29th January Tuesday Update on True Love


29th January Tuesday Update on True Love

Gunwanti and others in the family finding out that Ichha left the house but Gunwanti decides not to call her back as she was wrong .. Pushkar and Divya too finds out that Damini has left the house forever from another servant and hearing this Divya is very much worried and calls up Nani for advice regarding what to tell Jogi when Nani tells Divya to just chill and that they will find out some excuse when Jogi returns back ;

At Bundela house ,Veer gets Ichha’s letter where she wrote to Veer that she is leaving this house forever but she will always wish for his happiness whenever he finds out her or Tappu or anybody’s truth ;Veer reads the entire letter and goes to Umed to cry his heart out .. Umed explains to Veer to go and talk to Ichha and sort out the matter but Veer tells Umed that it was Ichha’s fault and so she needs to take the initiative in this case rather than leaving the house this way on which Umed tries to explain to Veer that Ichha is deeply hurt right now ;Hearing this Veer tells Umed that she lied to him and now she is only deeply hurt ,then what about his emotions ? ;Veer is adamant and takes a decision that he will not go to call her back as she was wrong and she needs to realise it.

Veer in his room remembers Ichha with a sad song in background In the hospital, Nani gives the good news to Tappu by telling her that the biggest thorn in her life ,Ichha ,has gone forever and so now she and her baby can start a new fresh peaceful life with Veer ;Nani further tells Tappu to win Veer’s love and trust now with the help of this baby so that finally she can get her happiness back ..Nani also informs Tappu that Veer is himself coming to the hospital to take her home when Tappu is really excited


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