30th Oct Tuesday Update On True Love

30th Oct Tuesday Update On True Love

Damini talks to Jogi about how her and Ichcha’s kismet has always been bad, but Jogi assures her otherwise. Meanwhile at the hospital, Ichcha tells Satya and Veer to go have some coffee while she looks after Sanchi. Sanchi wakes up, and Ichcha calls for them to come back. They return with the doctor, but are shocked to realize that Sanchi can’t see anything. Sanchi is frightened and asks Satya for her eyesight back. The doc sends everyone out of the room so he can check Sanchi. Outside, Veer assures a helpless Satya that they will find Sanchi the best doctor. Ichcha is striken with guilt.  At the Bundelas, they try contacting Ichcha-Veer, but in vain. Damini comes to the hospital to talk to Ichcha, and Ichcha tells her how today she has changed someone’s life the way her father’s accident changed their lives. She tells Damini how she can relate with Jogi finally. Damini comforts Ichcha, telling her they must repent for what has happened.

Jogi thinking about the whole accident fiasco and also getting flashes of the past accident which happened because of him ;Just then Pushkar comes and tells Jogi in a sarcastic tone that since Damini has gone to the hospital ,so there is noone to look after him right now and so in her absense his wife Rohini will do all his work ;Jogi’s expression suggests that he is not too pleased with Pushkar’s use of words ;Jogi then tells Pushkar that once Damini returns she will manage everything on which Pushkar is not too pleased… Jogi is then shown getting ready to leave for office when Rohini comes to his room and tells him that she will put all the clothes back in the cupboard while he can leave for office ;After Jogi leaves, Rohini is shown arranging Jogi’s cupboard when she finds Divya’s golden kangan and decides to steal it ..

In the hospital,Doctor informs Satya that they r trying to do some tests and find out what really went wrong with Saanchi’s eyes ;Saanchi is taken out of her room on a wheel chair when she keeps questioning to all that why can’t she see anything ;Satya is completely devastated and in tears when Veer holds Saanchi’s hands and tells her that nothing happened to her and everything will b fine ;After Saanchi is taken for tests,Satya in a emotional tone asks Veer whether Saanchi will b fine or not and poor Veer has no answer …

At Bundela house ,all r waiting for Veer-Ichha to return and so noone has taken any food since Umed tells all that he will eat only after VeerIchha r back as they too hv not eaten anything; So then Tappu comes there and informs Umed that she has already packed the tiffin for VeerIchha which she will send for them to the hospital ;Tappu then requests Umed to eat something and also shows her concern for all which Mai appreciates ….READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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