30 November Friday Update on True Love

Veer walks in on Tapu and Ichcha arguing and Ichcha convinces him that all is ok. Tapu watches as Ichcha and Veer hold hands and leave together.

Furious with Damini, Pushkar calls Divya and succeeds in instigating her warning her to save her marriage. Divya is left speechless and Pushkar is certain he hit the right note this time.

Umed, Daddaji and Mai discuss baby names. While Daddaji and Mai are certain it’ll be a boy, Umed thinks that it’ll be a girl. They decide on naming the baby Ajinkya if it’s a boy and Umed suggests Kahini (which stands for Kahani) if it’s a girl since it will be her story that will start a new chapter in their lives.

Sanchi wonders who cud have laid the trap for her and thinks if it cud be kasa kaka. She takes out a photo of Veer hugging her (when he hugged her thinking she was Ichcha) and smirks what this wud do to ichcha. Ichcha walks in seeing her browsing nos in her phone, but decides to be quiet abt it. Sanchi covers with another excuse and is relieved assuming her secret is safe. Later, Satya and she discuss their next move and they decide to use the photo to tarnish Veer’s image.

Rathore has set up a baby room in his house and awaits his/her arrival, while Tapu is shown to be confused with Ichcha and Rathore’s allegation that the baby is not Veer’s… and vows to not let anyone take away Veer who is hers.

Ichha is sleeping in Damini’s lap and thinking about Tappu’s pregnency ;Ichha then asks Damini that when Tappu was pregnent in her initial days,she had to stay in unfavourable conditions na on which Ammo tells Ichha that yeah she had to stay in that basti that time ;So then Ichha in investigating tone asks Ammo where Tappu stayed before coming to that basti on which Ammo replies that she stayed in some hotel whose name she doesn’t remember but she remembers how Thakurain went to that hotel to meet her without letting Jogi know about it since Jogi was angry on Tappu that time but unfortunately Thakurain couldn’t meet her there since she had already left the hotel ;So then Ichha goes in thinking mode when Damini asks Ichha that why is she asking all this on which Ichha instantly changes the discussion and goes to meet Jogi .

Jogi in his study room was seeing a magazine which has some pictures of baby’s parambulators ;Ichha comes there to meet Jogi and tells him that she knows how he is so excited to become a grandpa on which Jogi hugs Ichha and tells her that he is more happy about the fact that she and Tappu hv once again become good friends and he hopes that their friendship always continues this way ;After Jogi leaves ,Ichha tells to herself that “How is it possible now that myself and Tappu continue to b the same friends like we were during our childhood..how can I make sure that Tappu doesn’t succeed in her plans but at the same time see to it that Papa never comes to know about Tappu’s pregnancy truth” …

Meanwhile Mr.Rathod puts Tappu’s photo besides his own photo and tells to himself that their chemistry looks quite good but something is missing ;Mr.Rathod then puts a baby’s photo in between his and Tappu’s photo and tells to himself that now it looks perfect Ichha at night prepares milk for Veer and puts his medicine in that milk making sure that noone is watching her; Veer then drinks that milk and goes to his study room; Tappu sees that Ichha has put some medicine in the milk and wonders what did she mix there.

 Next morning ,Ichha does Veer’s Aarti before he leaves for work when Satya comes there and asks her to do his aarti as well since they both r going for some shubh kaam; After Veer leaves ,Satya quickly calls up Saanchi who is in the garden and tells her that their shikar has left and will b coming outside,so she should b prepared ;Saanchi is waiting in the garden area and is faking as if she is watering the plants ;Veer comes outside and was about to board his car when Saanchi starts her fake act of shouting and acting as if something has entered her eyes;She shouts for her bhaiyya ;CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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