29th January Tuesday Update On Young Love


29th January Tuesday Update On Young Love

Location: Examination centre and Udaipur haveli
Jagiya waits for ganga at the examination centre. As she comes out excited that her paper went very well, jagiya asks her to compose and they shall go home and discuss the paper. she asks why did he come here for her, she could have gone alone herself. He says that it was in his way only, and he couldnt wait to ask how her exam went. She says that she too couldnt wait to tell him the same. Theyd ecide to party together. Jagiya offers to eat Barf ka gola. Ganga says that kids eat this. He says never to let the innocence and childishness die out, as that keeps a person happy. She hesitatingly tries one with jagiya, while jagiya asks him to be carefree and enjoy it. He asks about her handwriting, and she says that she wrote very neatly. Ganga finds that the essence is dripping away and points it out laughingly to jagiya. He wipes off his hand.

As the phone rings, and jagiya asks her to put the phoen next to his ear, hearing sanchi on the phone, ganga is a little tensed. Jagiya assures sanchi that her work would be done. He asks if she is studying and researching as well. She says that she tried a lot, but couldnt find asnything. He says that he would try his level best. as he cuts the phone, he says that its very difficult to understand sanchi’s mood swings. She says that one who is liked by the heart, cant be treated harshly. they finish their golas.

In the night, she is happy to find a message from jagdish telling her to check out her project that he has emailed her. While seeing through it, and feeling grateful to jagiya, She remembers their past moments with jagdish. then she remembers how she had confronted anandi and dadiji, last time, and realises that she had overreacted. She says that she shouldnt have done that, and especially not with dadiji, as jagiya’s very close to her. she gets a little tensed. Mahi gets her icecream. sanchi surprisedly asks if this indeed is for her. she eats the icecream, and comments that its shocking. mahi asks her to eat it. She asks him to be happy and sweet like this always. They tease each other.

Location: Udaipur haveli
The next morning, dadaji is overjoyed to find bhairo and dadiji at his door, and welcomes him whole heartedly. He takes dadaji’s blessings and dadiji says that they just felt like paying av isit. after seating them, dadaji goes inside to call the others. dadiji and bhairo are tensed. Bhairo says that it doesnt feel that their is tension in the house. Anandi comes and hugs them, and expresses her surprise at their surprise arrival. Dadiji says that she wanted to see her and was very restless.

As ira comes out oblivious of the fact that dadiji has come, she is startled to see them, who are equally tensed. she comes and curtly greets them amidst visible tension. Dadaji tries to lighten the mood, with a joke, that they shouldnt remain standing. As sanchi comes down, she finds dadiji, and in a bid to get things right with jagiya’s family, she goes and hugs dadiji, startling her and everyone else. she is extremely poilte and courteous to adaiji, and also takes sweets when she offers her. she goes to the college after that. She gives sweets for everyone else too. dadaji again tries to lighten the situation. Dadiji says having accepted her fault, she has come to say sorry. She says that a child’s happiness is the most important to a guardian, and so was her case, due to which she never reaslised that in her care for anandi, she never realised that she was hurting them. Dadaji asks her not to blame herself, as its humane after all to make a mistake, and hence they should let the bygones be bygoners, and move on in life.

She turns to ira and says that of all people, she is the most apologetic to ira, and for that she apologises to ira, with folded hands. Ira says that she is way younger than her, and she doesnt like the idea of her apologising like this. while all are unnerved, ira stands stoical. Ira says that she too is a amother, and can understand how much it hurts, when a m other listens to false fabrications of her own son. She says that she had tried her best to understand her situation and her inetntions, but she thinks that the wounds are way too deep, and it would take some time to heal, and the pain isnt going away. dadiji says that she knows this, and the apology isnt an excuse, but she just wants to clarify that what happened was entirely her fault, and anandi was nowheer to be blamed for this. Bhairo too tries to make ira understand dadisa’s intentions behind doing what she did, also adding that he isnt clarifying for dadisa. He says that he’s sure that anandi has won this much trust that they would know that she didnt know anything about this. Dadisa says that she is ready for any punishment, but not that her granddaughter has to face the ire of her mistake.

ira says that noone is blaming anandi. Alok too asks here not to worry, and that she’s being treated with the same love, faith and scolding that sanchi gets, as she’s their second daughter. Ira too agrees. Bhairo thanks them for this trust. He says that what happened cant be undone, but this is their luck that they got in to a relation with them. He says that he feared that this mistake would cost on their relation, and thanks them for understanding. dadaji says that he too wants to apologize, startling everybody, and then lightens up the mood, saying that he wanted to greet them with a rose, but couldnt. ananadi gives her juice, but dadisa refuses. Dadaji says that once she travels udaipur on foot, she would feel hungry. she says that they would come again to visit udaipur, as the burden of this mistake was weighing her down. she takes leave from them. As they leave, ira too greets her stoically. The screen freezes on ira’s face.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
Sanchi tells jagdish that her project was highly recommended by her college, and informs him about the wondrous proposal that the college has put forth for him, also telling that her college would pay for his stay, and everything and wants him to come and give a discourse on his project. Seeing sanchi unrelenting, jagdish tells that he would come. Sanchi asks him to come tomorrow. Jagsidh tells an anxious sanchi to be patient, as he has to check his schedule, before he can go clear for tomorrow. Sanchi says that she would be patiently waiting for his call.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Ananadi says that for her, dadisa had to apologise. dadisa says that its was her fault, and she had to apologise as she wouldnt have been able to take the burden for long, as she always wishes for her happy, long life. Hugging her, she gives anandi and shiv some money, and shiv asks why is this. Dadisa says that this is her blessing to them, as she has come here the first time. Bhairo says that it doesnt need to be said, but still asks shiv to ktake care of anandi, and if she rarely does something wrong, then….but shiv cancels his statement saying that he has total faith in her. They leave.

Location: Jaitsar hospital
Having come for a checkup, basant and gehna are very scared, but jagiya puts them to rest, by showing them the ultra sound, seeing which they get highly emotional. He asks them to continue the viutamins, and let her do the light work. He says that he has a complaint from basant, who asks if he has done any wrong. jagsdish says that he doesnt only have to take physical care of gehna, but also mental care, as she must be getting very bored and asks him to take her around for sightseeing. Basant breaks into laughter at this joke, and goes with gehna. Jagdish finishes his papers, and tells his doctor that he’s going for some work to udaipur, and that any emergency should be immediately informed to lal Singh. Jagdish gets dadisa’s call, and is extremely tensed, and says that he’s coming right away.

Scene 4:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Dadisa asks gehna to leave, who doesnt want to, as her child is burning with fever. Dadisa tells her to be carefree as they all are here to take care of her child, andf she should concentrate right now on her examination. She says that this study is useless if she cant be with her own child. Dadisa says that she too has handled kids, and can take care of her baby, while she does the exam. Dadisa asks her not to be seen by the kid, as he wont let her go othgerwise. Dadisa promises her that by the time she comes back, mannu will be fine and playing around.

Location: Examination Hall
the examination starts in the centre. Gehna nervously takes her seat and begins her exam. The invigilator reprimands gehna for bringing some papers in the exam,ination hall, and asks if this isnt some kind of forging that she’s doing for the examination. She scaredly denies doing anything like that. The invigilator asks for the chit to be produced. Gehna is very scared. She nervously produces it, and he finds gehna’s child’s photo in the exam hall. they all make fun of her while she tries to give an explanation, but the invigilator doesnt listen. read full updates with pics daily only at He says that she can take it after the exam. Gehna says that this is her strength, and she needs it. the lady invigilator comes and asks for the reason, gehna tells it. The lady agrees and says that she can understand her pain, and gives gehna the photo, telling the other invigilator that he can report against her, if he feels like. Gehna apologizes in her mind, that she had to leave her child in this condition, but this wasneeded, as once she clears her exam, and studies and works, she would be able to give him a better life. She goes on writing the exam.

Location: Jaitsar haveli
All are playing with mannu. Gehna comes home and is overjoyed to find mannu playing with her family. Gehna is very thankful to dadisa for their contribution in getting mannu healthy. Dadisa in turn thanks her for mannu who keeps them so busy and entertained all day. When asked about her exam by jagdish, Ganga says that she doesnt know what she wrote, and only the goddess can save her now. Dadisa asks her to go eat, and feed mannu too, as he hasnt eaten much. Gehna complies. Dadisa commenst that a mother’s heart is unique, that cant focus anywhere else if her child isnt well. Jagdish looks at gehna. He tells dadisa about his udaipur plans tomorrow. Dadisa comments on his change of profession. jagdish tells her everything. Dadisa promises that he would wake him up.

Location: Udaipur haveli
Anandi comes and tells shiv, that ira called on alok’s phone, and told that she has reached safely. shiv says that he too knwos about this. Ananadi asks that ira is still angry at her, and therefore went angrily to her brother’s house, without any prior planning. shiv says that it isnt like that, as she goes there every year, and she shouldnt think like that. Anandi says that she understands that he’s doing this and lying just to keep her from getting hurt, but she knows how hurt she has made her. Shiv says that even if thats so, then this would be a good vacation and she would come back afresh, and having forgotten everything. Anandi asks if this would happen, and shiv assures her that this would definitely happen. The screen freezes on anandi’s face.