27th May Monday Update on Young Love

The goon coming to Pasha’s ward to kill me. He targets the rifle on him but unable to pull the trigger or may be the rifle is without the bullets. He hears some noise and goes outside. He collides with Lal Singh. Lal singh asks him about his name. The goon reply him saying he is Vishnu’s younger brother Raju and excuses himself. Lal singh comes to Ganga and asks about Jagya. Ganga says he went on the round. Lal singh asks about Raju. Ganga tells him that Vishnu is not well and therefore he sent him. Lal singh says, as far as he knows Vishnu is not having any brother. Ganga says may be he is Vishnu’s cousin.

The goon calls his boss and says he was about to kill him but the trigger was jammed at the last moment. Boss asks him to do something to kill him. He says we are paid well to kill Pasha. He says he wants to hear his death anyhow and asks him to administer poisonous injection. The goon comes to the nurse and asks her to give the injection for sleep as the patient is not getting sleep. Nurse asks, which doctor asked for this injection. Goon takes Jagya name. Nurse gives the injection.

Dadisaa prays to Devimaa for sending Ganga in Jagya’s life and blesses her. Bhairov tells her that there is a way of bringing their child in this world. He says our wish can be fulfilled. Dadisaa says, what are you saying? Bhairov says jagya said right that Ganga’s uterus can’t bear the baby and says baby will be Jagya and Ganga and tells about the surrogacy. He explains that surrogate mother gives birth to the baby of the biological parents. Dadisaa says birth is a natural procedure and scolds Bhairov for thinking like this. She says baby gets values from his mother. She says we can’t repay the surrogate mother. She says, I won’t allow this and I have fill faith on Devimaa that she will do something.

The goon comes to Pasha again with the intention to kill him. He holds the poisonous injection in his hand. He gets a call from his boss and he tells him that he is going to kill Pasha now. Boss gets happy and asks him not to disconnect the call. Pasha wakes up and covers him in his blanket. He fights with him like a soldier. Vishnu comes running and informs Jagya and Lal singh that he was beaten by someone and he snatched his uniform and locked him in the store room. Jagya asks the nurse about Raju. Nurse tells him that she saw him going to Pasha’s room. Jagya runs to Pasha’s room. He opens the room and sees Pasha hitting the goon on his head. Jagya asks him about his name and whereabouts? Boss hears this on the call and throws the phone in anger. He asks his goons to get ready to go the hospital. Jagya asks him, why he wants to kill pasha. Vishnu informs him that he was the one who had beaten him and snatched his uniform. Lal singh says he called the police.

Two goons wearing Police uniform comes and arrests the Raju. Jagya tells them how Raju entered the hospital and try to kill Pasha. They take him away. Ganga says she should have enquire with him. Jagya comes to Pasha and asks about him. He asks, why he attacked you.. Did you remember anything about yourself. Lal singh says he is tensed now. Real police Inspector comes and says I got a call from this hospital. Jagya says, your constables took him now. Inspector says, he is came now with his team. Jagya thinks he is goon’s aide. Inspector asks him tell everything in detail.

Saachi fills Ira’s ears against Anandi and says Anandi has brainwashed Shiv’s mind. Meenu comes and asks, can I talk to you alone? Saachi leaves. meenu says we have seen many ups and downs of life but we never lost faith on each other. She says she couldn’t hurt her and she just wants to help her. Ira says, when I turn back and think, I wonder whether I did right by trusting you. Ira says she is shocked to the core that if anyone smiles then she thinks if he means something. She says she is not in a position to forgive.

Inspector asks Pasha about the goon. pasha is speechless. Inspector asks him to give a clue about the goon. Jagya says I don’t know his name. Inspector asks, who brought him here. Jagya tells, I brought him here and tells the story. Inspector says, you should have inform the police. Jagya says, his condition was not good and says sorry. Inspector says it is a serious issue and have to take him. Pasha refuses to go to the police station. Jagya requests the Inspector to let him stay here. Inspector agrees.Inspector tells jagya that this issue is a serious one. It is a work of a gang. Jagya that the goon and his gang are professional killers. He says, this man is not a ordinary man. He asks Jagya to be alert and says I will give Police protection. Jagya thanks him.

Mahi telling Shiv that he brought icecream for everyone and asks Shiv to give the icecream to Ira. Shiv tells Mahi that he knows why he is doing this and says he is fine. Mahi says I wants everything to be same like before and wants you to be strong and reliable as before. We should be dependent on you for everything. He says, you are my Shiv bhai, my inspiration and hopes that they shall have love in their family. If anyone of us changes then our family will be shattered and asks Shiv to keep the family united. Shiv says, I will not allow our family to break and hugs Mahi.

Boss tells the goons that they have to fulfilled the responsibility and says if this time you fails then the punishment is death. He kills one of the goon and asks the other goon to get ready to attack the hospital tomorrow for killing Pasha. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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