29th August Thursday Update on This is Love

29th August Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Roshni saying I need some time to think, they both want good for my child, I m confused. The judge says you may tell your decision tomorrow, until then the court is adjourned. Everyone discusses about Roshni’s decision. Mr. Bhalla says everything will be fine, don’t think much. Raman sees them sad and goes to Ishita’s house. He says I know you won’t let me talk to Roshni, but I have to meet her. She says its Roshni’s decision, I won’t stop her from deciding or meeting anyone.

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Raman comes to Roshni and says I came to request, don’t take any emotional decision, I may sound selfish, but I m not wishing to separate mum and child, I m thinking practical, you won’t get respect in that house, Aaliya is our bahu, the fact is this is Adi’s child, I know how it feels when children are separated from parents, I got divorced and my children were not with me, when they deprived of love, their lives get ruined, you can start your life afresh in London, we all will love the child, my son left, happiness disappeared with his loss, no one smiles there, this is our last chance to return our happiness, I promised mummy ji, she will break down, please I fold hands.

Roshni says please…. I know I have hurt everyone a lot, I want to make a decision which brings a smile on everyone’s face, I want some time to think, try to understand. Raman says fine, take care. He goes. Ishita looks on and cries. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. Ishita comes to Roshni and says I shouldn’t say anything to you right now, but I m a mum, I can’t help but advice you, I think you should listen to Raman. Roshni says you have done so much to keep me and baby with you, you are asking me to give the baby to Bhallas.

Ishita says I stay away from Raman, I fight with him, but I can’t see him shatter, Adi’s death has made him very weak, I have made him weak, I wanted this baby’s custody so that I can keep him safe and love him, I wanted to care for him, but the baby will be happier in a big loving family, he will get everything he needs, I m trying to separate the baby from Bhallas as I snatched Adi, who am I to decide this, I can’t be selfish, I don’t know what I m doing, this baby deserves a better life, you are a very nice person, I know if you go to them and stay, you will make a place in their heart, they will understand you, they will never separate you and your baby, I know they are really good from heart, they can never hurt anyone, that’s it, so you and your baby should be with them. Roshni asks will you be able to live without us. Ishita says yes, I will. She cries and goes. Roshni cries and says what sort of love is this, they are standing against and can’t see each other in pain, what shall I do now.

Mrs. Bhalla says I would have been fine if Adi’s child came home. Raman says don’t lose so soon, I won’t go court without you. Ruhi and Mr. Bhalla ask them to be positive. They leave for court. Ishita says I m ready, its a big day for you, come. She feeds curd to Roshni. She says I have packed your bag, I think you will say yes today. Roshni asks why are you doing this. Ishita says don’t ask me, I want this baby to be called legitimate, I want him to get love, believe me, I want your betterment, stop thinking about me, take a well thought decision. The court hearing begins. Roshni goes to witness box. Ishita hopes Roshni accepts Raman’s offer. Roshni says this is tough decision for me, I want my baby to get a legitimate name, why shall this child get punished for Adi and my mistake, I want this child to get the family love and financial security, I have decided that this child will stay in Bhalla house. Raman and everyone smile.

Judge says fine, the court decides…. Roshni says wait, I have a condition, you told me yesterday that Raman and Ishita love this child a lot, they are fighting for custody, I want the child to be loved by both of them, I have created a rift between them, everyone has been hurt, I want everyone to stay together lovingly, they will love the child a lot, its their Adi, he will complete their family, I m ready to give my child to Bhallas on one condition, if they accept Ishita in their family again. They get shocked. Ruhi smiles. Roshni says I got a chance to get them together, I want my baby to get love and values from them, if they agree, I will stay with Bhallas, else I will go away somewhere with my child. Judge says I m impressed with your decision, now the decision is in Raman and Ishita’s hands, they are still married, they are separated by just some tragedy, they are getting a chance to rectify mistakes, court will resume after the break, they can tell their decision, the court is adjourned. Ishita sees Roshni.

Raman and Ishita have a talk. He says you are a cunning lady, you taught this to Roshni, this is only way to enter Bhalla house. She asks you think I will use Roshni and her child. He says you miss me and family, you should have thought of some other way. They argue. She says I won’t compromise, I will tell this to judge. He says I m doing this for Adi’s child, I m compelled. She says I have no compulsion. He says you got selfish, you don’t want to stay with me, you will lose the child, we have to do this to get the child. She agrees. He says good, don’t forget that I have not forgiven you. She says I m not keen to get closer to you. He says you won’t come back in my life, don’t think. She says I don’t want to. Mr. Bhalla sees them and smiles. He says they are first parents and then husband and wife, their love for children keeps them together. Ruhi says I pray that they say this to the judge and make everything fine. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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