29 October Tuesday Update on Young Love

29 October Tuesday Update on Young Love

Dadisaa recalling a person asking her to do the justice regarding the refund of fees. She thinks of jagya’s words that she did a mistake by taking out venom from Gehna’s leg. She recalls Anandi asking her to attend the school. Then recalls Gehna’s words. She thinks she did a mistake by not completing her education.

Daddu tells Anandi, will Shiv bring the reports? Anandi says yes. Ira says, I am sure that nothing will be detected in the grains. Anandi says, even can’t be detected in the samosas. Shiv comes home and tells them that they didn’t find anything in house grain and samosa. Anoop says, then how could cocaine get in her blood then. Daddu says, today her behavior is normal. Meenu wonders what anandi is eating unknowingly. shiv says, they will take Narcoanalyst help. Anandi says, when we have to go. Shiv says now.

Dadisaa comes to Jagya and Ganga. She looks at Nandu’s book. Jagya asks, are you searching something. Dadisaa asks him the procedure to get admission in school. Jagya asks, who needs the admission. Dadisaa says, she wants to get admitted in school. Nandu gets shocked and so is Jagya and Ganga. Dadisaa says, she wants to study further and will complete 10th class. Jagya asks, how did you get this idea. She tells him about the man asking her to help him. She says, she can help everyone by educating herself. I have decided to give 10th class test and will pass too. Nandu gets excited. jagya says he will talk to the principal.,

Shiv and Anandi come to Narcoanalyst doctor. She says, she is consuming coccaine since many days. She asks her to remember what she is eating. Anandi says, she had just outside samosas. Doctor asks her to make list to get the source of cocaine. She prescribes some medicines for her.

Nandu makes Bhairavi eat food. Gehna gets touched by his gesture. nandu says, he will feed his sister. Gehna says, she is done with all the work and says she will make him eat with her hands. Nandu asks her to eat.

Saachi is working and asks him to sleep. Vivek says, he can’t get sleep without her. She says, you are now a husband of a working woman and says she is working on her presentation. Vivek says ok and go to sleep. Saachi feels sleepy while working. Vivek gets up.

Gehna comes to her room and sees the kids sleeping. She makes them sleep properly and blesses Nandu. She looks at her husband’s photo and gets emotional.

vivek brings coffee for her. Saachi thanks him and calls herself lucky. Anandi gets uncomfortable while sleeping and wakes up. Shiv wakes up and asks what happened. Anandi says, she is getting restless. Shiv gives her water. Shiv says, it is reverse symptoms and asks her to relax. He calms her down. Anandi says, something is happening to her and hugs Shiv. She cries. Shiv says, he is with her and asks her to relax. He makes her sleep on his shoulder.

next morning Anandi wakes up and sees Shiv. She says sorry. Shiv says, I am happy that you slept well. Don’t panic and be relax. He asks her to smile to relieve her tiredness. Anandi smiles and hugs her. Shiv says, she will bring tea. Anandi insists to make tea. Shiv agrees.

Subhadra thinking she didn’t ask Anandi about the test results. No one told her anything about the test results. She thinks she can give prasad to Anandi again and thanks the Lord. She comes to Anandi’s room with laddoo in her hand and calls Anandi. Anandi comes out from bathroom and asks what? Subhadra says, she brought prasad for her and keeps it on the table. Anandi says, she will eat it. Anandi goes to bathroom again.

Jagya tells Dadisaa that you have to get admitted in Nandu’s school to complete her 10th class. Dadisaa says, she will learn in house. Jagya says, we don’t know today’s syllabus that’s why you are needed to go to school. We will help you with home work. I even talked to Nandu’s principal. He called us for an interview. Dadisaa is surprised. Jagya says, you have to come for an interview. Dadisaa gets tensed.

Anandi comes out of the bathroom and wipes her face. She thinks Badi Buaji never forgets to give her prasad. She even gave this prasad when I went to Jaitsar. She is about to eat it and thinks of Doctor’s words that she has to keep an eye on the food items she takes. Anandi thinks she eats this prasad daily inaddition to home made food. She doubts on Subhadra and gets shocked. She thinks she might be wrong. She thinks to get the prasad tested in lab.



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