28th November Thursday Update on True Love


28th November Thursday Update on True Love

Vishnu comes inside & is welcomed by Umed Singh & Jogi Thakur. Umed asks him that he doesn’t recognize him. Vishnu says that he has come to meet Iccha. When Umed offers to call her as he is her father-in-law, Vishnu tells him that he has told his servant to go and call her.
Jogi asks Vishnu his name. He says ji….is about to answer but Divya interrupts them. She asks Jogi to call & check with Vishnu (the fake one) how long will he take. Jogi assures her not to worry, he will come. Turns back to speak to Vishnu but she again asks him to call him as everyone is waiting. Both excuse themselves.

Umed Singh sees him standing alone. He asks him to join them in the celebrations. Rohini says, you are Iccha’s guest & offers him soft drinks. Vishnu asks him about which Vishnu they are talking. She tells him that he is the groom…he is a very nice guy. Meethi will be very happy with him. She gives him cold drink & leaves. Vishnu wonders it is a weird coincidence.

Akash calls his mother (face is not shown). He asks for her blessings…he is going to her daughter-in-law’s place for the sangeet ceremony. After all only 2 days are left for marriage…everything is ready right? She says, arrangements have been made since the last 19 years. He agrees saying, now he is only 2 steps away from achieving their goal. She tells him to be careful as the last 2 steps are very dangerous always. There should be no mistakes.
He assures her that this time there will be no mistakes.
She tells him that she is telling from her experience. Everything happens in the last 2 minutes only. Take care. Akash tells him that he only has to take special care of the bird (hinting at Mukta). She says, a bird looks best in the cage. Don’t worry about her for now. They both bid goodbyes to each other.
Akash says to himself, Mukta whom everyone believes to be teacher didi’s Vishnu is the real Vishnu for you also.

Meethi is getting ready & Surabhi helping her. She shares that she feels bad for Vishnu, he must be lonely na. Here everyone is with me….no one is there to help him. Surabhi says, now she is there na….after marriage she will take care of him. Meethi blushes. She asks how she is looking….will Vishnu like it. Surabhi tells her she is looking very beautiful…hope no evil befalls on her. He will be coming soon.

Mukta calls the warden in Satara. She asks her if she gave her no. To the real Vishnu. She gets happy to hear that he is coming here to meet them personally. She thanks the warden & disconnects the phone. She prays to God to send the real Vishnu fast so that she can reveal the truth about Akash to everyone.

Tej spots her. He says, what she is asking for. He has changed himself so that she starts liking him.
She tells him not to waste her time & turns to go.
He says, look at me…I have changed my beard style into the latest one- the salt & pepper style. Don’t I look like a millionaire? Dream girl, say something whether you like it or not.
Mukta is about to respond but Tappu interrupts saying I will tell.
She tells him in this beard he looks like a thief, a morally debased person & a no. 1 loafer.
Both Mukta & Tappu giggle.
Mukku asks him if he is feeling better now. Tappu stops her from saying anything further.
She says, honestly, this beard suits you very much & hides you old age very well.
Mukta smiles broadly. Tappu asks Mukku to come with her.
Tej Singh shouts Tapasya, you will have to pay heavily for this joke.
Tappu retorts, try giving this warning to someone else. Listen Tej Singh, I don’t want any interruption in this marriage. Why don’t you sit somewhere in a corner & have some sweets. Because as soon as the marriage is over you will be going to jail definitely.
He says, tapasya rani, listen to me carefully…I will not go anywhere. I will stay here only & take my revenge from you. You will surely regret it. You wont get away after troubling Tej Singh…do remember that.
Tappu is laughing now. She tells him that she accepts his challenge, pati parmeshwar (darling hubby). Now can I leave…I don’t have time to hear all this nonsense.
She stops & tells him that she will be sending the sweets soon….why you don’t sit in a corner till then. I will send someone soon.
Both leave from there having a hearty laugh.
Tej Singh speaks aloud (to himself) Tapasya, you are laughing on me. It is written in the Quran that that woman who mocks a man will surely get doomed one day. He will never forget this insult. She will definitely hear the echo of this insult…that too in this wedding only.

The servant comes to Veer & informs him that some Vishnu has come to meet Iccha ji.
Veer smiles at him & says he is our son-in-law. Make him sit…I’ll join him soon.
He apologises saying he was on leave from some days & thats why couldn’t recognize him.
Veer says ok.

Rohini is muttering to herself that she has so much work to do.
Vishnu sees her & asks her to be careful or the glasses will spill. She offers to help.
Rohini says yes I am tired…let me eat. She hands over the tray to him & goes to gobble laddoos. Before leaving, she tells him to take it to the bride’s room. Vishnu smiles at her & goes upstairs. Veer crosses him while coming down/
Veer comes downstairs & asks Rohini about Vishnu? She says he hasn’t come yet.
He says then who was Shankar (the servant) referring to.

Tappu & Mukta cant stop themselves from laughing. Tappu asks Mukta not to tell this to anyone. Mukta agrees. She again asks Mukta where she was yesterday. But sensing her discomfort, she tell her that she can tell after Meethi’s marriage.
Tappu asks Mukta to go & speak with Meethi…end all your differences with her.
Mukta is pensive initially but agrees to go.
She speaks to herself – how do I tell you that our bond will soon get stronger as I wont let her fall for the fake Vishnu).
Tappu asks her what she is thinking. Mukta tells her nothing…she will just go and do that.tappu is all happy & says, I’m proud of you beta. Both smile & hug.

Vishnu comes up to them & asks for the bride’s room.
Tappu directs her. After he turns to go, she wonders who this person is.
Mukta call him & asks him to stop. She smiles & goes to him.

She tells him that she will take this tray to the bride’s room & asks him to give it to her.
Vishnu obliges & leaves from there after greeting Tappu.
Mukta tells Tappu that she is going to Meethi’s room. Tappu signals her all ther best & both smile.
Tapasya goes to meet Divya.

Iccha tells Meethi that she is looking very beautiful. Mukta comes to the door. Iccha sees her & calls her inside. She is hesitant but enters. Meethi’s smile disappears. Mukta notices this but then smiles. She offers Meethi chacch who declines saying her nail paint is wet. Iccha encourages Mukku & she says that she is here na..she will make her drink this. Iccha smiles at them while Surabhi is making faces. Mukta compliments Meethi that she is looking gorgeous. Meethi doesn’t reply.

Mukta says that yesterday she dint get her dress because of her…she couldn’t reach on time but asks her to believe her as she dint do it willingly. She only wants her happiness.
Meethi says its ok Mukta.
Iccha is happy & asks Mukta to stay with her sister while she goes & checks downstairs. Mukta asks if she can help. Meethi says no, everything is done.
Surabhi thinks now nobody is going to help you. Time has slipped away from your hands now you wont be able to do anything.

Meethi is coming downstairs. All look up to see her.
Vishnu sees her & says, she looks exactly like Teacher didi….guess its her sangeet.
Tej appears in the background & looks at Mukta. Mai too appears & notices him.
Mai says, who you are looking so carefully at. Hope because of this wedding celebration you are not thinking about marrying again.
He laughs & says, you hate your daughter-in-law so much…& my wife too.
She gets angry & says because of Tappu my son went away from me…there’s no place for me in my own grand daughter’s wedding.
He asks her if she would mind if he does something in between this wedding. Will she join hands with him again?
She says only on one condition….whatever he does should affect Tappu only.
He says that if he hurts the daughter, then the mother will definitely be hurt. He shares that will kidnap Mukta. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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