2nd December Monday Update on True Love

2nd December Monday Update on True Love

Tappu telling Rathore that my heart too believes Mukta. I know that my daughter isn’t like that. But its just a matter of some days now. Everything will be fine after Meethi’s marriage.

Rathore interrupts her that she is getting married to the wrong person. No one will get happiness out of this lie. No one. Tappu is alarmed now. Rathore repeats that this is for the family only. He cant stay quiet.

She asks him if he spoke to Mukta. She told you but couldn’t tell me? He tells her that she dint get a chance to tell you. She says, but I am her mother. Both stare at each other. She says, I don’t understand. He his Vishnu…he has submitted all his ID proofs to papa. The passport has been readied on the basis of that only & the tickets too. Then why these doubts or questions? Iccha has done so much for my daughter & Meethi is like my daughter too. I don’t want any hindrance in her marriage.

Rathore states I don’t know about the world but I do know the difference between right & wrong. I sat with him outside for mere 5 mins but I can guarantee it. You want proof right…because without proof no one believes anything. I will bring out the truth. I will tell everyone. He leaves from there in a huff. She tries to stop him but in vain.

Thakur House:
Back at home, everyone is discussing about Meethi’s marriage. Damini also apologises to Mukta for Meethi’s behaviour towards her. She says that she should be the one asking sorry & holds her tears. Divya says now no one will apologise or anything, there would be only happiness. Damini takes Surabhi along with her to bring gifts for her marriage from her room.

Jogi calls Mukta & says, I have full faith on you. I know that your heart is pure. Whatever happened on the mehendi night, you brought back happiness by coming on the sangeet ceremony. Damini & ours relation has passed numerous tests but has come out of all unscathed. You should never let in break & keep the cracks away too. Mukta nods & says she understands its importance. He tells her that Iccha has suffered a lot…you have to take care of her happiness now.

Jogi asks Mukta & Surbahi to go early tomorrow morning to Bundela House as he has promised Iccha. Mukta says but in the morning….there..? Jogi says if she cant do this for his Bade papa? Mukta nods her head. Saying so, Jogi & Divya leave from there. Mukta thinks….you don’t know Bade papa. You are asking me to be involved in Meethi’s destruction. If you want, I will definitely go. But I just pray to God that the real Vishnu comes in front of everyone before Meethi’s marriage.

Akash’s mom tells him that she has shown his kundli to his uncle. He has told that his enemy can attack him anytime. She asks him to be careful of the dark clouds lurking around him & also suggests him to take care of his every problem before tomorrow night. He assures her that he will definitely take care of everything that can hamper his plan. The marriage is tomorrow…he will he will take care of all his problems in the day time only. The call disconnects & he says Mukta!

A girl dressed as a bride is running around in a barren mansion. She is scared & looking behind to check if someone is following her. She comes to a room & closes the door. The groom enters the room. She tries to put her alta adorned hands imprints on the wall but he forces & the mark is full of blood. The guy takes her away & she shouts Maa…!

Iccha shouts Meethi! She wakes up & Veer too wakes up hearing her scream. She rushes down to check on Meethi. On finding her sleeping in her room, she closes the door…assured.
Veer asks her the matter. She tells him that she saw a bad dream & shares it. It was very scary & just a night before Meethi’s marriage. She is super scared.
Veer says there’s no mansion. Meethi is gonna start her new life tomorrow. Plus in a new home given by us only. You only gave the key. Vishnu is such a nice guy & your exemplary student. Trust him. Meethi will be happy with him. Don’t worry. He asks her to come & sleep now.

Iccha isn’t full convinced. She says, tomorrow its Meethi’s marriage. Then she will leave this house for forever. Everyone is happy. everyone is here except one person – Yuvi. Veer becomes sad. Her brother. Our son. He doesn’t even know that Meethi is his sister & its her wedding tomorrow. I know you wanted him to be punished but I am his mother…its Meethi’s marriage…I want to see him once. She folds her hands in front of him & he agrees.
Veer says yes, we both will go. Tomorrow only. She becomes happy & thanks Veer. He asks her to relax now. She has lots of stuff to do tomorrow. She once again looks towards Meethi’s room & goes with him.

Umed Singh is checking the decor & instructs Kasha to take care of everything properly. Kasha says everything will be fine. But why are you looking disturbed. He shares that Veer & Iccha have gone to see Yuvi. He is feeling uneasy don’t know why.

Mai listens to this. She comes upto him & says, Veer could have told me. I too could have gone with him. I am his mother after all.
He asks her to honestly involve herself in the wedding if she does want it to happen nicely. Take care of the house & family. Don’t even think about doing any insult of anyone.
She says, I will do it all with my heart. He leaves from there.
She thinks….whatever will happen today, will be done with full faith because I have to teach a lesson to Mukta. Because of him only our Yuvi is in jail. She should definitely go through some pain for doing this.

She calls Chanda & asks her if the varmala has come in by now or not. Chanda goes in to check.

Tej Singh comes by the door. Where is my dream girl? Mai sees him. He continuously looks towards the main gate & Mukta comes. He starts singing another cheesy song. Mai smirks at this.
Tej signals Mai who nods & looks & then goes in Mukta’s direction.

Mukta & Surabhi meet Umed Singh at the door. Normal greetings exchanged. He asks why are they here so early. Muta replies that its a wedding house…they have come to help. He welcome them in. They enter & meet Mai.

Mai now turns extra sweet towards Mukta. Its good that you both came so early. She asks Surabhi to go & check & help Meethi. Chanda appears now & says that the varmala isn’t there.

Mai pretends to be worried. Everyone will be coming soon. What will we do now? Now who should I send? Even Kasha is busy with the kitchen & puja’s work else I would have sent him. She then asks Mukta if she will go & get it. She hands her some money & tells her the address. Mukta is unsure but then agrees to go. She too tells Surabhi to go in who hesitantly agrees. Mai smirks & signals Tej Singh…your work is done. Tej start another song…this time for Mai praising her for her skills. She goes in.
Mukta’s phone rings. Surabhi stops in her tracks to listen to her. She picks up & its Vishnu on the other side. As she takes his name, Surbahi is left shocked. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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