30 November Friday Update on This is Love

Jagan/Gagan saying I will not leave you next time. Ishita hugs Aaliya. Inspector says you are lucky, else those people are crazy, its sensitive matter, they are the laws themselves, if we do something, they take our guns, anyways Adi showed smartness and saved his fiancee. He goes. Aaliya thanks Adi. Adi asks her to trust her would be husband. They smile.

Bakshi praises Ruhi. Ruhi thanks him and says we will give our 100 % to this project. Ashok asks do you think this project will be successful. Ruhi says I will complete this before time without any complications, you very well know, Pihu industries do not compromise on quality. Romi says yes, we won’t let you complain. Ashok says saying is easy, and doing is tough. Bakshi says its okay, I trust Ruhi, we should
encourage the coming generation. Ashok says fine, sign the contract and deliver at office. Romi thinks Ruhi gave a good answer to Ashok, when I tell Raman, he will be glad.

Ishita packs bag and asks Adi to come. Adi says I can’t come. Ishita says I can fight with the world for you, how to fight with these devils, you know what happened, I m sorry I love you a lot, I can’t take risk. He says I also love you a lot, you taught us to face challenges and problems, I can’t leave it, I will follow the rules here, you have to be strong, these people can’t do anything to me, take Aaliya along. She asks do you have superpowers, did you see that guy with gun. Adi says I will not run away, I m not scared.

Raman says fine, if we make him run now, we will always run from problems, seeing his courage, I think we should support him. Adi says I will come home after completing this project. Ishita says when my son has grown up to fight everything alone, I will not stop, I m with you. Adi takes her blessings and hugs her. He says till I come back, take care of Aaliya.

Romi meets Ashok and says I came to give legal files to Bakshi. He taunts him to lose by Ruhi, always Raman and I fail you, I heard latest news that you are not a minister now, who said to get involved with Niddhi. Ashok scolds him. He says you just got contract, complete it and show, then we will see. Romi asks why this ego now, we will meet for new contracts, we will snatch contracts. Ashok says just talks, you and Ruhi can do just this. Romi says Ruhi and Adi will make our Bhalla family name shine, they will manage everything, Adi is like Raman, he is a fighter, we went to Khandpur to establish Mani’s old factory, see what he does. He gets Bakshi’s call and says yes, I reached, some people were disturbing me.

Ashok says so Adi is in Khandpur, I have a relation with that place, I think they don’t know that place, I got a chance to ruin Raman, I won’t miss it. He smiles. Raman and Ishita come to Mani’s house with Aaliya. Mani says you came back so soon Aaliya, you went to your friend’s house. Ishita says yes, we met her downstairs and came along. Shagun says Aaliya you came early. Aaliya says trip was good, I m tired, I will rest.

Mani says we are thinking to keep the marriage functions well, it will be a grand wedding. Ishita asks why to waste money, I don’t think its good for wedding. Mani signs Shagun and smiles. Shagun says why to do cost cutting for Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, it will be fun. Ishita says wasting money is not right, we can dance and make memories, we all will be together, but we can give money on charity, there are few places where there is no education at all. Raman stops her. Ishita says I m sorry, Aaliya will sleep, I will give her breakfast fast. She goes. Shagun asks Raman to convince her, it will be nice to keep grand wedding. Raman says I know, but what she is saying, she is not wrong. She says yes, I know, but our business partners and relatives will come, will we keep marriage in temple, it won’t look good. Mani says there is still time, we will discuss. Shagun says I don’t care, we have to decide today. She goes. Mani asks Raman to convince Ishita. Raman jokes. He asks Ishita to come and leaves. Mani says its Raman’s tough test today, it won’t be easy to convince Ishita.

Ruhi hugs Raman and says we got the deal. Raman and Ishita say they are proud of her. Ruhi asks them to sit, and gets sweets. She says its to celebrate deal locking, have barfi. Ishita says you don’t like this. Ruhi says I knew you will ask this, I missed Adi a lot, whenever I came first in exam, I used to tell it to Adi, then he used to distribute barfi to everyone, so I got this, I know nothing is fine between me and Adi, but I m missing him a lot today. Ishita says call him once, he will feel good, he is bearing such tough time. Ruhi asks what do you mean, is he fine. Raman says that place is not safe for Adi. Ruhi gets shocked.

Ashok stops the car and gets down. He checks and sees the tyre puncture. He says what’s this place, this did not change, why did Mani open factory here. Gagan aims gun at his back and asks him to give everything he has. Ashok says you are doing big mistake, if I make a call, police will come, I was minister before. Gagan says we won’t leave you and turns him. They smile seeing each other and hug. Gagan says he is Ashok, minister, I used to deliver illegal things at his factory. He sends the men. Ashok says I m not minister now. Gagan says you are minister for us even now, why did you not call. Ashok says I called, but your number changed. Gagan asks why did you come here. Ashok says I came for imp work, who is threatening you here. Gagan says he is city guy, he threatens me of police, he is Aditya Bhalla. Ashok asks do you know me, my work got easy, tell me is there any tea stall, I came by drive, I got hungry. Gagan asks him to come.

Adi misses the family and sees pic. Ruhi smiles seeing Adi’s pic. Adi says I m missing a lot, and thinks of Pihu. He gets Ruhi’s call. He answers. She asks how are you. He cries and says fine, how are you. She says I m also fine, I was missing you. He asks really, you were missing me. She says of course, you know what happened, our company got a big project from Bakshi, Ashok is his partner, guess what, I made presentation and everyone clapped for me. He says if you did it, it will be well, you worked hard. She says just like you, Papa told me about Khandpur, be careful, if anything happens to you, whom will I fight with, today Ashok challenged me to complete project on time, I challenged I will complete it before time. He says I m sure you will do it, its about our company reputation, don’t forget this in overconfidence. She says yes, you also don’t act brave, don’t fight there, finish work and come soon. He says I have to complete the challenge given by you, take care. He ends call. She prays for Adi’s safety. He prays for Ruhi’s success, that she answers Ashok well.

Gagan saying I will not leave that guy Adi. Ashok says he is my enemy too, just ruin his life, take my help if needed, but just make his life hell. They join hands. Ishita does not get sleep and thinks to call Adi. She says I will call him in morning. Raman wakes up and sees her. She gets scared and says you were just sleeping. She says I wanted to have water. He says don’t make excuses, you are worried for Adi, talk to him, then we can sleep in peace. He calls Adi. She says why is he not answering. Raman says he is human’s child, humans sleep at night. She worries and says we should go and see him. Adi answers and talks to them. He says I was in deep sleep. She asks him to be strong, take care and sleep. She ends call. Raman asks her to let him sleep now. She says
don’t know why I was getting strange thoughts, I will sleep. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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