29 October Wednesday Update on Young Love

29 October Wednesday Update on Young Love

Shiv coming home angrily and asks Anandi about Subhadra. He says, their doubt was cleared. Subhadra was giving her drugs. Anandi stops him saying she is worried about Daddu. What will happen to everyone if they come to know the truth. Shiv says, she played with your life. Anandi says, we will talk to her tomorrow. We won’t tell anyone about it. I feel we have to catch her red handed so that she can’t get a chance to make an excuse. Shiv asks, how it will happen. Anandi starts thinking. She recalls feeding the laddoo to Subhadra and she reacted weirdly. She tells Shiv about it.

Saachi gives the presentation to her boss. He says, it is impressive. He says, you will take this company to new heights. Saachi thanks him. He asks her to convince the international client with her presentation and asks her to go to Mumbai. Saachi says she is ready.

Dadisaa decorates Ganesha ji with the jewellery. Nandu smilingly looks on. Nandu asks what to do next. Dadisaa says, we will do the puja and says we shall help Gehna in flower making. Nandu brings Jagya’s Tab and shows it to Dadisaa. He plays a bhagan for Gehna. Gehna starts singing it. Jagya comes home and gets happy. Ganga too smiles. Gehna realizes and gets sad. Everyone go near her. Jagya praises her bhagan singing. He asks Dadisaa to sit. Mannu comes running to Jagya. Jagya gives the uniform, bag, books, compass etc to Dadisaa. Dadisaa sees it and gets happy. Mannu says, he also wants to go to school. Jagya says, yes sure. Nandu says you brought good bag for Dadisaa and simple one for me. He gives instructions to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks Gehna about the flower mala. She goes to do the puja.

Saachi comes to her room. Vivek asks, don’t you have any work to do. Saachi says no. She tells him that Mr. Mittal wants to send her to Mumbai to convince a client with her presentation. She says, shall I go or requests him to give some time to me. Vivek tells her that decision is taken already. He asks her to go ahead. He asks her to go to Mumbai and prove herself. Saachi smiles and agrees. She thanks him. He hugs her happily.

Subhadra comes to Daddu and gives him prasad, then to everyone. She comes to Anandi and gives the prasad saying you are my favourite. Anandi gets up and says I will make you eat with my hand and asks her to eat the prasad. Subhadra eats it and goes to her room. Anandi and Shiv follow her. Subhadra goes to the washroom and vomits the prasad. She thinks thank God, I vomitted it. She sees Shiv and Anandi there.

Shiv asks, what would have happen today? Subhadra gets shocked. He asks her. Subhadra says nothing. Shiv says, you vomitted the prasad. Subhadra says, she rememebered to have been fasting. Shiv tells her about drugs. Shiv accuses her for mixing drugs in Anandi’s prasad. Subhadra says, how can it be happen? From where will I bring it. May be report is wrong. She tells them that she mixed Kolarist basam in her prasad. Anandi asks, why? Shiv asks her to confess her crime infront of everyone especially Daddu. Subhadra cries and pleads to Shiv saying she wants Anandi to become pregnant. She says, you have Amol, but own blood is own blood only. Daddu wishes to see your own child. Ira wants to see your baby. She lies to them. Shiv says, we all know that how much you loves Anandi. You risked her life.

Shiv scolding Subhadra for mixing drugs in Anandi’s prasad. He says, he won’t agree to her sayings. Subhadra starts acting and tells him that initially she didn’t like Anandi but then started liking her. She says, she wished to see their child. Shiv asks, why did you concerned about us. Subhadra says, she met Dayanand vaid who gave her Kolarist Basam to get Anandi pregnant. Shiv scolds her. Subhadra says, she did it for her betterment, to make her mum. Subhadra cries.

Anandi says, you should have told me. Wny you gave me the basam secretly. Subhadra says, she was scared. I thought you will refuse to take the basam. Shiv says, we will decide when to start a family. Who are you to interfere in our personal life? Anandi stops him. Anandi tells her that they have decided not to have children until Amol stands on his feet. Amol needs our love and care. You know this. Subhadra says I know this. I was blinded to see my brother happy.



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