2nd January Thursday Update on Young Love

2nd January Thursday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa says we just sent you. You made your own place. Niranjan eats the food and starts coughing. Nandu looks on. Dadisaa asks Gehna to give him water. Niranjan drinks water and says it is very spicy. Gehna says I didn’t add chilli in this dish. She tastes it and says it is very spicy. Dadisaa asks from where the chilli powder came in it. Niranjan looks at Nandu and signs Gehna. Everyone look at Nandu. Dadisaa gets angry. Gehna takes the blame on herself.

Ira says she is making gajar ka halwa to surprise everyone. Meenu says she needs to make breakfast for Anoop. Meenu says she needs two burners. Ira says halwa needs to be cooked thoroughly. Anoop scolds Meenu. Meenu says what to do now. You would have cooked in the afternoon. She says I will give bread butter to Anoop. Ira asks her not to sacrifice and gets halwa from the stove. Ira says Anoop scolded you and sign at me. Meenu takes Anoop’s side. Ira says I am saying we are bad.

Saachi comes and asks them to stop fighting. Meenu says Anoop needs to go for a meeting. She wonders what has happened to this house. She tries to make them realize their mistake and asks them to discuss the matter. She asks them to resolve the differences. Ira says sorry to Saachi and Meenu. Meenu apologizes to her. Ira says I will make english tea for him. Saachi thanks God for resolving their fight.

Anandi is in the NGO and asks about Sharmila. The women says she is in cabin. Anandi says I will see. Sharmila calls Anoop and says I got it. Anoop asks her to keep it safely with her. Anandi asks Sharmila did you get the bank statement. Sharmila says no. Anandi gives her and asks her to go immediately.

Sona asks for help from the accountant. He says I can’t help you. Jagya comes there and asks her. Sona tells her that she needs to pay fees for her son’s school. She has been refused advance money. Jagya asks the accountant to sanction money. Sona thanks him. Jagya asks her to ask him if anything needed. He gets a call and he excuses himself.

Nandu sees Niranjan’s door lock and thinks he might have went for work. Niranjan comes and says I won’t meet your mum if you don’t want. He says I do have the right to know about the hatred for me. Nandu calls him cheater and says I don’t want to talk to you. Gehna comes and asks what happened to you. Niranjan says let me say what is in his mind. Nandu says you don’t have the right to talk between us and leaves. Gehna cries and thinks this boy will make me mad. Ganga asks her to have patience and everything will be fine. Niranjan says I have full faith on our relation. Something is bothering him and he will tell me soon. We are friends first and it happens sometimes. He goes to school. Gehna looks sad.



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