2nd October Wednesday Update on True Love

2nd October Wednesday Update on True Love

Episode starts with a lawyer calling Gunwanti. She says, did Mukta take her case back? He says, I got a call from Mukta Rathore’s lawyer. Gunwanti laughs (thinking she got what she wanted) and says, you come home soon, I will have to give you some sweets, after all the accepted their defeat.
The lawyer says there’s no such thing… her lawyer wants to meet you… Gunwanti asks why?
He says, I don’t know… but from whatever he said, there was no sign that they’re taking the case back.
Gunwanti says, okay, send him here at 4 o’clock but find out first what he wants. I won’t pay 10-20 lakhs to close the case.
She puts the phone down, and says what do they want now? I thought they would close the case.
Gunwanti puts the phone down and sees Tej Singh sleeping in the drawing room. She asks him to go sleep in his room and he says sorry I fell asleep here.
Amla comes with a tray and Tej looks at her and says she brought tea for me? Gunwanti says, she brought it for me… you only want to drink alcohol day and night… go in your room.
Gunwanti asks Amla to put same Gangajal on the sofa.
Tej asks Gunwanti to put some Gangajal on him too… he says I’m the only one impure in this house.
He says, my brother has a wife… my nephew even has.. (he’s probably about to say two wives but then goes quiet) he says it’s not the time to say the truth now.
I’m the only one who doesn’t have a wife… and if I don’t get married soon, my whole property will go to you.
Answer my question, I’m also Bundela family… good-looking, healthy, with money… 50% Baldev Singh Bundela.
Gunwanti says, if the blood is dirty, who will give you a girl from a good family… she leaves.
Tej says, oh, it’s because of the other 50% being bad! He says, Baldev Singh, you enjoyed life and gave me 50% loss in life… put a stamp on me that can never be erased. He’s talking to himself when Amla says, if you’re a Bundela, why don’t you make a girl run away with you? Tej gets thinking.. and says, good idea. Then leers at Amla if I should make you run away with me?
Amla gets nervous and runs away.
Tej says, I will make my Mukta run away with me…

Nani packing her stuff and blabbering. I did more for her than I did for my son Pushkar and this is what she gives me? What do they think? If I go out of the house, will I die? No, I’m very strong and I will not bow down with anyone.
She yells for Rohini to find her medicine box… and Divya/Jogi just shake their heads downstairs.
Nani keeps blabbing and packing her stuff… she thinks who the hell is Kanha to kick me out of this house?

Mukta talking to Icha, asking her if you’re feeling bad because Kanha Bhayya asked Nani to leave.
Icha says, she’s an older person of the house.
Mukta says, what kind of a person are you? That you’re pitying someone who insults you?

Nani cannot close her suitcase and Rohini comes and helps close it.
Nani says did you come here to close this?
Rohini says, now I came to help you.. now that you’re leaving, I thought I should serve you the last time? How will I live without you?
Nani says what do you mean how will you live? If I’m leaving, you’re also leaving. Pack your stuff! You’re my bahu, you’ll leave with me.
How will I pick up this suitcase alone?
Rohini cries and says I will get some food to pack with you.
(not sure if she agreed to go with her or not?)
Rohini leaves and Nani thinks always thinks of food… as long as she gets food, she’ll be happy.

Jogi says to Divya, why are some people like that? Call them your own, forgive their mistakes… and they’re still the same.
They don’t know what phase we’re going through? What does she get by ruining the peace of this house?
Divya asks him to calm down, and he says I am calmed down! For years, I’ve been calm.
One one side there’s Gunwanti ji, who did the worst thing possible and on the other side this Tej Singh insulted me in my own home. He was asking for Mukta’s hand in marriage. I would have murdered him with my own hands!
Divya is shocked to hear this.
Jogi says, I told him not to even look at Mukta now!
Bundela family has stooped so low… unbelievable.
Divya says, Mausiji was also asking about this Tej Singh.
Jogi says, that means Mausiji knew?
Divya says, I don’t know, but she was asking about Tej Singh.
Kanha/Damini/Icha come and Kanha apologizes to Jogi and says, I didn’t ask for your permission before asking Naniji to leave.
Jogi asks him not to apologize, whatever you did was for the betterment of this house… and this house is yours too.
Damini says, no Saab, this house is not ours… we don’t have any rights on this house… any decision in this house should be yours.
Jogi says, Damini whenever I’ve taken a decision, my whole family has supporte dme… and today what decision Kanha has taken, is my decision as well. I will support him too.
And what Divya just told me, I will not stop Mausiji at all.
Kanha says, she’s leaving and I don’t want any of us to stop her
First Mukta, then Meethi… we all know what she’s doing and why she’s doing it? It will be good that she stays away from this house, away from family… maybe then she realises this mistake.
She should know that she cannot insult Mayya staying in this house.
Icha says, look Kanha, I understand your feelings and emotions, but and elder in this house cannot be just kicked out. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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