29th January Tuesday Update On This Is Love


29th January Tuesday Update On This Is Love

Raman and Ruhi discussing the new project over breakfast. Adi thinks Taneja was right, Raman is giving me touch competition, he is working hard, I will also give him competition. Raman asks Adi about his project, tell me if you need help. Adi says its fine. Raman asks Ishita to hurry up. Ishita asks Raman to give paratha to Adi. Adi asks Raman to have it. Raman asks Adi to have it. Ishita cuts the paratha into two halves, and gives them. Raman asks Neelu to give the file to driver, tell him I m coming in 10mins. Taneja calls Adi and says there is a good news, we got a good investor, Raman is giving us competition, keep personal and professional things different, I heard Raman has made a commercial plan. Adi says I will find out. He recalls Raman’s words and says I have to go office. Ishita goes to give Adi’s phone. Driver comes to take car keys. Adi takes the file from him and checks. Ishita comes and sees Adi checking the file. She gives the phone and says if you asked Raman, he would have told you his promotional plan and gave this file to you. Adi says its nothing like that. She says I m your mum, I understand what’s in child’s heart. Driver gets the keys. Ishita asks him to keep Raman’s file safe and sends him. Adi leaves.

Ishita says Raman has stepped back for him, why do children not talk clearly with parents. Aaliya asks her to check the guest lists, invites will come. She asks Ishita what happened, why is she tensed. Ishita says I m thinking of Adi, he is behaving strange, did he tell anything. Aaliya says no, I m sure Adi is nervous for his project launch, I will talk to him. Ishita says I m proud of you, take care of Adi. Aaliya says I learnt a lot from you, you see the changes, I m excited, when Mr. Bhalla knows the surprise, he will be happy.

Roshni tells Appa about his best friend, Mr. Bhalla, he will glad by the birthday party, what will he gift his friend. Appa says he is not my friend, he cheated. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla ask him what happened, why did they fight. Appa says I did not know his truth, he has bribed Goyal to get contract to Sukhdev. Roshni asks did you see him bribing. Appa says no, someone told me. Roshni says you believed someone else, we should meet Goyal and ask him. Appa agrees. Mrs. Bhalla says we should solve this before birthday, he will not be happy cutting cake without you.

Shagun says wow, Papa ji’s birthday, great, you are happy with family. Aaliya says both my families are imp for me. I feel bad when you tell anything bad. Shagun says I wish good for you, things are not good there. Aaliya says no, things are different now, I called to invite you for the party. Shagun asks her to do everything well and not get scolding. Aaliya asks her to promise that she won’t argue or spoil things in the party. Shagun promises her. Aaliya says I m happy, love you. She hopes everything happens well.

Appa asks everyone to see Mr. Bhalla with Goyal, he is bribing Goyal for contract. Mr. Bhalla asks Goyal to say truth. Goyal says you are blaming me to be corrupt, Mr. Bhalla did not give me any bribe, Sukhdev gave me this envelop, check. Mr. Bhalla says its presentation papers, I made Ishita make this for Sukhdev. Appa apologizes. Roshni says I told you not to believe anything wrong. Appa apologizes to Mr. Bhalla. Mr. Bhalla forgives him and hugs. Mrs. Bhalla blesses Roshni for ending their fight. Appa and Mr. Bhalla argue for the contract for their contractors. Roshni asks them can’t they work in partnership, it will be good. They all agree and thank Roshni. Roshni says I solve all problems. They all smile.

Raman comes home and asks Neelu for tea. Ishita asks are you fine, what happened. Raman says there were back to back meetings. Ishita asks him to have a bath, see this invite, its good. She shows invites to everyone. Raman gets upset and asks what’s this, is it necessary to call Shagun. They all discuss about Shagun, making Aaliya against them. Ishita defends Shagun. She asks them to think of Aaliya’s happiness. Ishita helps Aaliya in work and goes. Mrs. Bhalla also fears for calling Shagun. Amma asks what can we do. Mrs. Bhalla sends Neelu. She shows Shagun’s card and tears it. Amma asks what did you do. Mrs. Bhalla says courier guy lost the card, Shagun will not come here. Amma smiles and says I know this is not correct, but someone we have to do this. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita should not know this. Ishita says I will take care of Shagun, what she does in party. Raman says I m worried for Adi, he is annoyed with me. She thinks did Raman know about the file.

Raman saying I m thinking of Adi, I feel he is annoyed with me, he was feeling strange today, he ends discussion when I m around as if I will steal his ideas, my son got away from me. She says you should talk to him. He says he will not answer, I told him to come home early, its Papa’s birthday, he did not come, leave it. He will be busy in work, don’t disturb him. She calls Adi. He does not answer her calls. She keeps trying. Raman says leave it, don’t call, all arrangements are done right. She says I will just go market and come, we will talk to Adi at night. She goes.

Taneja comes to Adi. He introduces the investor Mr. Roy. Adi thanks Roy for financially supporting them. Taneja says we can launch bigger and better product than your Papa. Ishita comes and asks Adi why does he not call back. Adi says I m in imp meeting. Roy asks are you Ishita Bhalla. Adi says yes, she is my mom. Roy says you accused my daughter of drugs and got her arrested. She asks are you Shrishti’s dad. He says yes, you did drama and got her arrested, its good Aaliya’s mum got her bailed out, if you want to do business with me, ask this woman to leave. She asks who are you to tell me, why is he getting personal things in business. Adi asks her to leave. She says open eyes Adi, he said I m wrong and his daughter is right, who deals with drugs, he has no moral ethics, do you think you are doing right. Roy says Taneja got me here, Adi has to decide now. She asks is he doing a favor on you. Roy says she is saying as if Adi is a school boy. She says my son is imp for me as your daughter is imp for you. Roy says okay, lets go. Adi stops him and asks Ishita to leave. Roy says my daughter told me she is your stepmom, why do you let her interfere. Adi says I think we should discuss business. Ishita hears this and cries. She says such a big thing, Adi did not say anything. She goes.

Adi says I will clear one thing, business is imp for me, but not more than my mum. Ishita cries and recalls Adi. Tere dil ka…..plays…. Adi says whatever Ishita did for me, my own mum did not do that, you have no right to call her stepmum, I will not bear anything wrong against her, keep that in mind. Ruhi shows the photos, they will put that on photo cake. Raman says very nice, all photos are good. Raman hears door bell and says maybe its Ishita. Ruhi says its Aaliya. Aaliya and Ruhi tell Mihika about another cake for Mr. Bhalla to cut at 12. Raman asks Neelu for Ishita. Ruhi says she has come. Raman goes to Ishita. He asks where were you, what happened. She cries. He hugs her. He says what happened, talk to me.

Appa calls out Amma. He shows the surprise to Amma, Roshni and Bala. He says its a birthday gift for Mr. Bhalla. They like the photo collage. Appa says these are our old memories, from Ishu’s marriage to Adi’s marriage. Amma says superb, I will show this to Ishu. Appa says no, its a surprise for Mr. Bhalla. Amma says he went for movie. Roshni says I will come along.

Raman says how can Adi hear everything well, he has to answer today. Aaliya says maybe Adi answered the man after Ishita left. Raman asks what do you mean, Ishita is lying. Raman asks him not to drag the matter. He says I can’t hear anything against you, Aaliya won’t say in between. Adi comes and asks how are you talking to Aaliya like this, she is my wife, you always shout on her. Raman says when someone misbehaved with my wife, who is your mum too, how did you hear that, did you get sold to them. Adi says I have told him what I had to, why are you double faced, when there is any problem, you call Ishi maa stepmum, today you are not able to hear this. Amma and Roshni look on. Amma asks what are you saying Adi. Adi says people changed. Raman scolds him.

Adi says I did not know Taneja will get Roy to office, I met him for the first time, if he is agreeing to my terms, what’s the problem. Raman says problem is this business is not yours, you are given this in charity, you are just managing it. Adi says I don’t want charity, I will start my own business, I m capable, I don’t need your business. Ishita asks Adi is he mad, is he talking of leaving Raman. Adi says you told incomplete matter, so this happened, if you heard everything, this would have not happened. Raman shouts enough. Aaliya says enough, like you can’t hear against Ishita, I can’t hear against Adi. They go. Raman asks Ishita not to cry for Adi.

Ruhi cries. Roshni asks her what happened. Ruhi says don’t know why is Adi fighting with Papa, for whom, we had no wrong intention. Roshni says two utensils clash, every house has fights, see the time, its going to be 12, you and Aaliya planned a lot for Mr. Bhalla, sometimes fight is good, anger comes out by it. Ruhi asks will everything get fine. Roshni says yes, they can’t be angry for long. Ruhi says we should cancel the cake cutting. Roshni says we can bring everyone together, I will get the cake. She asks Ruhi to get her smile. Ruhi smiles.

Aaliya says I m feeling bad to talk to Raman rudely, don’t tell anyone that I called you. Shagun says relax, I came out of my room, you did not do wrong, you are doing right to support your husband, I will talk to Ishita. Aaliya says no, she should not feel I m complaining you. Shagun says fine, I did not get party invite. Aaliya says Ishita has sent it, I will check, don’t worry.

Raman says I thought I m Adi’s friend, I m wrong, they don’t regard us parents. Ishita says its high time we leave them to themselves, we can’t give them directions. He says it means we don’t stop them from doing mistakes. Ruhi comes there. She asks them to come for cake cutting. Raman says you go, Papa will understand there is something. Ruhi asks him to come, forget it. Ishita says call Aaliya and Adi too. Raman says no, Adi may misbehave, he will come on own if he wants, no need to give invitation.