28th March Thursday Update on Young Love

28th March Thursday Update on Young Love

At KB Hall, Anandi gave jagiya juice. Jagiya thanked him n said she knew him so nicely, he just thought of the juice n she gave him. He asked to sit ther if she has time. Anandi sat n asked about ganga. Jgaiya said abt her study. Anandi gave all credits to J for ganag’s progress. J said he thinks he shud haven’t let go her mangalore alone like this. Anandi said that day was his engagement, he cant do more. While their convo when anandi asking abt something is not that understandable. At that time saanchi came n interrupted. When she asked, jagiya- anandi diverted the talk on the excuses of DS. Both saanchi n J left.

At the mandi, basant-bhairon’s work place, bhiaron was upset due to sumitra’s behavior. basant noticed it. Munim jee came n got some paper signed by them. Basant noticed some mistakes on bhairon’s check. Bhairon changed it n scolded the munim jee. basant said he knew he is upset due to sumitra n asked him to give her some time.

AT a restaurant of Udaipur, jagiya saanchi came. Saanchi dragged her chair so close to J. he is uncomfy. Saanchi show her hand made card. J was till uncomfy. By mistake the waiter put some wanter of her card. Saanchi shouted at him badly. J shocked. The manager came there for apology. Jagiya managed to cool down the situation. Saanchi was angry n said she wont com here again. J tried to make her understand n suddenly got ganga’s fb when they at a restaurant at Mangalore with ganga. Saanchi asked him if he was thinking about someone else. But he cant as his all the times are hers now. J gave an awkward smile.

Jagiya saanchi are walking n saanchi was all romantic n j awkward. Suddenly she confessed her love in a dramatic way. Jagiya stunned. She asked him near her. Jagiay wanted to go home. Saanchi forced him but jagiya managed to take her to home. Both reached KB. When jagiya was abt to go his room, Saanchi held his hand n asked him to sit in the hall for some time. Jagiya said he was tired n wanted to sleep. Saanchi agreed. Jagiya left from there without looking back, saanchi was bit upset.

At badi haveli, basant n gehena had some sweet time with the baby. Basant told gehena how bhairon was tensed due to sumi. Gehena felt bad.

At KB. Jagiya was in deep thought thinking abt saanchi’s behavior . At that time saanchi came n gave him her handmade card. She asked him keep it near him always n by seeing that he will miss her. Jagiya took that n abt to close the door but saanchi stopped. Saanchi said he is not looking sleepy. But jagiya asked her to sleep. She left finally.

Sanchi comes to Jagya and says, you forgot something.. I came to give you that. She gives him the card and says, it’s not something that you forget.. I want you to give it lots of importance..always keep it with you.. near your heart and miss me by looking at it. Jagya takes it and is then closing door, but Sanchi blocks and says, I can’t see sleep in your eyes at all. Jagya says, I am very sleepy.. let me sleep and you go and sleep as well. Sanchi says, okay.. good night. Jagya too says, good night. Sanchi finally leaves. Jagya runs in and puts the card on the bed. He sits down and recalls Ira’s words, and then Sanchi’s behavior. He says, she is so childish.. how will I spend my entire life with her? He comes on the terrace. He looks at the moon. Other side, Ganga too is looking at the moon and remembering Jagya. Shiv and Anandi come there. Shiv is being naughty. Anandi asks him to let her go. Shiv doesn’t let her go. Anandi says, everyone is sleeping. Shiv says, that means there is no chance for anyone coming here. Anandi asks him to let her go. Shiv says, I will, but fulfill your promise first. Jagya hears their conversation and coughs. Shiv leaves Anandi right away and is shocked to see Jagya there. They come to Jagya. Shiv says, you here? Jagya says, I couldn’t sleep so thought to come in fresh air. He apologizes him. Shiv says, oh please.. it’s absolutely alright.. and then asks how his dinner was. Jagya says, nice.. food was very good. Shiv says, yes.. but house food is just different. Shiv’s phone rings and someone asks him for a file. Shiv goes to his room. Jagya looks at Anandi.

Sanchi is looking in the mirror and praising herself as the most beautiful girl. She says, I know that, but I will be happy when Jagdish says it. He never says anything. Maybe he feels awkward. We are engaged, but he still behaves like I am an outsider. How can I get rid off invisible wall that’s between us? She opens the gift that Jagya gave her, and puts saree on herself. She says, yes.. get ready.. I am coming to shock you Jagdish.

Anandi asks Jagya about Sumi. Jagya says, she is fine, but.. Anandi says, but what? Jagya says, nothing. Anandi says, you’re hiding something from me, right? Tell me. Jagya says, she is fine.. but as soon as she hears Ganga’s name, she gets angry.. starts crying.. starts shouting. Don’t know what has happened to her. Anandi says, you only have answer of this question. You need to ask yourself why maa’s behaviour changed towards Ganga. Jagya says, meaning? I didn’t get it. Anandi says, you’re ignoring everyone’s feelings just to support Ganga. You don’t care about anyone.. not even Sanchi who is going to be part of life. Why Jagya? There must be a reason.. which only you can tell. You went to find Ganga and then without telling family, you kept her in the hospital. It’s straight forward that issues were going to come when they find out the truth.. issues wouldn’t come if you had told them before hand. On your engagement day too. If you wanted to go, then you could have told someone. I was there, you could tell me, but no. Change hasn’t come in maa only.. you’re changed too. The truth is, you wanted to postpone your engagement just because you wanted to go with Ganga. That is the reason maa is angry and upset with you. You’re doing so much for Ganga.. you allowed her to stay in your house.. now helping her start her new life.. that’s good thing, but by making your family upset? Won’t maa feel bad then? Won’t she think what is your relationship with Ganga. Say it Jagya.. when, how, and why Ganga became so important for you? That you don’t care about anyone else beside her. You want to do everything and anything for her, but you’re forgetting that you have other responsibilities too. You agreed to marry Sanchi. I want you to help Ganga, but it’s your responsibility as well to take care of your new relationship. Sanchi is trying her best and if she needs your support, then I can’t blame her. Like any girl, she has seen many dreams too which are connected with you. If she wants your love, time, then that’s her right.. you can’t take away her right from her.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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