29th July Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Amol telling Shiv that he is missing his mom and asks where she went? Shiv says, your mom went to Mumbai to solve a problem of an old lady. He says, your mom is doing good job. We shall support her. Amol says, I will become good boy.

Mr. Deshmukh gives the cheque to Suhasini ji. Suhasani gives the keys to Deshmukh. She says, I want to see this house for 5 mins. She looks at the house emotionally. She takes her husband’s photo. Anandi asks are you fine? Suhasini nods in a yes. She asks Anandi to transfer the money in another account. She says, Anand Dham’s account. Anandi asks, do you want to give money to the ashram. Suhasini says yes. That is my new home. She good bye to Deshmukh and leaves.

Mannu and Dadisaa are playing. Ganga gives tea to Dadisaa. Makhan kaka comes and says Ratan’s mom have come. Dadisaa gets angry. She asks, how dare you come to my house? Ratan’s mom says, I came here for my grandson. I will take him soon. Dadisaa says, Jagya asked you to take Mannu when he is fine. She looks at Mannu and says he seems to be fine. Dadisaa argues with her. She says, I came to take the measurement of Mannu. She shows clothes to Mannu. Mannu looks at her. She asks Mannu to forget them. Ganga gets tears in her eyes. She says, our lawyer will talk to Doctor saheb tomorrow. Ganga looks emotionally at Mannu.

Suhasini comes to the Anand Dham. They ask her about her trip and son. Anandi says, I shall leave now. Suhasini thanks Anandi and says she did so much for me. Anandi says, I will meet you tomorrow. She looks at Suhasini mingling with other housemates.

Arvind returns home with his wife and finds their baggage outside and the door is open. They see Deshmukh’s family doing the Puja. Arvind asks, who opened this house. I will call the police. Deshmukh says, I paid the money. Suhasini sold this flat. You played a joke on your mom and this is her reply. She came back with Anandi and Anoop and sold the flat. Renu says, your mom fulfilled the duty of a mom very good. Deshmukh’s wife says, we came to know what you have done with Suhasini. She taught a good lesson to you. Go now. Arvind says, I will talk to mom. He asks, where is she? Deshmukh says, she is at her new home, Anand Dham.

Anandi tells Shiv about Suhasini donating money to Anand Dham and taught a lesson to his son. Shiv praises her. Saachi brings Amol. Amol gives sandwiches to Anandi. Saachi says, he made the sandwiches. Amol asks about Suhasini. Anandi says, she is very happy now. Amol says, we shall invite them for Buaji’s marriage. He says, they are like me. Anandi says, now we are with you naa. Amol smiles. Shiv says, your family loves you a lot. Anandi eats the sandwiches and praises it. Amol says, Saachi bua guided me.

Basant asks Jagya about Mannu’s health. Jagya says, he is recovering. Basant shows him some papers. Jagya reads it. Dadisaa asks, what is written in this? Basant says, it is notice sent by Ratan’s lawyer. He came to know that Mannu is out of danger now. We have to handover Mannu to Ratan Singh’s family in 2 days else they will file the case against us. Everyone are shocked. Sumitra says, just 2 days! Gehna asks Jagya to do something. Ganga says, let him go. He have to go today or tomorrow. She cries. Dadisaa says, Devimaa saved Mannu and still hopes for a miracle from Devimaa. This is the right time to pray. Dadisaa gets tears in her eyes.

Vivek and Saachi going for shopping for their wedding. Saachi selects the dress for Vivek. Vivek misses his mom. Saachi asks, are you missing your mom. Vivek says, she is not with him when he is getting married. He says, his sister too is away from him. He gets sad. They take the suit. Ganga brings milk for Mannu and looks at him seeing the family pics. She gets emotional and tells him about the family members. She says, you are going to your new Dadisaa. Mannu identifies Kalyani Devi as Dadisaa and refuses to go. Ganga gets tears in her eyes and gets emotional.



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