28th February Thursday Update on Young Love


28th February Thursday Update on Young Love

Basant gives a gift to Gehna. Gehna says, what was need for this? Basant says.. why not.. today is so special.. it’s godh bharai of both of us. Gehna says, then I should gift you something as well. Basant says, you’re bringing a child to this family.. what can be better gift than that? Our daughter will be very beautiful.. and we will get rishtas for her from overseas. Gehna says, you’re thinking about marriage already? Before that.. I will educate my daughter a lot. Basant says, yes.. you’re right.. I also want my daughter to educate and become independent so another Basant takes advantage of her need and marry her.

Gehna then says, I have forgotten the past long time ago.. and now we are happy. She says, and why are you talking about sad stuff on this good occasion? She changes the topic and asks him to put bangles in her hand. Basant puts them in and gets emotional thinking about how much happiness Gehna gave to him. Anandi comes there. Basant and Gehna leave each others hand. Basant leaves for the work. Anandi and Gehna smile and hug each other. Anandi says, I don’t need to ask you how you are. Gehna says, yes.. I am very happy and it’s because of Jagya happiness came in my and Basant’s life. She prays Jagya stays happy as well. Anandi gets lost in thoughts. Gehna asks her if Sanchi came as well. Anandi says yes. Gehna says, she gets mixed with everyone so fast.

Outside, Sanchi brings juice for the guests. One guest says, no.. but Sanchi makes her agree with her sweet talks and smile. Sumitra is happy and tells Dadisa, she makes everyone her own so quick.. she will keep Jagya very happy.

Ratan’s men enter the haveli with the excuse of fixing some lights.

Jagya calls at home for Ganga. Servant picks up and tells Dadisa. Dadisa tells him to go and call Ganga. Sanchi hears it and runs to talk on the phone. Jagya needs a file. Sanchi says she will find it and send it with someone. Ganga comes. Sanchi hangs and tells Ganga, you must be busy with kitchen work, right? I will do Jagya’s work. Ganga is leaving, but Sanchi stops and says, I know you worry for Jagdish and take care of him because you like doing that. And why not? If I was on your place, then I would be doing everything for Jagdish as well. No home.. no husband.. and in that if someone gives you support, then you wouldn’t feel like leaving that person. But now you will have to leave Jagdish, and this house as well.. because now I am here to take care of Jagdish. And I heard you’re going out for some training.. so leave this house as soon as possible. Sanchi is leaving, but now Ganga stops her. She says, you do a favor to return a favor.. don’t think I am someone who would hold hand when someone gives a finger. Dadisa calls Ganga and she leaves. Sanchi says, she is a ‘gawar’ but look at her attitude.

Dadisa asks Ganga to check some arrangements. Another two suspected men are entering the haveli. Dadisa sees them and goes to them. She asks, who are you? The men say they brought vegetables as majaraj asked them. Dadisa says, but vegetables came in the morning already, why again? The men say, maharaj said there should be no shortage that’s why we brought more. Dadisa lets them go in.

Ratan’s men are checking out the house.. from where they can enter/leave. One man is checking all the rooms. Sanchi catches one man and asks him what he is doing there. The man says, I am an electrician.. I came to check whether all lights are working fine. He leaves.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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