28 October Monday Update on Young Love


28 October Monday Update on Young Love

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Vivek coming to pick Saachi. She thanks him and tells Vivek that she gave a good presentation which was liked by her colleagues. She says she was praised by everyone. Vivek says, we will go home now. He starts the car. Nandu is playing cricket with Mannu. Ball falls beneath the almara. Nandu asks Mannu to bring the ball. Mannu takes the ball and sees the snake. He tells Nandu. Nandu checks and sees nothing. He asks Mannu to do the bowling. Gehna brings milk for them. Mannu and Nandu drink the milk.

Subhadra calls Dayanand. She tells him that Anandi went to some doctor for treatment. Dayanand says, don’t she trust me. I am treating her. Subhadra asks him, can the drugs be detected in the report. Dayanand asks her not to give medcine to Anandi tomorrow. Daddu comes and asks her with whom she was talking to. Subhadra tells him that she was talking to Panditji about Anandi. She says, she will do some puja. She lies to him saying he was asking much money. Daddu feels good that she is concerned about money and offers to give her money. Subhadra says, you are doing so much for me.

Daddu says he will give her money and also will give her 5000 pocket money. He gives her massage machine and asks her to talk to Anandi about it. Subhadra is relieved and thinks she is saved else don’t know what would have happen. She falls and gets leg fractured. Everyone rush to her. Daddu helps her to lie down on the bed. Anandi gives her water. Anandi comes to Subhadra’s room in the morning and asks Daddu, didn’t he sleep entire night. Daddu says, he talked with Subhadra about their childhood and reminiscences the old moments. He tells her that Subhadra is like a daughter for him.

Anandi tells him that she will be fine soon. Subhadra wakes up and sees them. She asks, what they are talking about? Anandi asks about her pain. Subhadra says, her pain has gone because her brother took care of her. Daddu asks her to drink turmeric milk. Daddu asks Anandi, when she is going for test. Anandi says, she is going with Shiv. Subhadra gets worried. Doctor does Anandi’s test and tells them that he did some tests. He tells it was very much needed to know the cause. He asks her to rest. Shiv thanks him. They leaves.

Anandi tells Shiv that she is fine and asks him to go to office. Ira brings food to her. Anandi says, she is fine. Subhadra comes and says she asked Ira to give food to you. She asks her about the report. Shiv says, he will get the reports, but Anandi insists to bring it. Shiv agrees and says he will go to office. Ira asks him to have breakfast first. Shiv goes. Subhadra serves food to Anandi.

Subhadra thinks she will get Anandi out of house and will ruined her. Gehna comes to the inhouse temple to clean it. She starts cleaning. A snake is shown there. Gehna doesn’t see it. Snake bites on her leg. Gehna shouts in pain. Dadisaa comes there. Gehna sees the snakr going and tells Dadisaa. Dadisaa is shocked to see the snake. She asks her to get up and binds the cloth on her leg. Nandu and Mannu comes there. Dadisaa sucks the blood and spits it out. She calls Makhan Khan and asks him to take Jeep pout as they have to go to hospital.

DS takes Gehna inside and instructs MK to look after the kids and catch the snake , N says that he will come too but DS says NO , who will support M , Ab (Abhimanyu) and B (Bhairavi) ? The jeep leaves while MK is with N who’s crying . On the way / Hospital :- DS tells Gehna not to sleep , she calls J and informs him that a snake bit Gehna and narrates everything with FBs . J is shocked , DS says that she’s bringing Gehna to hospital , J asks why did you do it ? By movement , the danger can increase ! DS says she didn’t knew that . CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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