30th January Wednesday Update on True Love


30th January Wednesday Update on True Love

Tappu requesting Veer to take her for marketting and temple on which Veer gives her office excuse and asks her to go with Nani on which Tappu tells Veer that she can go for shopping with Nani but she wants him to come to the temple with her since post delivery this is the first time she will b going to the temple with their baby ;Hearing this Veer tells her that he will join her later…

Tappu was about to leave with Nani when Veer brings Mr.Rathod in the house as surprise for Tappu and sarcastically asks her that he thinks she knows this guy or does she want him to introduce this guy to her ;Hearing this Tappu tells Veer that yes she knows this guy because he helped her in bailing him out of jail on which Mr.Rathod asks Tappu to tell Veer the actual truth now about their relationship ;Hearing this Tappu tells everyone that the truth is this guy is in love with her but she has rejected his proposal ..

Veer and Bundela family members all r confused when Nani asks Veer that why is he always putting Tappu under scanner on which Mr.Rathod sarcastically tells that he was just waiting for Nani to open her mouth ;Mr.Rathod further tells Nani that she herself once had asked him about Tappu and his relationship which was a clear indication that even she had the doubts in her mind on which Nani tells Mr.Rathod that he is lieing and making up stories because Tappu can never hide anything from her ;Hearing this Mr.Rathod tells Nani that Tappu’s not saying anything says it all today ;Mr.Rathod further tells everyone that Tappu had promised to marry her on which Tappu opens her mouth and accuses Mr.Rathod by telling everyone that he is obsessed about her and so wanted to marry her and she was forced to make the promise that time for Veer’s bail ..

After a lot of tu-tu-mein-mein Mr.Rathod tells everyone that if Tappu is not ready to tell the actual truth then he will only spill the beans to all ;Finally Mr.Rathod tells everyone that he wanted to marry Tappu because he is the father of the child which Tappu is carying ;Hearing this all r shocked and Veer remembers about Ichha’s words and how noone believed her ;Nani continues to convince everyone that

Mr.Rathod is lieing as its Veer’s child while Gunwanti-Umed and Daddaji all r shocked and confused Mr.Rathod with full confidence tells everyone that he is ready to do his DNA test and prove the truth to everyone on which Nani opposes the idea by saying that Tappu wont prove everytime with these tests ;Veer finally opens his mouth and tells everyone that he wants to do this DNA test for the confirmation …Tappu and Nani along with entire Bundela family r shocked.


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