2nd July Tuesday Update on This is Love

Ishita asking everyone not to fight if they really care for Raman. She says I m Raman’s wife, I m a doctor and know about him, its better we don’t cross the limits and not interfere to break the respectable bond. Adi gets doctor. Mrs. Bhalla asks doctor to check Raman. Ishita says its been half an hour. Doctor asks them to go. Everyone goes out. Simmi and Parmeet worry. Simmi says doctor would have told her about pills. Parmeet says no one will know how you are giving him the pills. Simmi says yes Ishita has entered the house, but she won’t be able to save Raman, I will give strong pills so that Ishita gets blamed. Doctor asks Ishita to give medicines to Raman, why is she stressed, if Raman wasn’t ready for marriage, if she has reminded him about their marriage,

maybe his mind couldn’t handle all this, his state of mind is delicate, so he got this seizure attack, sorry if this happens again, he can lose his mental balance completely, he can’t absorb all info. Raman says we can explain anything to kids, but Raman is very stubborn. Doctor says you have to win him by love, you have to do all this, those pills are being given to Raman, you have to know how its given to him. Ishita says I had to remarry him forcefully to know this, I couldn’t find out anything, I will keep trying, thanks for coming. Doctor goes. Ishita cries seeing Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Romi comes to Mihika and asks what are you doing in parking lot, its really cold. He covers her with his jacket. She smiles and says I was wondering, what would be everything thinking about me, Pihu made this sign on my hand. He says trust me, you acted very well, you are too good. She says you weren’t too bad. She says I didn’t act at all, I just supported you, I promise, I will always be there with you, I will become a good husband. She says Romi, I need some time. He says fine, I will wait. Ishita makes coffee to stay awake. Simmi comes and says you are responsible for all this, everyone will blame you, you can leave tonight, I won’t tell anyone, promise.

Ishita says don’t get happy, you think I will get scared and leave, this is a small hurdle in my path, I m warning you, please understand, find a new house, Raman will throw you out. Simmi says I won’t let this happen. Ishita says you are nobody, you are just a cunning woman, I m strength of a mum and wife. Simmi goes.

Raman wakes up and sees Ishita. He recalls their marriage and gets shocked. Ishita asks him to listen. He angrily goes. He says stay away from me, I don’t need your help. She says I have to deal with him patiently. Raman asks Mihika why did you do this, Pihu asked me not to marry, but I thought for you, I didn’t leave you and you did this for me. She says I didn’t mock you, I have done this for you. He says I will see Ishita later, I didn’t expect this, I m so disappointed from you. He goes. Ishita says so sorry, Raman said all this to you, Raman said all this, he lost his memory, he is saying this because of Simmi. Mihika says he has no idea that we did this for him, he hates me and Romi now. Ishita says once he regains memory, everything will get fine, so sorry. Mihika says I know, stay strong. Ishita says I also get hurt listening Raman’s harsh words, we can’t forget his goodness, so I want to fight for him, till I win, I can’t rest easy. Mihika says I know you can do it.

Ishita makes parathas and serves Romi. Romi says I missed these parathas a lot. Ruhi also likes it. Raman comes. Ishita serves him dalya. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to get food. Mrs. Bhalla says I will make parathas for you. She asks Ishita to get out of her kitchen. Ruhi and Romi react. Raman asks Simmi to pack his tiffin, he will have food in office. Ishita asks him to rest at home. Raman asks her to stay away from his house, life and decisions. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to take rest today. He asks Simmi to bring tea to his room. Ruhi gets angry. Romi stops her.

Ishita thinks to relax and join other relations. She starts with Mrs. Bhalla. She gets the clothes. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her and makes her leave. She sees a saree and says it seems so familiar. Ishita says you gave it to me on Karwachauth, when Raman wasn’t speaking to me, I was upset, you said that no matter how much Raman fights with me, its my right to celebrate Karwachauth with him, I m same Ishita whom you loved a lot, you always defended me. Mrs. Bhalla thinks of Ananya. She cries and says yes, but you did wrong by killing Ananya, Simmi shattered, she forgot her sorrow and started managing this family, you keep instigating everyone against her, you made Raman’s life worse. Ruhi looks on. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to get away from them.

Ruhi asks how can they talk to you like this. Ishita asks her to come to room and talk. Ruhi says I will tell Raman that Adi and I are his children, he was marrying someone else, you would have lost him forever. Ishita asks her to calm down. Ruhi goes to her room and finds photo album. Ishita stops Ruhi and says don’t tell Raman, he will get a fit. She catches Ruhi. Ruhi says let me go, leave me. She recalls Nikhil and gets scared. She pushes Ishita and says don’t touch me, move away, go from here. Ishita asks what happened, its me, your Ishimaa. Ruhi hugs her and cries.

Ruhi says nothing. Ishita says I m your mum, you can tell me anything. Ruhi says Nikhil tried to molest me. Ishita gets shocked. Ruhi cries. Ishita says sorry, what happened. Ruhi says he called me in a hotel… She tells everything. Ruhi says I fled from there. Ishita asks why didn’t you tell this to me. Ruhi says that night, I fled and met Simmi, I was about to harm myself, she stopped me and said family reputation will spoil. Ishita says you were not at fault, Simmi stopped you, you should reveal the culprit’s name, you should have got him arrested. Ruhi says you weren’t here, I was confused, Raman wasn’t remembering things, when I would try to tell him, Simmi used to tell me that Raman’s condition will worse, I didn’t tell him anything, Simmi took care of everything, I had no courage to go against her.

Ishita says Simmi knew everything and stayed quiet, you shouldn’t have kept quiet, I understand you were alone, what did she want, was she protecting Nikhil. Ruhi says no. Ishita says Nikhil and Parmeet are together, Simmi was stopping you, she is such a nasty woman, she didn’t think of your respect despite being a woman. Ruhi says forget this, you know Raman’s state, you have to make him fine. Ishita says yes, your dad is imp and you are imp too, you are my first love, then I loved him. She hugs Ruhi and says Raman will regain his memory, he will be hurt knowing I didn’t do anything knowing this, his daughter is a lioness, not a coward, Ruhi says I m sorry. Ishita says you shouldn’t be sorry, its not your mistake, you don’t need to hide face, you need to speak up, I promise I won’t spare Simmi and that guy.

Ishita going to Nikhil’s flat. She sees the lock and says you will be back, then I will kill you. She goes to Simmi and says come with me. She slaps Simmi. Simmi says how dare you. Simmi holds Ruhi’s hand. Ishita drags her. Ruhi’s hand gets the scratch. Raman comes and asks what’s happening, its all messed up. Ruhi says nothing, I had to show you files. He says we will go to your room. Ishita takes Simmi to her room and slaps. Simmi points a scissor and says I will kill you today. Ishita says fine kill me, what did you tell Ruhi, to stay silent when Nikhil molested her, you should have protected her.

Simmi says what you did with Ananya, you have killed her, I m getting peace today, Ananya died in my arms, look at yourself today. Ishita says you are getting

fun seeing others in pain, you are mad, your humanity ended, your soul has died, will you take revenge from Ruhi like this. Simmi says you weren’t here so your revenge will be fulfill by your daughter. Ishita says enough, control now, stay away from my children. Simmi says you can’t do anything, Raman will never remember anything, I will never let him remember. Ishita says they are Raman’s children, and I m his wife, I have come to protect them. Simmi says I will see how you do this. Ishita says I will ruin Nikhil and then you. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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