28th March Thursday Update on This is Love

28th March Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with a scene on first Navratri night. Amma goes and prays. She says what was this day, we didn’t know in morning that the day will end this way, save my Ishu. Ishita says I m also stubborn, my daughter will stay here, she won’t go anywhere. Raman asks her to decide, either him or Ruhi. Ishita thinks I can’t believe I m in such a problem, just because I m a woman, a wife, a mum, I didn’t think my present will be this. One day before, Ruhi argues with Ishita. Adi asks Ruhi to stop it. Ruhi asks him why does he feel she is rude, when he used to behave same way. He says I don’t want you to repeat my mistake. Adi and Ruhi argue. Romi stops Adi. Ruhi says I m fed up now. Adi says I can’t hear you talking to Ishita like this. Romi sends Adi. He goes after Ruhi to

talk. Ishita worries.
She goes to Raman and asks what was this, you lose temper in anger and you don’t listen to anything. He says I m protecting my child. Ishita says Ruhi will get away from you. Romi jokes and tells about Raman and Ishita. He explains her that they all have seen this time and love phase, other people will need time to understand her. She says Raman has set his mind, he hates Nikhil. Ishita asks Raman not to become judge and not force decisions. Raman says my daughter has a bright future, and Nikhil is not her future. Ishita says its about love, not career. He says its not her age to love, she has to listen to me. She says no father can force decisions on his daughter.

Romi asks Ruhi to understand, its festive time, Navratri is starting tomorrow. Ruhi says I will not spoil any function. Romi hugs her. Its morning, Ishita asks Aaliya to light akhand jyot. She says someone has to be at home all nine days and have to keep the diya lighting. Mr. Bhalla asks about Raman. Ishita says Raman will come on own. Everyone does the aarti. Raman joins them. Ishita gives prasad to everyone. She sees Ruhi and gives her prasad. Ruhi says so sorry, Raman is behaving badly with you. Ishita says don’t feel guilty, I will talk to him after Mata ki chowki. Romi tells about some delay in getting things because of rains. Raman says weather will get fine till evening. Ishita gets the clothes and gifts everyone. Mr. Bhalla says you did your Saas’ duty today. Ishita says its red clothes for everyone. Raman gets angry and goes. Ishita asks Neelu to keep clothes for Raman in his room, he will wear it if he wants to.

Its night, everyone gather for Mata ki chowki. The man asks Amma to get more chunris. Ruhi says I will go and get it. Adi says I will go. Ruhii says both boys and girls can do any work, I will go and get it. Ishita asks Ruhi where is she going. Ruhi says I m going to get chunris, why did you not wear the saree Raman gifted. Ishita says it got torn, that’s why. Ruhi says Raman will get annoyed. Raman sees Ishita and says she has not worn my gifted saree, I will not give her saree from now on. He asks Adi where did Ruhi go. Adi says she has gone to get chunris, I told her I will go, but she didn’t agree. Raman asks him not to take tension. Ishita thinks he would be feeling bad, shall I tell him why I didn’t wear his gifted saree, he stays angry, he also didn’t wear my gifted kurta.

Ruhi says shop is closed, Adi will taunt me if I say I didn’t get chunris. Ishita says we will start aarti in some time. Adi says I told you I will get it. Ishita asks him not to get angry. Raman taunts her. He asks Romi where is Ruhi, find out, call her. Romi says I will see. Ruhi drives to other shop. Pandit says its time to start mata ki chowki, call everyone. Ishita asks Aaliya to call everyone for puja. She says Ruhi is on the way. They all sing bhajans and sit praying. Ruhi buys some chunris from another shop. She goes to her car and it doesn’t start. Nikhil meets her. They hug. He asks why is your phone off. She says my car also broke down, I told you I m going to get chunris, everyone would be in tension. He asks her to lock the car and come on his bike. She recalls Raman’s words. He says you have to sit in puja right, wear this jacket. He takes her. They leave on his bike. Romi comes there and looks for Ruhi. Romi talks to Raman on phone and says shop is closed, I will look for Ruhi. Ishita and Raman try to call Ruhi. Romi comes and signs no. Raman calls out Adi and asks him to come along to find Ruhi. Adi says don’t worry, I will go.

Adi and Romi go. They see Ruhi coming with Nikhil in his bike. Nikhil asks Ruhi to go home. They hug. Adi asks Romi to see Ruhi. Ruhi and Nikhil say I love you to each other. Adi asks what… you lied and went to meet him. The man tells about mata ki chowki ending. Pandit gives prasad to everyone. Romi and Adi go to Ruhi and Nikhil. Adi says you had to do all this. Ruhi says you are misunderstanding. Nikhil tries to say. Ruhi argues with Adi. Romi asks them to go inside and talk. Adi says Ruhi has lied and came here, it was her plan. Romi says Adi take Ruhi inside, I have to talk to Nikhil. He asks Nikhil to leave, its their family matter. Nikhil says but listen to her, her car broke down, she is not lying. He pushes Romi and says sorry, it happened by mistake. Romi says I m saying by love, leave. Adi pushes Nikhil. Romi and Adi beat up Nikhil. Ruhi tries to stop them. She gets in between and slaps Romi. Adi and Romi get shocked.

Raman says Ruhi didn’t come till now, where did she go. The man says mata ki chowki went well. Ishita asks Raman to control in front of people. Raman says why did you not stop Ruhi. Ishita says don’t fight, I m also worried for her. He says if anything happens, I will hold you responsible. Ruhi comes. Ishita asks where were you. Ruhi says I will tell later. Adi asks why later, tell her now. Romi stops Adi and says we will talk later. Adi says no, they have given her much freedom. Ruhi says fine, create a scene in front of everyone. Raman says enough, did you had a fight with anyone. Adi says yes, Ruhi was with Nikhil. They get shocked.

Adi telling Raman that Ruhi has slapped Romi. Raman gets angry. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to create a drama here and come home. Appa and Amma try to manage. The man says they keep Mata ki chowki and act Sanskari, see how their son has beaten a guy, Ruhi has slapped her uncle, I think we should call police. Kiran says you are right, call police, just they will get defamed, why are everyone against them. She says everyone is society’s children. The lady tells the man to let Bhallas solve the matter.

Ruhi says I have raised hand my mistake. Raman asks her to show him how did she slap Romi, who regards her more than a daughter. Ruhi says Nikhil came there when my car broke down, he was helping me. Adi says how did he come to same place where you went to get

chunris. Ruhi says Adi and Romi were badly beating Nikhil, I have raised hand by mistake. Raman says then you can slap me also for Nikhil. Ruhi says how could I stay quiet, Adi stay out of this matter, I know I didn’t do any mistake, I m not sorry, how much shall I hide my feelings, I don’t care of anything. Ishita asks her not to drag matter, say sorry and end it. Raman says you have encouraged her to have relation with Nikhil. Ishita says if child does right, child is yours, else mine. They argue. Adi asks Ruhi did she get happy seeing this.
Ruhi cries and argues. Ishita says I want to talk to my husband, be quiet. She asks Raman how can he make anyone his enemy if person doesn’t listen to him, he wants to make Ruhi a puppet. She says our children can’t tell us truth, as you can’t bear truth. Raman says this is my house and my children will be as I want, if she wants to ruin her life, then get out of my house. Mr. Bhalla and Romi stop Raman. Romi says I will explain her. He asks Ruhi will she listen to him. Amma says stop it, we will discuss tomorrow, Ruhi will apologize. She asks Ruhi to say she will never meet Nikhil. Ruhi asks why won’t I meet him, what wrong did we do, I didn’t lie, Papa doesn’t trust me, I told I didn’t go to meet Nikhil, he met by chance, my hand has hit Romi, I didn’t slap him, I have made my mind, Nikhl is not a bad person, why shall I not meet him, Papa is wrong, he is my enemy. Raman says listen to me, I m not your enemy, I m protective about you. She says I will go and meet Nikhil. Raman slaps her. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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