28 October Monday Update on True Love

28 October Monday Update on True Love

Tapasya telling Tej that she came in this house as a bahu once before. She says, Mai told me that if you drink your husband’s ‘jhoota’, the love between the two of you increases.
Tej starts sweating.
Tapasya says, what happened to you? You’ve started sweating so easily these days… Do you want to get your BP checked? do you want me to call a doctor or do you want me to give you the tea with my own hands..
She gets up and takes the cup to Tej’s mouth.
He pushes the cup away and it shatters on the floor.
They both stare at each other. Tej gets up and starts leaving… Tapasya says, I made you drink Green Tea with love, I didn’t mix poison with it… maybe you did. She says, next time find a unique method…
Tej says, there are lots of methods… and I will use one of them. He goes upstairs.

Meethi thinking of Vishnu from the first day he saved her fro mthe fire, to saving her in the shopping mall from her mean friends, then lots of other flashbacks.
Then she remembers him in the temple.
Her phone rings and it’s Vishnu, she declines it. He calls again and she picks it up and says, don’t you understand if I’m not picking up your phone, I don’t want to talk to you. Vishnu says quickly, please listen to me once before putting the phone down, then you can do whatever you want.
Meethi says, I don’t want to talk to you… don’t you understand?
He says, I understand perfectly. I’ve just understood. Whatever was between us – our friendship etc. it has nothing to do with Teacherji. Don’t you have even a little trust in me?
Meethi says, I had trust – you’re the one who broke it… You kept lying to me like Mom. I can’t trust you again. She puts the phone down… Vishnu is disappointed.
Song in the background with both of them are shown separately.
Meethi crying… Vishnu breaks the glass on his window in anger.
His hand bleeds a little and he looks at it.

Amla pacing in front of the door… Tapasya sitting on the sofas.
Amla says, it’s 9 pm at night and they haven’t called me…
Tapasya says, maybe Mai didn’t let him call you… she instigates her again… says he’s your husband and no one told you when they were going to the hospital, they didn’t take you to court for Yuvraj’s case, they didn’t tell you about Yuvraj’s punishment.

Amla feels Tapasya is right.
Gunwanti/Umed come back… Amla asks how’s Veer? You didn’t call me, you didn’t tell me how he’s doing? I am so worried for him.
Gunwanti says, you could have come to the hospital yourself. If you’re so worried, you could have asked the driver to bring you.
Amla says, I kept waiting for you call the whole day… I thought I would go when my husband calls me.
Gunwanti says, your son went to jail, your husband has just gained consciousness and you’re all decked up like a bride.
I can see clearly how worried you are… now go and warm up the food and put it on the table for us.
Ask Chanda to help you out in the kitchen from tomorrow… she has rested enough.
Amla has tears in her eyes and she goes away.

Tapasya looks at Mai and says, Oh, that’s why you wanted a bahu…
Gunwanti says, who are you to ask me questions?
Tapasya says, do I have to tell you again and again? I am your dewrani, this house’s choti bahu and choti thakurain. Poor Amla… I pity her. You’ve kept her like a shoe on your feet. Now I know why you got her married to Veer.
You used her to keep Icha away from Veer. You never thought of Yuvraj, Veer or Amla… but bound them in this relation for your own happiness.
Gunwanti says, it’s a private matter of our family. You don’t have any right to interfere.
Tapasya says, I have equal rights in the matters of this house as you.
Gunwanti says, when we haven’t even accepted Tej in this house, how can we accept you? In any case, you’ve come here deceptively and now you’re lecturing me?
Remember one thing Tapasya, only I can rule in this house… don’t even think about competing with me!
Tapasya says, what competition? We’re not talking about winning or losing here… we’re talking about right and wrong and very soon I will tell you that you’re wrong.
Tapasya leaves the room.
Gunwanti says, now she will teach me right and wrong?

Meethi walking on the road and thinks about when Vishnu told her he met her mother in Satara jail where she was Teacher did for all of them. Vishnu comes on his bike in front of her… she turns around and leaves.

Tapasya reading a newspaper with news about Mukta/Yuvraj case.
Amla brings her breakfast… Tapasya holds her hand and sits her down on the table.
She gives her a bread with butter and says I know you haven’t eaten anything since last night… now eat this. Amla eats it.
Tapasya says can I ask you a question? Amla says yes.
Tapasya says, Veer is your husband and you’re his wife. I know Veer, he’s a very good human being. The way Mai talked to you last night it showed very clearly that there’s no importance of you in his life. No son, no mother-in-law, no husband… no one cares for you… then why are you in this relationship?
Amla says, then where would I go? Such a big house, I have a room to myself… jewellery, money everything… a poor orphan girl, what else does she need? Mai and Chanda didi got us married and brought me here… They gave support to a poor girl… that’s it.
Tapasya says, you want just this? These clothes, this house, this room, this jewellery? This is all you want? You don’t want someone to love you? To give respect to you? Amla stays quiet.

Vishnu follows Meethi on his bike… keeps asking her to listen to her… she turns around and leaves again. Vishnu blocks her way and says why are you not talking to me… what has happened between us that you aren’t even talking to me… Meethi says, if you don’t know what happened between us then it’s useless to talk to you… I have deleted your number from my phone.
She turns around to leave, Vishnu brings her back close to him and they keep looking at each other – song in the background.
Vishnu says, don’t leave me like this, it will be difficulrt for me to event breathe. Meethi asks him to leave her hand… Then snatches it away and leaves him standing in the middle of the road.

Veer comes to the Bundela house with Gunwanti/Umed. Tapasya sees him and feels happy.
He says, I came back after so many days. Baba, it all looks the same but it still feels like something has changed.
Umed is about to say, there’s a lot that has changed… but Gunwanti interrupts and says nothing has changed… she asks him to go to his room and rest… he starts going upstairs and sees Tapasya standing there. Both of them keep looking at each other.

Veer saying something seems changed. Umed wants to tell him there has been some changes but Gunwanti interrupts and says nothing has changed. You go to your room and rest.
Veer starts going upstairs and Tapasya is standing on the stairs.
Both of them look at each other.
Gunwanti and Umed both give weird expressions.
Tapasya comes up to Veer and says Namaste, how are you feeling now?
Veer says, you?
Tapasya says, you even forgot me?
Gunwanti comes up and says, he has lost his memory. I will make the introductions. Umed says, leave it… why think of the past now?
Gunwanti says, some people from the past have come back in our lives, it’s necessary to give their introduction.
She asks Veer to look at Tapasya carefully… this is Tapasya.
20 years ago, she married you deceptively.
Deception is in her nature. She’s also responsible for your brother’s death. It’s good that you don’t remember anything because the amount of pain you have to go through because of her, I remember clearly. She has come again by deceptively marrying another member of this family. She’s Tej Singh Bundela’s wife. Stay away from her. No one knows what she will do… and when!
Umed tells Gunwanti to let Veer rest.
Gunwanti says, tell everyone that my son needs rest… no one should bother him (looking at Tapasya).
Gunwanti takes Veer upstairs. Tapasya is quiet.
She thinks, how long will you keep Veer away from his memories… I promise you, I will bring back each memory of Icha in Veer’s heart.

Meethi’s in college when fellow students are running around… Meethi’s friends come and tell her a boy is about to commit suicide and he’s calling your name.
Meethi goes there and sees Vishnu. Her friends ask her to stop him because he’s calling your name.
He says, I will only come down on condition… if Meethi tells me herself that she has forgiven me.
Mukta is also there…
Meethi’s friends ask her to stop him… she says he’s pretending. Haven’t you seen Sholay?
He says, I thought you’d think I’m pretending. This is not a film scene… He pours a bottle of kerosene on him… lights a lighter and says tell me Meethi, do you forgive me or should I burn myself?
Meethi thinks, has he gone crazy.
Meethi says, I have forgiven you, you can come down now.
He says, thank you friends, you saved my life today… or you would have seen me go down like Diwali’s rocket. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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