28 November Wednesday Update on True Love

Wednesday Update on True Love

Gunwanti was about to give holi shagun to Ichha when Ichha deliberately tells all that Tappu will not b accepting this shagun and that she has something to say to all ;Tappu is scared now and clueless what to say when Ichha was about to tell all about Tappu’s baby but Tappu quickly interuppts Ichha and tells everyone that “Even though I m giving waaris to this house but Ichha is still the bahu of this house and so I want this shagun to b given to Ichha” ;Hearing this Gunwanti, Veer and all r shocked ;Ichha is happy ;Gunwanti then gives the shagun to Tappu; Jogi too arrives and feels proud of his daughter Tappu ;Ichha gets the shagun …

Nani later asks Tappu why she did this blunder on which Tappu replies that she is trying to do things which can make Veer happy since Veer has accepted her baby in his life now and so she wants him to accept her as well ;Nani feels relaxed hearing this …

Tappu is sitting in her room alone and thinking about Ichha’s words last night when Veer comes there and asks her why is she sitting alone and looking so tensed on which Tappu tells Veer that “I m happy that u hv accepted this baby in your life but I know that u r married now and u hv a wife…tomorrow u will also hv your kid with your wife..so then what will b the importance of my kid in your life…what will b our child’s future then ??” ;Hearing this Veer tells Tappu that he will give equal importance to both the kids in his life ;Tappu feels relaxed now ;Veer was about to leave when Tappu stops him…comes near him and takes some holi in her hand from the thali which Veer was holding and puts that holi on Veer’s cheeks and wishes him Happy holi ;Veer too wishes back to Tappu in a soft and polite tone ;Tappu is very happy now.

At the Bundelas, Mai wishes Veer and Tapu for holi. Damini tells Ichcha how pleasantly surprised she is seeing a positive change in Tapu, and Ichcha reassures her that from here on, everything will be fine. Veer comes in and Damini leaves letting them have some alone time together. Ichcha is sad seeing color on Veer’s face and mentions that she wanted to be the one to wish him first. He begins to explain, but she lets it go.

Next morning Mai comes to Tapu with fruits to eat and tells her that she is getting the room next door repainted for the new baby. Veer and Ichcha share some romantic time in their room and end up talking abt their baby. This leaves Ichcha worried. After he leaves, she vows that someday by god’s grace, they too will have their own baby who will be the real waaris of the family.

At the thakur house, Pushkar is displeased seeing Jogi open a medical policy in Damini’s name. Nani comes for a visit and when she talks abt Ichcha in a sarcastic tone, Jogi gets upset and retorts back. Privately when Pushkar tells Nani abt the policy Jogi made for Damini, she blames it all on his and Rohini’s incompetency and orders them to take care of Jogi’s needs themselves and not let Damini in on anything.

Rathore sneaks into Tapu’s room as one of the painters to give her shagun for holi. When she refuses to take it and starts yelling at him, he warns her that someone might hear them… Tapu sees Ichcha approaching her room and to get rid of him soon, she takes the shagun. But on his way out, Ichcha sees him. He tries walking away, hiding his face, but she asks him to stop. Tapu sees that and freezes in worry.