30th Oct Tuesday Update On This is Love

30th Oct Tuesday Update On This is Love

Shagun’s checking getting done. Raman gets a call and goes out to answer. Romi asks where are you, mummy ji has come office and is finding you. Raman says I felt so, tell her I m in client meeting. Romi says she is asking me to tell about client. Raman says tell her I m coming office. Doctor asks Shagun not to worry, it was just acidity, take medicines on time. Raman says I will take care of her, come, I have some problem. Shagun says fine, drop me home.

Niddhi says Mani, your daughter Aaliya and Adi are fine, but anything can happen, they are planning to go Chennai to pick up your aunty, it will be good if you stop them. I don’t need to remind anything. He says fine, I have to stop them. Raman takes an auto. Mrs. Bhalla says I will find out what is Raman
doing. Raman reaches office. Ishita gets bangles in the drawer. Mrs. Bhalla says see this, will you not agree to me, I know Raman is having some affair, let him come. Romi looks on.

Romi waits for Raman. Raman changes in washroom. The peon asks what happened to you. Raman asks him to work. He sees lipstick and cleans it, thinking what would be peon thinking. He comes to cabin and says you two here. Mrs. Bhalla asks him where was he, did you have not have time to call us. He says I was busy.

She asks for whom did you get these bangles. He wipes face with tissue and gets tensed. She asks what’s this marks, I told you Ishita she was with some woman. He thinks divorce will happen, I have to think fast. He calls his secretary Shweta and asks her did she keep her belongings here, does she think its her home. She says my belongings, but… Romi signs her and says yes, you have kept things here. He asks her to leave. She goes. Raman says I have three children, if Ishita and I are fighting, it does not mean I have an affair, they think such bad thing. Romi thinks Raman is smart. Ishita says we will leave. Romi says I will show my cabin to mummy. They go.

Ishita apologizes to Raman. He says its fine, she is my mum. She gets a call and says its time for Pihu’s play, Gulabo will take her. He thinks Ishita will call Gulabo and I will get stuck, I hope Ruhi takes Pihu. He asks her to come for coffee. She smiles and says I will just come. She goes washroom. She says oh God, coffee with Raman, why am I blushing so much, if Raman knows, he will make fun of me, I m so happy. She gets Shagun’s call. Shagun asks did you meet Raman, what was his reaction.

Ishita says Raman and I are going for coffee. Shagun says I m surprised, its good, he is your husband, you should go, everything will get sorted, don’t forgive him easily, he did not come on dinner, let him say sorry. Ishita agrees. Shagun says its a date, get ready and go, have fun. She ends call. Ishita gets ready. Yeh hai Mohabbatein….plays…..

Raman waits for her. He gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi says I was not getting Pihu’s history book. Raman guides her. Mrs. Bhalla calls out Ishita. Raman says my husband is calling, bye and ends call. Ruhi says why do I feel, I heard Dadi. Raman says Ishita did not leave, she is getting ready, we are going on coffee date. She asks him to get Ishita home. Romi says if you go late, I will manage. Raman says don’t call me for any work. Romi goes to drop her home.

Raman and Ishita go for coffee. Raman wipes her kajal. He asks did you really doubt on me. She says no, I know you just love me, I mean everyone, Adi, Ruhi….. He holds her hand. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…….. She gets hand away. They order coffee.

Adi says I m excited for our trip. Mani calls Aaliya and asks where are you. She asks is everything fine. He says Ishu is not at home, Shagun is pregnant, come home right now. Adi asks did he scold you. She says yes, he was angry. He says we will go and see. She says I will call Ishita. Ishita thinks Raman is not saying sorry, does he think I m not upset about yesterday. He thinks what to say about Mani and Niddhi, she will get tension.

She thinks he has big ego, he did not come to meet me, Shagun was right, he never apologizes, this time I will not say sorry. He looks at her. They both say I….. He asks her to say. Aaliya calls Ishita and says Mani scolded me, did anything happen to Shagun. Ishita asks what happened to her, is Gulabo not with her. Aaliya asks her to come fast. Ishita says I m coming. She tells Raman that Gulabo was with Shagun. He says Ruhi is with her. She asks how do you know. He says I m asking, is Ruhi with her, shall I drop you. She says Mani is angry, I will go myself.

Mani scolds Aaliya and Adi for their Chennai plan. He says Dadi is unwell, you know her and Shagun’s relations. Aaliya says I wanted to do something special for Shagun, I thought to keep puja for Shagun and her baby, I wanted to call Dadi as she has knowledge about rituals, when she knows this, she will be glad. He says even Ishu’s Amma knows rituals, if anything happened to Dadi then, did you ask anyone or take permission before booking tickets. Ishita says Aaliya took my permission. Mani gets angry on her. He says I m the man of the house, none will take decisions except me. Maid says a woman has come to meet you, she looks in bad state. Raman comes home and says why is Ishita annoyed.

Mrs. Bhalla asks about Ishita. He says Ishita could not talk, she went on Aaliya’s call, she said Mani will be angry seeing me. She asks what did you do, did you not express love and convince her, what are you doing, your Papa would have got me home being in your place, leave it, you can’t do anything. Mani gets shocked seeing Niddhi.

Mani asking Niddhi why did shecome here. Niddhi says I m sorry, don’t do this please, I have no relative here. Ishita, Shagun and everyone see. Ishita calms her down and asks what happened to you. She asks Mani who is she. Niddhi says I m Mani’s secretary, he appointed me yesterday, I did not know this will happen with me. Shagun says calm down, who did this. Niddhi says I took PG near office, the house owner is bad, see what he did with me, he tortured me, I don’t know anyone in this city. Shagun says we will talk to him. Niddhi says no, he is bad, I want a place, let me stay here.

Mani says no, you can’t stay here, I will arrange your accommodation in hotel. She says no, please don’t send me, let me stay here. Shagun says there is no harm to her
here, let her stay here, she is alone. She asks maid to prepare guest room and consoles Niddhi. Niddhi thanks her for showing pity. Mani looks at her. Niddhi goes and smiles. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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