and cant be replaced. He asks if he can give dadisa’s place to anybody else in his heart, then how can his family think otherwise and replace his position in their heart. He says that they are waiting for their son just like the first time they did. Anandi too agrees to shiv’s saying, also adding that they are lucky to get such a loving family and not to miss out on the oppurtunity to avail that love. Jagiya remembers lal singh’s words and dadisa’s voice on the phone and breaks down in tears. He finally agrees. Shiv and anandi are happy.

Jagiya gives his final words of advise and love to the children of the orphanage and leaves. Jagiya says that he would meet them after half an hour at the bus, after handing his resignation at the government hospital and collecting his things from there. Sensing anandi’s hesitation, he assures anandi that he would definitely meet them there. After they leave, he thinks that he has one important work to attend to before leaving for jaitsar.

Location: Ratan Singh’s haveli
Ganga comes to her uncle in the village and finds him sick and attends to him, despite him telling that it might create trouble for her if anybody sees her there. He is surprised to find jagiya there. Ganga too is awkward on seeing him.

Location: The villager’s house next to ganga’s
Jagiya wishes to talk to ganga but she leaves ignoring him. jagiya tells the villager that he has decided to return and he is happy to hear that. He gives his no. to him in nay case of need. He adds that he wanted to give something to ganga but couldnt. Jagiya leaves wishing him well. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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