28th March Wednesday Update on This is Love

Bala asking Shitija why did she not sleep, what’s the matter. Shitija says I will just tell Kiran, not you. Raman says we will take care there. The ladies dance and enjoy. Raman and Bala come with Shitija and see the rocking party. Ishita asks them what is their doing here. Raman says Shitija wants to talk to Kiran. Kiran asks Shitija why did she not sleep. Bala says she wanted to talk to you. Raman says else we would have not come here. Kiran asks Shitija what happened. Shitija asks Kiran is my role imp in your marriage, none gave me any responsibility like Shravan and Pihu. Kiran says you are very imp, you have big responsibility, you have to manage the rings, which Bala and I will exchange in court. Kiran shows the rings.

She asks her to get the rings

to court when she comes. Shitija says I will manage well and goes to show Pihu. Ishita and Amma praise Kiran. Raman asks Bala why is he smiling. Mihika asks Raman is he jealous. Raman says you don’t get habitual to parties, this don’t suit you all, stop this. Mihika says they had bachelors party yesterday, they just had juice there. Raman scolds Bala for telling everything to Mihika. Ishita asks what is it. Mihika says they heard Carnatic music and had daal rasam in bachelors party. They all laugh. Ishita says they will party with Mani now. Raman says I got stuck because of Mani. The ladies make fun. Raman says its over, leave it. Ishita sends them out.
Amma talks to Vandu’s pic and says someone else is coming in Bala’s life today, you will be happy with this. Ishita says Vandu will be happy, Kiran can love her children. Ishita shows the dress and asks about jewelry. Amma says I have kept Vandu’s jewelry for Shitija, I will give jewelry to Kiran which I kept for Vandu. Bala says thanks, you did good. Amma goes to make coffee. Bala asks Ishita did she talk to Rishi. Ishita says he said he will send samples. He says Kiran will come today, ask him to hurry up. Mihika shows the saree to Bala. Rishi gets Ishita’s message.

She writes he can go jail if he hides the truth. Ishita says we will see what he replies. Raman comes and asks Amma to make coffee. He asks Bala did he tell everyone he changed his mind, he doesn’t want to marry. They ask what. Bala says yes, don’t get serious, we are joking. He gets a call and asks what, how can we do this in so less time, we will reach. He tells everyone that registrar is not available after lunch, we have to reach there in some time. Raman says it will be done. Ishita says we will make Kiran ready, get everyone there. They get to work.

Raman asks everyone to see time and come fast. Simmi says Aaliya will take time. Shravan gets flowers. Raman jokes on him. Ruhi asks Ananya to get her phone. Mihika says I m going with Ishita and Kiran. Shitija says I have kept rings. Appa and Amma get ready and come. Raman asks Ruhi to come fast.

They all reach the court. Mihika teases Bala. Raman says come. They all meet Kiran. Shitija and Amma compliment her. Raman asks Bala how much will he stare. Ishita gets Rishi’s message and goes out. Raman goes to her and asks what is she doing. She says I will make an imp call and come. Bala and Kiran go in. Appa asks Raman and Ishita to come. She says I will just come and goes. Bala and Kiran sign and get legally married. They exchange the rings. Everyone claps. Raman says strange woman, she has gone out at this time. Bala and Kiran exchange garlands. Shitija feeds them sweets. Everyone smiles.

Everyone comes home. Raman asks Amma what happened. Amma asks where is Ishita, she was not there at marriage time. Raman says I told her its house function. Amma says she didn’t come till now. Raman says how shall I tell her anything, she is Jhansi ki rani. Amma says I m her mum. Raman says then show it, slap her from my side also, you don’t leave her this time, she doesn’t think of you.

Ishita comes to meet Rishi at cafe and says I will not blackmail you, but you have to tell me truth. He says Sujata loved me, and she misunderstood that I want to marry her, I love her, but I didn’t commit anything, she was stubborn and wanted to stay with me, then I got to know she is pregnant. She says if Sujata loved you, why was she with Nikhil. He says poor fellow Nikhil got trapped, he was Pooja’s husband. She asks did they had an affair. He says no, he was like her brother. She says why did he take her for abortion. He says it was Sujata’s plan, he was helpless to support her, he was against abortion. She thinks Nikhil was innocent, he did what Sujata told him to. He says I told you everything, I m warning you, don’t defame me, if there is any trouble in my marriage, I will file case against you. He goes. She thinks Pooja and we all misunderstood Nikhil, he is not a bad man.

Amma getting glad seeing Ishita at home and doing rituals ready. Raman asks her did she forget her anger. Amma asks him not to fill her ears, Ishita is the best daughter and does all her duties, she gave her best upbringing. Raman says you changed side so soon. Ruhi says they have come. Amma does Bala and Kiran’s grahpravesh. Kiran steps in and leaves red foot impressions on the floor. They all get seated. Raman asks Bala why does he look scared. Bala says nothing. Ruhi asks them to get the ring from the milk water. Ishita thinks to tell Ruhi everything once this all ends. Bala and Kiran play the ring finding ceremony.

Amma says Mrs. Bhalla called and said we have to celebrate Navratri well, we have to keep Mata ki chowki. They all agree. Mihika pulls Bala’s

leg and asks him to give money to send them. Bala says you all can sit here, its fine. They all laugh.
Its night, Ishita goes to Ruhi to talk to her. She says its right time to tell her. She sees Ruhi sleeping. She says she maybe tired, I will tell her about Nikhil tomorrow. She goes. Bala comes to room and looks for Kiran. He goes out and sees Kiran in kitchen. He says I would have ordered food. She says no, Shravan has classes in morning, so I made food for him, I will take some time, go and relax. He says I didn’t know his lecture timings changed. She says I know you are a good father, you raised them alone, I m glad to do this, I want to become Shitija and Shravan’s mum first and then your wife, like Ishita did, I don’t want them to call me stepmum. Amma hears this and cries. She says your children got their mum Vandu.

On the First day before Navratri… Ishita looks for the sarees to decide when and what to wear. Raman gives her a gift and asks her to see, its called a saree, young men don’t know romance, ask me, I got a saree for you, see the work, you will look a fairy, its outstanding. She asks how did you do this, you know my choice. He says yes. She says Mani does this for Shagun, you did this, I m super proud of you. He asks her not to take Mani’s name. He sends her to try it. Mihika comes and asks did Ishita like saree, did she know I did shopping. Raman says no, I told her like you told me, she is so innocent. Mihika sees Ishita and goes. Ishita says your wife is very innocent, would you lie to run, I will see Mihika later, are you not ashamed. He jokes and says this is called love, saree is good, let’s see how you look. He makes her try the saree and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..CONTINUE READING FROM PAGE 2 BELOW



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