2nd May Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking Aaliya what happened. Aaliya says Adi stays in pressure since you left, we missed you a lot. Ishita says sorry, just sort it out. Aaliya says I have to tell you about Simmi and Parmeet. She tells about Ruhi’s words. Ishita says Simmi played such a big game, she made Ruhi and Raman against, so Ruhi is annoyed with Raman, this is ridiculous, she thinks we will sit quiet, I don’t think she can do this on own, I m sure its Parmeet behind all this, we have to handle her, don’t worry, I m seeing you and Adi have problems, when distance comes, anyone can come in between, be together, none can break us. Aaliya understands her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get juice for Amma. Parmeet says I have to do some drama. He shouts for his shirt. Mrs. Bhalla

goes to him. She asks why are you packing bag. He says I can’t stay here, Ishita is trying to come back in our life, you are treating her mum well, I can’t tolerate this, you can get Ishita back here, I can’t stay with my daughter’s murderer. She asks how did you think this, Ananya was my life too, how can I let Ishita come back, don’t worry. Ammi cries hearing this and leaves. Romi gets angry.

Raman says I will take medicines before Simmi shouts. Ruhi takes the box and says these medicines are not right, you are given wrong medicines. He says why will Simmi give me wrong medicine, how does this matter to you. She says I don’t want my business partner to have any problem, we invested much, trust me, you will take these medicines from today. She gives him other medicines and goes. Ishita smiles seeing this and says everything will get fine Raman, just is just a start.

Raman talks to Simmi. She asks did you take medicines. He says I forget, I have written in phone, I will check. He checks and says I didn’t take it, Ruhi gave me these medicines and said this is right for me. She asks why did you agree to her. He says because she is my everything. She asks what do you mean. He says she is my business partner, I have to listen to her. Simmi says fine, I will keep the medicines. She takes his phone. He goes. Simmi calls Parmeet. She says you have book our tickets for tonight. He asks why. She says Ruhi changed the medicines on Ishita’s saying, Aaliya and Adi also sing her songs, you have to do something, we can control everything there. He agrees. Simmi thinks Ishita is acting smart, I will change these medicines, you can’t get along Raman.

Simmi tells Shagun and Raman that they are going Delhi, she has much work. Shagun asks why so soon. Simmi does the reasoning. Raman thinks of informing Ishita. Aaliya stops Adi. She says I know I did many mistakes, I told you sorry many times, forgive me. He says Ishita has sent you, does Ishita know truth, our relation got this distance because of you. She says don’t get money between us. He says get out of your dream world, you know you lost much money in gambling, I stopped you many times, you know what happened, Mani helped us, does Ishita know this, if you told her, she would have not talked to you, don’t say sorry till you mean it, don’t do this love drama. He goes.

Ishita thanks Ruhi for stopping Raman. Rruhi says I hope you will fulfill your promise. Ishita says sure. Raman and Simmi come. Raman says we are going back to Delhi, actually…. Simmi asks Shagun to take Raman back to hotel. Ruhi says I will meet you in Delhi, thanks Pa… thanks Mr. Bhalla. Raman leaves.

Ishita taunts Simmi. Simmi says you would realize by now that you are not a part of our family, you are an outsider, we don’t need you. Ishita says Raman is still my husband, I m his wife, my children stay there, you can’t make me away, you were winning as you were playing alone, two players are needed in chess, now other player is here, I m here, real game will begin now, we will see who wins and who loses. Simmi says fine, we shall see.

Bhallas come back to Delhi. Raman gets sad and thinks of Ishita. Adi says Papa looks lost. Shagun says maybe because he didn’t take medicines. Aaliya says why is he going that way. Simmi says I will see him, you all go. Simmi thinks everything will get fine after reaching home. Simmi asks Raman to come, they shall go home soon. Raman says I m not coming home, I m going office, don’t tell me what to do, its my company. He leaves. She says he was in my control, now he is showing attitude, I have to do something, I will see Ishita. She makes a call to news channel. Ashok and Ishita reach Delhi. Ashok says I tried to get tickets in same flight, but Simmi might have changed our bookings by talking to travel agent. Ishita says maybe, now we are in same city. Media comes and asks Ashok about his affair with Ishita. Ashok says no comments, its my personal life. They leave. Ashok asks are you fine, I didn’t tell anyone that I m coming back. She says Simmi is playing dirty games, please can you take me to Bhalla house. He says sure.

Raman walking on the road and thinking of Ishita. Leja mujhe…..plays….. He thinks whats happening with me, as if I know her well, I get peace staying with her, I like spending time with her. He sees a couple and recalls Ishita. He sees a bike. He imagines Ishita. She says bike ride is fun. He says its not segway, you have to ride it. She says I don’t know riding. He says fine, I will teach you. He takes off the bike and they leave. She enjoys the ride. They smile.

Bhallas get happy seeing everyone. Mani and Shagun hug. Mani hugs Aaliya and signs her not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla takes Shagun aside and asks what happened there, did Raman meet the doctor. Shagun says Raman is behaving strange, when he met the doctor, he behaved like everything is fine, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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