28th March Wednesday Update on Young Love


The show begins with Ganga (G) leaving her home informing Jagya (J) that she is going to the library to get a book. As she walks on the road, her dupatta gets stuck in a man’s cycle. Just then a passer by comes and helps her get her entangled dupatta off the cycle. The passer by warns the cycle driver to be careful while riding his bike. The passer by looks at G from head to toe. G thanks him and leaves after which he stares at her and has ‘pervertish’ feelings towards her.

He then walks to the neighboring stall where the stall owner addressing him by his name Balchander asks him to mend his ways. Balchander (Bal) tells him to mind his business and not patronize him. Bal inquires about G when he is informed that G is a new student of nursing and that she lives with her son and an old man in the neighboring building. Bal exclaims that the nursing college is his area and wonders how he never saw G before. The stall owner also informs him that a young guy is also visiting her since the past couple of days and hence he should be careful. Bal makes a phone call to get more info about G.

In the next scene J is shown with Mannu where he is shown teaching Mannu to color with crayons. Just then J gets a call on his phone. Its Sachi’s call when she applogizes for her rude behavior on the day of ‘teej’. J tells her that it ok and he doesn’t remember that incident any longer. Sachi tells herself that she will never forget that J ignored her for G. J snaps her out of her thoughts after which Sachi informs him that she is hurt. She narrates the day’s happenings to him. She tells him that she lost so much blood that she almost fainted and was not aware of the happenings there after. She only remembers that Meenu brought her back home. J asks her how she is feeling to which she replies that she is hurt badly but she will recover soon if her Doctor husband pays her a visit. She asks him when he will visit her. J informs her that he will be leaving for Jaitser that evening and ass her how A was. Sachi gets irritated and tells him that nothing is wrong with A. She again asks him when he would meet her as she is missing him a lot. She asks him if he also misses her. J doesn’t reply after which she tells him that she realizes that it will take some time for him to feel that way and that she is waiting for that day to come because he also loves her dearly. Sachi continues to talk when Ira comes to the room and takes the phone from her. She talks to J when he addresses her as aunty. Ira corrects him telling him to call her mummyji since he is going to marry her daughter. J agrees after which Ira asks him when he will visit them. J tells her that he will be leaving for Jaitser that night to which Ira asks him to visit them first before going back to Jaitser. J tells her that he wants to go back home first. Ira replies that even Udaipur is like his home and that they are family to him. She forces him and literally makes a decision for him that he will visit Udaipur first. J is left with no option but agree. Sachi is very excited and tells Ira that she did what Sachi wanted. Ira tells her that she will do anything for her daughter’s happiness.

Ira then calls Sumitra to inform her that J will be visiting them the next day. Sumitra is happy to hear this. Ira then tells her that she want Sachi and J to spend time together as they will be living their life with each other and the more understanding they have with each other the better. She then tells Sumitra that she will also make J understand that he should pay more attend to Sachi now. She assures Sumitra that she will calmly and lovingly make J understand this. Sumitra agrees saying that Ira has a right to do that and that she is sure that J will not disregard her advice. Ira then makes some small talk before disconnecting the call. An excited Sachi wants to inform the family of J’s coming. Ira stops her telling her that she need not inform anyone about it since they may ask why he suddenly decided to visit them after which she would have to give an explanation in the course of which they will get to know of the reason why he was forced to come there. Sachi agrees saying that everyone need not be informed about everything.

Badi Haveli

Sumitra gets tea for Bhairav. seeing an elated Sumitra Bhairav asks her what the matter was. Sumitra tells him that she is happy for J since he got such a wonderful girl like Sachi and a sensible mother-in-law like Ira. Bhairav asks her why she feels this way to which she replies that anyother person in Iras place would have made a big issue after knowing that their son-in-law is so overly concerned about a divorcee lady. Sumi tells him, that they need to keep an eye on J or else the situation will not be manageable every time. Its now their responsiblity to see that J doesn’t do any such irresponsible acts in future. Bhairav doesn’t look happy hearing all this. Seeing this Sumitra asks him what the matter was. He tells her that when the thinking is wrong whatever said related to that thinking will also be wrong. Bhairav tells her that Ira did not make a big issue since she knows that J did only what a mature responsible person should do, but its unfortunate that Sumitra being his mother doesn’t understand J. Sumitra gets agitated saying that Bhairav only finds faults in her these days. He tells her that, Sumitra’s thinking is incorrect or else he is not her enemy to always find faults in her. He tells her that her son has grown up in the true sense but she is loosing her sense and sensibility with time. He tells her that he is now scared to even talk to her to which Sumitra tells him not to talk to her then. Bhairav agrees and fumes out of the room.


G gets back home and Bal closely follows from the other direction on his bike. He halts near the stall owner after which he informs the stall owner about all the information he gather about G including her name, place of origin, the course she is here to study and also that she is a divorcee. The stall owner is surprised at the information that Bal has collected. Bal gloats about his abilities in gathering information and also about targeting such women.

Kesar Bagh

Anandi (A) is searching for Ira when she finds Ira and Sachi in the guest bedroom. Ira is instructing Nathu to clean the room. A inquires if a guest is visiting them. Ira ignores her question and diverts the topic. She tells A that they should all get-together in the hall for tea leaving A confused. CONTINUE READING FROM PAGE 2 BELOW



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