29 November Thursday Update on True Love

Ichha stopping Mr. Rathod who is still in disguise of a paint worker; Tappu is scared now ; Ichha has no idea who is that guy since he is standing with his back against Ichha ; So then Ichha just returns the mobile to him which had fallen down on the floor and with this Mr. Rathod quickly leaves from there before Ichha could recognize him; Ichha gets a doubt on that guy because of the way he left from there with his head down ;Tappu goes inside her room to keep all that shagun which Mr. Rathod gave her but in nervousness, all the shagun falls down from her hand and so Ichha questions her who gave her all that shagun on which Tappu doesn’t reply when Ichha asks Tappu whether that paint guy gave her all the shagun and whether that paint guy only is the father of her child ;Hearing this Tappu shouts at Ichha and tells her to mind her language ;

Tappu further tells Ichha that this shagun is given to her by some of Daddaji’s friends who came for holi ;Tappu then tries to make the moment light by telling Ichha that whats wrong with her and why is she behaving in such weird manner for last few days ;After this Tappu leaves from there and Ichha looks confused Mr. Rathod comes out of the Bundela mansion and tells to himself that “After such a long time, I have found a motive to live my life again..I m ready to give up all my bad habits just for my baby…I will live a happy and positive life with my baby now” .. Meanwhile Tappu is looking in complete mess and is clueless about what to do with both

Mr. Rathod and Ichha ;She is completely frustrated ,worried and scared now… Ichha in her room is thinking about Tappu when Veer comes from behind and grabs her in his arm and asks her what is she thinking; Veer then tells Ichha that he is happy today for two things..one is he played holi with her and second is Tappu for the first time did the right thing by giving the shagun ka importance to her ;Veer also tells Ichha that finally Tappu understood that there is none who holds importance in his life as much as Ichha ;Ichha is happy to hear this and they both hug each other …

At Jogi’s house, Pushkar’s wife comes to the ktichen and tells Damini that from today onwards she will b taking food to Jogi’s room and will also take care of Jogi ;Hearing this Damini sarcastically tells Pushkar’s wife that she very well knows how good she takes care of Jogi ;Hearing this Pushkar enters the ktichen and taunts Damini about her relationship with Jogi and the way Jogi is even making policy in her name now ;So then Damini too bursts out in anger and tells Pushkar that she stays in this house with her self-respect unlike him who is staying here free of cost without doing any work ;Hearing this Pushkar tells Damini that if she has so much of self-respect, then why can’t she stop herself from going to Jogi’s room and why can’t she allow someone else to take care of Jogi ;So then Damini decides not to go to Jogi’s room anymore and lets Pushkar’s wife take up this responsibility of looking after Jogi So then Pushkar’s wife takes the soup to Jogi’s room;

Jogi is shown coughing badly and asks for Damini when Pushkar’s wife lies to Jogi that Damini had gone to the temple and so she came with this soup; Pushkar’s wife further lies that she only made this soup and asks Jogi how it tastes ; Jogi says its good … In Bundela house, Saanchi continues with her blind act ;She tries to help Chanda with the green vegetables when Kasa Kaka once again sees Saanchi taking out the insects from the green peas and gets a doubt that she is not blind ..

In the ktichen when Ichha tells Kasa Kaka that one of the pickle has become stale because they have not given attention earlier ,that time Kasa Kaka tells Ichha that there r many things happening in this house which should have been given the attention beforehand but they were always ignored ; Ichha then asks Kasa Kaka whats the matter on which Kasa Kaka tells Ichha that he has a doubt that Saanchi is not blind and mayb she along with her brother r playing some dangerous game with them ;CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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