28th January Monday Update On Young Love


28th January Monday Update On Young Love

Anandi is tensed recalling Sanchi’s harsh words and recent events that took place. She gets a call from Sumitra. Sumitra asks her if everything is fine there. Anandi says, everything is fine here. Sumitra says, did Sanchi tell everyone about Urmidevi? And again asks if everything is fine. Anandi says, don’t worry about me.. everything is fine. Nothing like that happened. I had told you, Shiv and his family are very good people here. Sumitra is relieved. Anandi tells her to tell Dadisa about this as well as she must be blaming herself for this.

After the call, Anandi turns back and finds Meenu behind her. Meenu catches her lie and says, Sumitra couldn’t see your face so she believed you. I seen your face.. when person lies for the first time, her face is not like the usual one. Anandi says, I don’t know how will I face myself in the mirror.. but I had to lie for everyone’s good. Meenu is proud of Anandi.

Sanchi is looking at Jagya’s photo. She says, I felt bad for what happened yesterday, but at the same time, it felt good because you won’t have to get married to Urmidevi’s daughter. She was not for you .. you’re so cute, sensitive. She then wonders why she is acting like this. She calls Jagya now. Jagya hopes everything is fine with Anandi. He picks up and asks her if everything is fine. Sanchi apologizes him for leaving like that. Jagya says, you don’t need to apologize.. I should apologize to you. you had to leave suddenly because of events that took place.

Sanchi also apologizes for her behaviour with his family, especially Dadisa. Jagya says, I understand.. even I got angry when Urmidevi insulted Dadisa… but what could we do. Truth from past came out all of a sudden. Sannchi then says, anyways whatever had to happen happened.. now to move on with life.. have to forget lots of things, right? Jagya says right and they plan new beginning. Sanchi says, I hope you didn’t change your decision of getting married. Jagya says, I will have to get married for my family so.. Sanchi says, that won’t happen until you know what kind of life partner you want. Jagya gets lost in some thoughts.

Daddu and Alok are sad, sitting in the hall. Mahi returns and says, you all were missing me, right? I am back now.. my team scored so many runs and won so many matches.. and the batsman who hit most number of sixes is in front of you.. , at least congratulate me. Daddu and Alok congratulate them, but they still have sad faces. Mahi asks them if everything is fine and where’s everyone. Daddu asks him to rest and meet everyone later.

Ganga is working in the kitchen and Manu is playing there. Ganga gets busy working. Manu goes near gas tank. Dadisa is looking at Ganga and Anandi’s childhood face come in front of her eyes. She smiles and then suddenly sees Manu near gas tank. She runs to him and they save Manu. Dadisa asks Ganga to take care of Manu. Ganga says, she was looking at him but got busy with work. Dadisa then says, I, Gehna, Sumitra will take care of Manu until your exams are done. He also gets along with us now. She takes Manu with him and leaves.

Meenu tells Mahi everything. Mahi says, what? I can’t believe all that happened in our house. That is why Daddu and bade papa were sad. Meenu says, Sanchi never got along with Anandi.. finally when it seemed they are getting along.. all this happened. She said so much to Anandi. There was no Anandi’s fault.. and I couldn’t do anything. Mahi asks her to stay quiet for now. Sometimes things get worse by reacting. He says, you don’t need to speak from anyone’s side as no one is wrong. Badi maa will calm down soon and no one can stay upset with Anandi for long. He says but it was definitely Sanchi’s fault.. she shouldn’t have reacted like that.

Sanchi is talking about some project with her college friend. Sanchi’s friend is not happy with the topic that she got. But Sanchi is happy with her topic as her topic is Rural Hospital Management. Sanchi’s friend says, your topic is harder than me.. how you will be able to do it by tomorrow? You haven’t seen village hospitals. You will have to work very hard.. more than me. Sanchi says, no.. I have a feeling that this time my project will finish without much effort and that too much before due time. Her friend asks, but how? Sanchi smiles and says, just wait and watch.

At Jagya’s house, everyone is at dining table. Dadisa is sad. Sumitra comes and tells her, I talked with Anandi and she said everything is fine there. Jagya also says, I talked with Sanchi and everything seems normal. Anandi must have handled everything. Dadisa says, I hope you are right, but she is still worried for some reason. Ganga and Jagya are in a car. Ganga is busy studying. Jagya tells her, you prepared very well, just don’t be nervous when writing exam. Write as much as you know and don’t rush. Because if hand writing is bad, then they can deduct points. Ganga says, but if answers are right, then why would they deduct points? Jagya says, if handwriting is bad, then how they be able to read and give marks?

Jagya receives a call from Sanchi. She says, Jagdish please please please help me. Jagya gets worried and asks her are you okay? Sanchi says, I got project and topic is Rural Hospital Management. Jagya is relieved and tells her, do you know you scared me. Sanshi says, it’s good to know that you care for me. That’s why you got scared, right? Jagya asks her to mail the question. Sanchi says, I would love to discuss it, but it’s due tomorrow. She then says, I will manage it somehow.. I got so panicked so I called you. Jagya assures her that project will be done before due date. Sanchi thanks him and hangs. Jagya says, it’s so hard to know whats going on with her.

Ganga is lost in thoughts. Jagya tells her everything will be fine. Ganga is emotional as everyone is loving her so much. Jagya left all his work on side to drop Ganga to school. She says, I never got so much love. She says, I am very thankful to you. Jagya says, I didn’t do anything. Everyone loves you because you deserve it. Ganga says, I will never forget this. Jagya asks her to concentrate on the exam now. He starts driving. Another car comes very close to theirs and jagya presses the break.. Ganga gets pushed to him and she holds his shoulder.. and they both have an eye lock. Ganga apologizes him and says, I couldn’t control. Jagya says, no.. mistake is mine.. that car came and.. he starts driving again.

Sanchi emails project details to Jagya. Mahi comes to Sanchi’s room to take a book. Sanchi tries to talk to him, but he ignores her. Sanchi says, hello I am talking to you.. I am not transparent that you’re ignoring me. Mahi says, then start becoming transparent. It will be better for you. It’s not good to play dirty games all the time. Sanchi says, what this lecture is for? Mahi says, this is for what you did with Anandi bhabhi in Jaitsar. They argue.. Sanchi says, I don’t think I did anything wrong. Mahi tells her to think about Shiv.. he loves her so much. And if not Dadisa, then it would be someone else to bring Shiv and Anandi together because jodis are made by God. He asks her to stop interfering in everyone’s life and tells her that Anandi is innocent. Sanchi says, yes.. she is very innocent that is why she created fight between a brother and sister. Mahi leaves in anger.

He meets Anandi and Anandi figures it out that he had a fight with Sanchi. Anandi explains him that it was not her fault. Any sister would do that if anyone talks that bad about her brother. She asks him to become friends with Sanchi again. Mahi says, okay I will do that, but for now am hungry.. will I get anything to eat.

Anandi serves food to everyone. Sanchi is angry at her. Shiv’s mother is not present. Anandi asks everyone about her. Daddu says, she is in her room. Anandi asks what is she doing there alone. Sanchi says, she is not alone.. Shiv bhaiya is with her. Anandi takes food to her room where Shiv is trying to explain his mother that it was not Anandi’s fault. She wanted to tell everything to everyone, but it was him who stopped her. His mother says, you will think like that because you over trust her.. one day she will break your trust, and you won’t have any clue. Anandi is sad hearing that. Shiv asks her to come in. Anandi gives food to shiv’s mother, but she says I am not hungry. Shiv and Anandi both try to convince her. Shiv’s mother says she has hurt a lot and etc etc.. In end Shiv asks her to eat for him and she eats.

Here at Jagya’s house, Dadisa is still upset and worried for Anandi. Sumitra says, I told you na I talked with Anandi and she said everything is fine. And Jagya also talked with Sanchi and he also said everything is fine. Dadisa says, but until I don’t talk myself, I won’t be able to relax. Shiv’s mother finally comes out with Shiv and Anandi and everyone having breakfast together. Daddu entertains everyone with his stories. Just when everyone is happy, Anandi interrupts and Sanchi gets furious at her as in reply to Daddu’s story, Anandi said that’s like a robbery to Daddu, right?. Anandi says, I was just kidding. Daddu cuts their conversation and says, I know she is kidding.

Dadisa calls at Shiv’s house. Shiv’s mother picks up. Dadisa says, I wanted to talk with… Shiv’s mother says, wait a minute and passes the phone to Anandi. Dadisa asks her if everything is fine there. Anandi says, yes.. we all are having breakfast together. Dadisa says, I will call later then. Dadisa tells Sumitra, I told you.. something is wrong. Shiv’s mother tone seemed different. Dadisa is worried again and episode ends.