28th January Monday Update On True Love


28th January Monday Update On True Love

Tappu in hospital for her delivery ; Nani calls up Divya and also Bundela family asking them to come to the hospital asap; Rathod waits outside for her delviery … Ichha is alone at house in tears ;She starts writing a letter to Veer in which she writes that today she has decided to leave this house because for the first time she has seen so much hate and disbelief in his eyes for her which she can never tolerate and so she is taking this tough decision ;Ichha further writes that she just cannot lie to anyone but if Tappu’s child gets a father like him ,then she will b more than happy about it and so she wishes him all the best with his new journey but she wont b able to b a part of this journey .. Meanwhile in the hospital,Tappu delivers a baby girl and the doctor gives the good news to all ;Rathod is very excited with the news but he does not show it to anyone but stands behind all so that noone can see him ;Nani tells Veer that finally he is the father of a baby girl on which Veer is happy but he remembers his words to Ichha when he demanded her for a baby girl and gets emotional but controls himself ;Mai-Daddaji all r happy … Ichha finishes writing her letter and leaves it on the table…sees Veer’s photo and cries her heart out and then finally leaves the house.

Ichha leaves home while Veer,Nani,Gunwanti and all meet Tappu inside the hospital room and shower love and blessings on the baby ;Mr.Rathod sees the baby from outside and is happy about it and gets emotional ;Nani congratulates Veer for becoming a father and then tells Gunwanti that they should leave so that he can spend some time alone with Tappu and his baby ;Tappu then asks Veer about Ichha when Veer tells Tappu that she will come later ;Veer also gets emotional seeing the baby.. Damini too decides to leave from the house when she sees Ichha entering her room in complete devastated manner;  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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