2nd January Thursday Update on This is Love

2nd January Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita telling Shagun about Yug. She says we have to stop him, by teaching him a lesson, Shagun come with me. Shagun asks what do you want to do. Yug says I had gone there for Aaliya’s sake, I had to tell about Karan for her betterment. Police comes home and questions him about following Yug. Yug denies it. Ishita and Shagun come. Ishita scolds Yug for doing this knowing his face resembles Adi.

She says you are stalking Aaliya, sorry I won’t tolerate this. She asks inspector to arrest Yug. Yug says I didn’t do this, I m not lying. He gets arrested. Raman and Aaliya come to hospital. Karan asks why did they come here. Rohan says I m very stressed, mom is unwell, I m here since night. Aaliya says she will be fine, what did doctor say. Doctor comes and says Sudha

is stable now, she needs care. He tells Raman that Sudha had a massive heart attack, they shouldn’t take risk. Karan says you have sent doctor to check if she is doing a drama. Raman says no, Dr. Verma is the best cardiologist here.
Karan says sorry. Raman says its fine, I understand. Shagun gets restraining order against Yug. Inspector asks her not to worry. Ishita says I was helpless to do this.

Shagun says how dare he make the phone call, we had to do this, he just looks like Adi, we did a mistake by trusting him. She says we can’t let him ruin Aaliya’s life, what will she go if he comes in front of her, maybe now he understands and stays away. Yug says let me talk to Ishita once. Inspector scolds Yug. Yug says I m a decent man, you are mistaken, let me talk to Ishita once. Inspector beats him. Yug says trust me, I m not lying. Rohan and Karan meet Sudha. She asks Rohan to come back home.

Karan says yes, we will come home. Rohan says I didn’t think about it. Karan says we will go home, what’s there to think. Rohan goes out. Aaliya asks how is your mom. Karan says don’t worry, I promise I will get him back. Sudha cries. Karan asks her to rest. He asks Karan what’s wrong, why is he giving stress to Sudha. Ishita asks is everything fine. Raman asks what happened. Rohan says mom wants me to come back home. Karan says she is our mom, we can do this for her. Aaliya says I think he is right, Rohan you should be there for her. Rohan says I love you a lot, how can I leave you, mom isn’t ready to accept you. Raman and Ishita go. Raman says Aaliya won’t go there, they will stay with us.

Ishita says Rohan is still supporting Aaliya, he loves her a lot. She pacifies him. Vishal and Ranbir worry for Yug. They think how to find him. Ranbir says we shall call Ishita. Vishal says no. He gets Yug’s call and asks did you go mad, where are you. Inspector says he is in lockup, I have called to inform. Vishal asks is he fine, I m his friend, I m coming. They leave. Doctor treats Sudha and asks her to thank Raman. Sudha thanks Raman. Raman says I did that for Rohan and Karan’s mom, they are part of my family now. Rohan and Aaliya come, holding hands. Karan says its great news, Rohan is coming with us. Rohan says yes, but Aaliya is coming along. Karan asks Sudha to give them a chance. Ishita asks Rohan to take care of Sudha and Aaliya.

Rohan assures her. Karan says we will have a home coming party soon. Raman asks are we making a mistake doing this. Ishita says this will be right, we should respect Aaliya’s decision. Ranbir and Vishal talk to inspector and try to bribe. Inspector scolds them. They ask him to let them meet Yug once. They go and meet Yug. They ask why did Ishita get you arrested. Yug says I didn’t do anything, she misunderstood me, I had gone there to tell them about Karan, Ishita scolded me, she got angry and got me arrested. Ranbir says the bail amount is much. Vishal says I will take some money from my home or sell the bike. Ranbir says I will try to get loan from office. Yug says no, I will face the punishment. Vishal asks are you mad. Yug says Ishita did wrong, I will ruin her life and teach her a lesson, I promise. He lies in pain, and shouts dad….

Raman wakes up from sleep. Ishita asks what happened. Raman says I felt someone is crying, something is not right. Ishita says you are worried for Aaliya. He says Sudha is evil, she will surely do something. Ishita says I can understand your fear, I got something ready, its a post nuptial agreement, if Sudha or Rohan harass Aaliya, they will have to compensate Aaliya with 100 crores, its a legal agreement. He asks do you think Rohan will sign. He says he will sign, he loves Aaliya, he will understand our concern. He says fine, once Sudha gets fine, we will talk to Rohan. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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