29th March Friday Update on Young Love

29th March Friday Update on Young Love

Sumi is working in the kitchen. Gehna comes there and sees her upset. She remembers Basant’s words that Sumi is very tensed because of Jagya these days. Gehna goes to her to cheer her up and asks to cook something different today. Sumi says, you tell what you want to eat, I will make it. Gehna offers help, but Sumi takes it wrong say. She says, so you also think that I can’t handle kitchen alone now? Sumi continues getting angry. Gehna says you’re worrying for no reason, Jagya won’t do anything wrong. Sumi says she trusts Jagya, but doesn’t trust that Ganga. Sumi says someone who got so much love why would she want to leave this house, etc.. etc.. and then tells Gehna, why am I telling you all this.. you already think that Ganga did a huge favour to you by delivering Bhairavi.. but she is a nurse and it’s her job, and you also lecture me like others.. i dont have any sense. Gehna says, you’re elder than me.. you’re like my sister.. who am I to teach you anything. Sumi says, no.. I am not elder.. you’re elder in this house.. you’re my jethani.. sister-in-law. Sumi leaves.

Jagya is ready to leave. Ira asks him to stay for few more days. Jagya says, there is an emergency case. The faster I go.. better it will be. Shiv says, I totally understand. He then asks Ira to let him go. Meenu tells Jagya, you’re just like Shiv when it comes to work. She then asks if he won’t meet Alok and Daddu. Jagya says he would love to, but now he has to leave. He asks her to apologize to them on his behalf. Sanchi feels Jagya is upset because of what happened last night and that is why he left. She says, oh god what had happened to me.. I hope nothing goes wrong because of that.

Sumi receives a call from Ira who tells her that Jagya has left from Udhaipur. She then says, everyone was very happy as Jagya came there and also tells her that he went for dinner with Sanchi. Ira also says that she is relieved now after talking to Jagya and asks Sumi not to talk about anything. Sumi says, if you’re relieved, then I am relieved too. They then talk about finding a good wedding date. After the call, Dadisa tells Sumi Jagya did good by going there. Gehna brings tea. She gives it to Dadisa and then offers it to Sumi, but she doesn’t take it and says she will take by herself if she wants anything. Sumi leaves, Gehna feels hurt and leaves too. Dadisa notices everything.

Shiv and Anandi discuss Anandi’s social work. Both say they don’t know what they would do without each other. Anandi is leaving, Shiv grabs her hand and stops her. Anandi says, please not now.. Shiv takes a glass in his hand and says, what did you think I wanted to romance in early morning? I was just giving you this glass. Anandi feels shy. Shiv says, but your idea was not bad.. let us do work for now.. and then in night we will.. Anandi feels shy and leaves.

Nandu is playing with Bhairavi. Jagya returns and he’s very happy to see him. He runs and hugs Jagya. Jagya takes blessings from Sumi, Dadisa, Gehna. Gehna asks him about Anandi and everyone else. Sumi interrupts and says, you must be tired.. go to your room.. I will bring tea there for you. Gehna again feels hurt. Dadisa is somewhat confused seeing such behaviour from Sumi. Gehna runs to her room crying.

Near a bank, village women are thankful to Shiv and Anandi for helping them in finding their identity. They give a gift to them. Anandi says, this is just a beginning.. we have to do a lot more. I will come to your place soon and we will talk more about it. Anandi and Shiv leave. As they leave, village men show their anger for Anandi and they say they will have to find some solution.


In her room, Gehna is crying a lot. Basant asks her what happened. Gehna tells him about Sumi’s recent behaviour. Basant hugs her and consoles her. He says, I know you felt bad.. but you know about Sumi’s current situation. You always took her as elder sister. Did she ever behave like this with you? Gehna says, no. Basant says, in situations like this, they take out frustration on their own people. We need to help her during this time. Gehna says, that is what I went to do, but she took it wrong way. I am not feeling bad because what she told me, but I am feeling bad because I could not make her believe that I am with her. Basant advises her to try talking different way.. like how you talk with a child. Gehna agrees and says that she can’t see Sumi in this condition. Basant says, Sumi is very good at heart.. and even you know that. I am sure you will be able to win her heart. We faced many problems, but we overcame all of them because we were together. Today we need to help Sumi to come out of this situation. Everything will be fine.

Sumitra sitting and doing preparations of morning pooja in Haveli’s mandir Gehna comes from behind and is emotional seeing Sumitra .Sumitra does not see her .Gehna remembers Sumitra saying to her Flash Backs Ganga helped you in giving birth to Bhairavi then why you will find that girl wrong ?You will only take her side .Gehna saying to Sumitra you are my elder sister .Sumitra saying to her No where I am elder to you Elder you are , The elder Bahu of this Haveli , My Jethani .Everyone in the house is saying a lot to me then why you will stay behind you too say Flash backs end CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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