27th September Friday Update on This is Love


27th September Friday Update on This is Love

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The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Raman. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. She recalls their moments. He cries and turns away. She holds him. He says I know nothing can happen now, I m completely useless. She says you aren’t useless, you are my life, we exist because of you. He cries. After ten days, Rajat asks Ishita to tell Raman about his condition, he can’t walk again till we find a cure. He says he has to accept this truth. She says he has been active all the time, how shall I tell him, he is our pillar of strength, he needs to depend on us, he can’t tolerate this. He says you need to be strong, life doesn’t end here, you have to become Raman’s strength.

He says I have written instructions for him, keep him happy, spend time with him so that he feels everything is normal, you can call me for help. She thanks him. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to be careful. He says Ishita called and said we have to look happy in front of Raman. Mihika says we are making his fav food. Mrs. Bhalla says I got prasad for Raman. Mihika says don’t worry, we will welcome Raman well. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita reminded me, come with me, we didn’t remember this. He asks Simmi to move the furniture so that Raman can move on his wheelchair. Ruhi says we need to change his room setting as well. Ishita comes to Raman and says we shall go home.

She gets a wheelchair. Raman gets shocked. Ishita says everyone is excited that you are coming, they are making your fav food, even Adi is excited for your coming, Pihu is also waiting. He says we shall go home. She asks ward boy to help her. Ward boy takes Raman. She sends him to reception and waits for the car. She gets busy in call and talks to Bala. Raman struggles to sit inside the car. She sees him and asks driver to help him. Ward boy comes and shifts Raman. A man comes and asks Ishita to hurry, he needs to admit his dad in ICU. Raman says sorry, I m paralysed, I can’t walk. Ishita says we are leaving.

Appa says Ishu messaged, they left from hospital, she called me and Bala downstairs to help Raman come here. Bala comes and says Ishita messaged. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Ruhi asks her to be strong. Ishita and Raman reach home. Raman asks how did you know that we have come. Bala says we got her message. Raman says I can’t walk without support me, help me, I got to know such things now. They make Raman sit on wheelchair. Mrs. Bhalla does his aarti and tilak. Romi says we will have spicy food for Raman today. Mihika shows Adi. Raman smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says its good you have come to me. He says I can’t go anywhere alone now. Ishita says Raman has got a good chance to make me work. Pihu comes and says I want to sit in your lap. Ruhi says not now.

Raman says I should get habitual now. Aaliya asks him to try the snacks. Raman says thanks, I will have it later. Romi says I will take him to room. Raman says my room is upstairs. Romi says your room is shifted downstairs. Raman says good, I will manage, my hands are working. Ishita says I will take you. Raman says I will go on own. He moves the wheelchair and goes. Ishita says I can’t see his condition. Mrs. Bhalla says we all are with you. Aaliya says Raman needs mental care, else he may get in depression. Ruhi agrees. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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