29th March Friday Update on This is Love

29th March Friday Update on This is Love

Ruhi crying and thinking of Raman’s words. Ishita comes to her. Ruhi says I won’t say sorry to Papa but I will say sorry to you, I have hurt you a lot. Ishita says you have to apologize to someone else, come out. Mihika comes to Romi. She asks him not to get himself insulted, have breakfast in room today. He says its not Ruhi’s mistake, she didn’t slap me, she was stopping the fight. Ishita and Ruhi come there. Mihika says fine, but Ruhi didn’t apologize to you. Ishita says so we came here, Ruhi will apologize. Ruhi says sorry, I m feeling guilty, beat me. Romi forgives her and says I have raised you as my daughter, I know you can’t slap me, I regret for whatever is happening between Raman and Ishita, its wrong.

Ruhi says its all because of me.

Romi says everything is fine if you have realized your mistake. Mihika goes out. Ishita says atleast the day started well. Ishita asks Mr. Bhalla to come for aarti. They all do aarti and pray. Raman comes. Mr. Bhalla asks why did he not take aarti. Raman says devotion should be in heart. He goes. Mihika takes prasad for him. Raman thanks her. He says I m sorry, I know you would have felt bad, I m sorry from Ruhi’s side. She says its okay, I m annoyed, you know Romi, he has forgiven Ruhi, but who slaps elders, Romi has always supported Ruhi. He says I can’t do anything of whatever happened. Romi asks Ishita to relax, Mihika will convince Raman. Ishita says it will be good if he hears anyone. Mihika says you have never stopped children, maybe this was your mistake, children do mistake, but you have to be strict, when they know its for their good, they will understand. He says I will make sure this doesn’t happen again, sorry, thanks.
Romi asks Ruhi to come office with him. She refuses. Mr. Bhalla asks her to stay busy. Ruhi refuses to have food. Kiran gives milk shake to Shravan. She says we will plan something for Shitija, her birthday is coming. He says I forgot about it. She says you are not a bad brother, we will plan, tell me what she likes and she not. Shitija comes. Kiran says we were talking of college project. Shravan says yes. Kiran sends her. Kiran and Shravan talk about Shitija’s likes. Shitija gets Shravan’s phone. She goes to give him phone. They ask her to go and watch cartoon. Shitija says I want to hear your talk. They send her out. Shitija cries and goes.

Ishita arranges cupboard and tells Aaliya about Raman and Ruhi. Aaliya asks her not to take stress. Ishita says did you see how Raman behaves. Ishita and Aaliya go to Ruhi. Ruhi cries and says Raman gave all the projects to Adi, I made presentation too. Aaliya asks her not to worry. Ruhi says Adi is behaving strange with me, I don’t want any charity, but Papa. Aaliya says Adi can’t be unfair, I will talk to Adi. Ruhi says Adi would have not taken projects from Papa. Ishita says Adi is not unfair, he will understand, we will talk to Raman, relax. Shitija talks to doll and says I have no one to talk to me. Parmeet looks on and asks what happened. She says Kiran doesn’t love me, she just talks to Shravan. He says its not like that, she loves you. She says I miss my mum, she would have not done this. He makes her sit in his lap and says your mum would be seeing you, she will not like this, smile now. He gives her a chocolate.

Ishita says its good we went on shopping, our mood got fine. Romi, Raman and Adi see them. Romi asks where did they go for shopping. Raman asks Adi to come, he has no time for nonsense. Romi talks to Ishita. Ishita says we went for Diwali shopping. Kiran looks for Shitija and sees her with Parmeet. He gets angry and scolds Shitija. Parmeet says I m not a stranger. Shitija says we don’t know your intentions. Ishita and Raman ask what is she saying. Parmeet asks Kiran to ask Shitija. Kiran asks Parmeet not to touch her. Parmeet asks are you mad to blame me. Bala asks Kiran what happened. Kiran says I told him not to touch Shitija, he is not understanding.

Simmi comes there and asks what’s happening. Kiran says tell your husband not to touch Shitija and talk, I don’t like this. Raman says calm down, relax. Kiran says we cover such things at homes, I will not be quiet, I will not bear him to make her sit in lap and talk. Ishita says see Shitija, she is so scared.

They all go inside the house. Pihu says we will buy Lego set for Shitija. Ananya says we will take something else for her. Ruhi says we will go and have icecream. Pihu says we will call Shitija, she will feel bad. Shagun comes and asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi says there is a big fight going at home. Shagun asks kids to sit in her car, they will go home and plan a surprise for Shitija.


Simmi scolds Kiran for blaming Parmeet. Kiran says I m setting a limit. Bala reminds Parmeet’s past, he is a molester. Kiran asks what. Bala says yes, he molested Ishita years ago and Simmi divorced him. Simmi asks him to shut up. Kiran asks her to stop it, Bala is saying truth. Simmi says I know Parmeet well and his past, he has changed. Ishita asks them to stop it. Kiran says I do care, I will not let Shitija come in the house where a molester comes. Simmi asks Ishita to say. Ishita says Kiran’s fears is justified. Simmi asks Raman to see. Raman says we will talk later. Parmeet and Simmi go.

Parmeet thinking of Kiran’s words. Raman and everyone ask him to open the door. Ishita gets the keys. They get inside and see Parmeet committing suicide. They all stop Parmeet. Simmi consoles Parmeet. He tells her that past doesn’t leave a person, he did mistakes but he is not so cheap to do bad with a little girl. Simmi says I know. Ishita says thank God he is fine, I will just go and see Shitija. Simmi asks why is she going there. Ishita says Kiran is not wrong, kids don’t differentiate between right and wrong, so parents have to be careful, none can be trusted. Simmi asks can’t relatives be trusted. Ishita says yes, a mum should not trust anyone, Kiran’s fear is because she doesn’t know Parmeet, child abuse happens, this could be handled by some other way.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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