2nd December Monday Update on This is Love

2nd December Monday Update on This is Love

Simmi coming to Raman and saying our plan was successful. FB shows Raman asking Simmi to fool Parmeet and make him believe that you are blind in his love. She says he won’t believe me. He says please, I beg you, I have to save Ishita, I might end up hurting myself, we will set up the drama, if he can do it, we can do it, we will fake a fight, we will make Parmeet believe the drama, either of Sudha’s son will inform him. She agrees. FB ends. Simmi says Parmeet is sure that we had a fight, he is treating me nicely, we will know where is Ishita. Raman says sorry for slapping you. Simmi says I can give my life for Ishita, don’t worry, we just have to find out where did they keep Ishita, I accompany Parmeet and didn’t find anything suspicious, his proper treatment is going on, maybe he is sick. Raman says Sudha and her staff are with him, he has called me and challenged me to save Ishita. She says fine, I will try to find out, take care, don’t worry. She hugs him and goes.

Ishita shouts for help. Goon asks her to shut up. She asks the matter. She says my husband will pay you, don’t do this. Goon sees Raman’s appeal on the news channel and doubles the amount. Ishita says Parmeet has scared them. Goon says if boss knows, he will not leave us. Ishita says you are such fools, Raman has announced a big amount, you could have fulfilled the needs of your family, people die for such amount, you are doing this for Parmeet, I know your boss very well, Parmeet never leaves any proof behind. She says Parmeet will kill me and then you all, I have seen this happening many times, he won’t be true to you, you all are fools, just think and decide soon. Sudha asks Parmeet to explain the goons not to get trapped in Ishita’s words, she is playing mind games. Simmi comes and asks them what happened, do you want to call your home. He says no, my mum and dad will worry for me, I will be going jail from here. She says I got permission to stay with you, I won’t let you go jail, I will fight your case. He asks really. She nods.

Sudha thinks to find out if Raman is talking to kidnappers. She goes to check CCTV footage. Simmi asks Parmeet to eat the apple. She goes out. She calls Raman. She says Sudha and Parmeet are worried that Ishita is talking to kidnappers. Inspector says this time we won’t leave kidnappers. Karan looks at Raman. Goons discuss and say we will take money from Raman and leave Ishita, Parmeet may kill us or send us to jail. Goon says I will go and call Raman. Ishita says I wish Raman knows where I m. Ishita asks goons what did they decide. The goon says we don’t want your money, we will just listen to our boss. The goon asks Ishita not to do any drama, he will call her husband, there is camera here and she is being watched. Ishita and goons do the drama. Sudha looks on.

Rohan says I heard about your birthday, family has forgot this, I have prepared cake for you, we shall cut this cake. Aaliya says I m not interested in this, just leave, Ishita isn’t here, I don’t want to celebrate without her. He says I want to make you feel special. She says you have hurt me and my family, I will not forgive you, don’t waste your and my time, just leave. He goes. Goon calls Raman. Inspector asks him to talk for a in to get call traced. Raman takes the call and says I will give you money. Goon says this time we will take money and give Ishita. Raman says you have to leave her first, fine I agree, how do I believe you. The goon ends call. Sudha says why didn’t the other kidnapper come back.

The goon comes back to Ishita and asks other one to come. Sudha says he went to get food and didn’t get it, now they are out of coverage area, I should inform Parmeet. She gets Karan’s call. Karan says someone called Raman and asked for 20 crores. Sudha goes to Parmeet. She says I have come to see if he is fine. Parmeet asks Simmi to call lawyer again. He sends Simmi. Simmi says something has happened, but what. She hears them. Parmeet says if they try to double cross me, I will have no other way. He calls goons and ask them to leak gas. Simmi gets shocked. She calls Raman and says don’t take my name, just listen, Sudha has learnt that you got kidnapper’s call, Karan has informed her, Ishita’s life is in danger, Parmeet was telling someone to leak gas to kill Ishita and kidnappers, I think they have held Ishita in a chemical factory, I will try to get info. Raman takes inspector with him.

He says Simmi has called, she has heard Parmeet saying about leaking poisonous gas. Inspector asks what. Raman says someone is informing Sudha and Parmeet, it will be one of Sudha’s sons. Inspector says Parmeet would have sent someone, what will he do. A goon comes and says your boss has sent me to help you. Inspector says we can’t go to every chemical factory and check, we have no time, call the kidnapper again and make sure he talks for a min, we will get his location. The goon rejects Raman’s call. Raman calls again. Another asks who is calling you. The goon says its my wife’s call, she is upset with me, I will switch it off. Raman keeps calling.

The goon answers the call. Raman says Parmeet has learnt that you have contacted me, I will not let anything happen to you. Goon says wrong number. He looks at other goons. Simmi says I spoke to lawyer, he said he will appeal for your release when I take my statement back, I m so happy. Sudha says I m glad to know you both will be living a good life. Simmi says thanks. She says we need much time and money, how will we manage. Sudha says I will help you financially, you are like family. Parmeet thanks her. Sudha goes. Simmi says Sudha is a nice person, no one helps without a motive in today’s times, I will make soup for you. Parmeet asks about Ishita. Simmi says I don’t care for her. He smiles. He gets a call. He sees her and doesn’t answer. He acts of chest pain.

She asks what’s happening. He says its paining, call the nurse fast. He answers call. He asks what Raman came to know about gas leak, it means Simmi is giving him all the news, I will not leave Simmi, don’t waste your time, open the valve quickly and leave from there, don’t make any mistake. Simmi hears this and gets shocked. Raman gets Simmi’s call and signs inspector. Inspector calls Karan. Raman goes and answers Simmi. Simmi says we have no time, do something fast, Parmeet has learnt that I m spying on him, I won’t be here for long, I will take care, find Ishita soon. He says leave from there, come soon. Parmeet’s new goon looks for the valve and shoots down the other goons for cheating Parmeet. He opens the valve and leaves. Inspector says we got location of chemical factory, stay here. Karan says but I will come along. Inspector says be here. Karan sees Rohan and scolds him for informing Sudha. Rohan says mom is not behind Ishita’s kidnapping.

Raman pushes him. Simmi comes home and defends Rohan. Raman asks why are you defending him. Aaliya asks the same. Simmi says Rohan has changed, you don’t know the truth. Rohan says don’t say anything. Simmi says you want to know why I m being emotional and trusting him, I m doing this because Ananya has donated her heart to Rohan. They all ask what. Simmi says Sudha has shown medical reports to me, I met Parmeet and asked him, he also said he has donated Ananya’s heart to Rohan, so Sudha is giving him money.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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