30th April Tuesday Update on Young Love

Bhairon convincing Sumi from yesterday cont…DS asked her if Ganga being a divorcee is a problem. Sumitra says yes this is in my mind too. Bhairon reminds her that Jagya is a divorced person and to think of Sugna…Shyam…
Anandi tells them its not Ganga or Mannu’s fault that Ratan was once in their lives…I dont think Ratan will ever come back sys A…if Sanchi rishta didnt come I would have come to you and told you abt Ganga and asked you to get G+J married…she’s telling Sumi abt hospital incident FB of Ganga begging Lal Singh to save her Dr Sa…A says then later I found out J loves G , they hid their love etc…(many bloopers here bec. A didn’t seem certain Ganga loved Jagya when she met Jagya in the coffeshop and neither did she know for certain that Jagya loves Ganga, Jagya never verbally confessed this to anyone except Ganga. )
Anandi told Sumi abt Sanchi bribing pandit for mahurat she said Sanchi must have realized JaGan were in love so she tried her hardest to separate them but she couldnt bec their love is true and God brought them together…she asks Sumi to look at Ganga thru Jagya’s eyes

Anandi says Jagya’s problems were caused by Sanchi not Ganga now Sumi recalls Gehna saying the same thing, prob is Sanchi not Ganga…Ganga is responsible …I used to tell her to take care of BH ppl and she did this…if she needed help she would call me but she never tried to be a part of BH, I pushed Ganga towards BH…(of ok then how come you hid so much all this time???)

Anandi Plz accept her dont reject ghar aayi laxmi…
JaGan scene…

Jagya sitting on bed with nayi naveli dulhan and Ganga puts her hand on his shoulder, he said everything was going right then suddenly a storm comes and destroys everything…why does this keep happening? I have no answers for it…now I’m tired…tired of proving myself to everyone like a child…I feel like a child holding a box full of marbles and the box fell and all the marbles fell out and then with struggle i put the marbles back and I think everything is ok but suddenly box falls again and my life becomes scattered… Ganga listening…eyes full of understanding.
Jagya is crying now , he says my family hasn’t forgiven me Ganga, ill never be good enough for them…Ganga takes his hand and holds it, pretty music playing, she says we will remove these doubts , it will take time, you have so much himmat (strength), everything will be ok and I’m here bec of you if you give up then what will happen to me? Ganga and Jagya;s hands shown entwined and Jagya puts his other hand on top of hers.

Now back to Sumitra and Bhairon is angry he says Sumitra has become a rock and closed her eyes she will not understand, she has refused to listen to ppl.
They were talking then JaGan walked in…both looking worried…everyone watching them now…Jagya says give us permission to leave…Jagya wants to take Ganga and leave for Jaitser…they turn around. Sumi says Jagya you are muh pheroing and leaving me? She walks up to JaGan. She says Ganga if possible then forgive me, I hurt you both so much, I misunderstood you I made you both cry…being I mother I couldn’t see my kids happiness…Bhairon & DS watching Sumi tells Bhairon u are right, I became blind… (At last Sumitra…)Sumitra says I created more problems for you all, she asks forgiveness from Bhairon…my brain was just full of Sanchi (true ) and my heart was full of hatred for Ganga…she tells Ganga truth was in front of my eyes she hath joding asks forgiveness and Jagya hugs her…rly sweet…Ganga touching her feet Sumi stops her… Sumi says have u forgiven me? Ganga says how could u ask this, you’re older than me, thank u for trusting me…

Sumitra says call me Maa just like Jagya does…Ganga’s expressions are omg she nods and cries…they hug…awww…Jagya crying now too…tight wala hug between Sumi and Ganga…Ganga smiling…Sumitra says you forgave me but I dont think i can forgive myself…

DS says ab bas kar Sumitra
Anandi steps forward and say today when the day began I was very scared but God proved he is with us…Jagya says ur right…I was cursing my luck but suddenly everything changed and everyone came together, the love i was craving I got…He thanks Anandi…everyone is crying…Sumi says enough we have to leave no more crying…I have to take my son & bahu home…Bhairon smiling awww…

Outside guest house-
Ganga thanking Anandi , they hug…Anandi Hugs DS…BV music playing ..Sumi hugs A…tells her stay happy take care of yourself…Sumi & Ganga get in jeep now Jagya Anandi scene Jagya says I have always created probs for u but thanks for supporting me …A says glad to see you happy with Ganga , no thanks dont worry congrats on your new life…Jagya goes to jeep.Anandi watching them go…Singhs leave at last.

Anandi returns to Shekhar’s house. Everyone is in the hall and still guitly of what happened. Meenu goes to Anandi and asks if everyone went back. Anandi nods her head to say yes. Meenu then hugs her. Alok gets up and goes to Anandi. He says, our love for Sanchi made us blind.. you kept saying that there is no match of Jagdish and Sanchi and this rishta won’t be good for anyone.. but we ignored you.. if we had listened to you back then, then today we wouldn’t have to go through all the embarrassment. We are responsible for whatever happened. Daddu goes to her now and says, we used to be proud that we are broad minded people, but in last few days, our behaviour shocked us and proved our thinking was so low. I feel ashamed thinking how we reacted. He takes out a rose and gives it to her. He says, I only thought of this one way to apologise to you. Anandi takes it and says, don’t embarrass me more.. day when I came to this house as Shiv’s wife.. this family became mine. I shared happiness with this family, then shouldn’t I be sharing sorrow too? Have I become an outsider that you all are apologising me like this? please don’t do it. Daddu says this is what wins his heart everytime. He gives blessings to her.

Ira recalls how badly she behaved with Anandi and Jagya’s family. How she forced Anandi to support Sanchi in the court. Anandi comes to her and puts her hands on her hands. Ira says, I never ever imagined that Sanchi would do all this. The pain that she gave me.. I may not be able to come out of it ever. She took advantage of my faith, love.. and made joke of my mother’s love.. I will never be able to forget it. She looks at Anandi and says, but Anandi.. the way I behaved with you in last few days.. it’s only me who is responsible.. Sanchi is childish.. but what had happened to me? I kept listening to her and didn’t believe. I am so embarrassed that apologising you is too far.. I can’t even face you. Anandi says, you just give me a smile.. I can at least ask you for that much. Ira smiles and hugs Anandi. Sanchi is watching from upstairs and seems to be angry. Anandi asks Ira about Shiv. Ira says, he is in his room.. he has hurt more than me… he is very upset. Anandi goes to her room.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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