27th February Wednesday Update on Young Love


27th February Wednesday Update on Young Love

Anandi put her opinion that they shud end the saanchi n jagiya rista as they are not compatible. Ira got angry n asked y she was silent before. Menu too asked the same. She said things moved much forward now its not possible to step back. shiv said anandi said this thing to him much before. Anandi replied she shud have talked to them earlier. She saw no one was happy with the rista when they went to jetsar but things happened so fast there that she cudnt understand what to do. She too had the faith like everyone that j will say no. but that didn’t happen. But its not too late either to break the rista.

But shekhars were not agreed n they said saanchi already thinks herself as DIL of that house. If she shud have told them earlier then they wud have talked to saanchi. Anandi replied she was not at home when the decision was taken. She was out with saanchi. Before her going out all were unhappy. Ira accused if she thinks saanchi is not worthy for badi haveli. Anandi in tears said she wants saanchi’s happiness only.

Shiv said he is not taking side of anandi. But indeed things happened so fast. He cudnt get anything too n was confused. He didn’t know what saanchi say to them but they shud think about again. Dadu said what they wanted to say, said already. This type of thing never happened in their house. They shud be ashamed of it. As for now they need time to think over it.

Saanchi overheard who came to take her mobile back. She thinks how anandi is smart n plotting here behind her back. The way she impressed singhs, she has to impress anandi too otherwise anandi has the capability to break her rista.

Ganga at the temple. Rattan singh’s man saw her n informed someone to take away the kid from her as ordered by rattan singh. Ganga made mannu to sit n went to take Prasad. Rattan singh’s man came forward to take mannu but few ladies came there n took mannu to their lap. So he stopped. The ladies have some talk. Then Ganga was abt to leave but felt someone is following her but cudnt see anyone. she hurriedly went to badi haveli.

Ganga was scared thinking abt temple incident n she suspected it must be rattan singh. She didn’t want to risk singhs’ life so she decided to leave from there.

Next morning, bhairon appreciated the tea made by ganga as it had the same taste like anandi’s. sumi didn’t like it. She said that she is very scared abt rattan singh. He can anytime harm jagiya . how much time they can keep eye on everyone. Bhairon assured her by saying they have to be lil alert. Sumi suggested that they shud send ganga govt womens’ hostel as rattan singh doesn’t have any problem with them. He has problem with ganga only. Bhairon cant believe sumi’s words n straightly refused.

AT KB, Anandi tried to wake up shiv who was sleeping. He woke up n smiled seeing his wifey who was smiling at him sweetly.MR shekhar said some cheesy dialogs while praising the beauty of his wifey. Anandi stood up to make tea for her collector saab. Collector saab held her hand and asked y cant she sit near her collector saab for few more minutes and again some more cheesy dialogs from collector saab. Anandi blushed. At that time there was a knock on the door. Anandi opened the door and got a shock seeing saanchi in salwar n tea cups for them. Shiv woke up completely n his mouth literally opened in shock. Saanchi snapped anandi out of her shocking state by asking whether she will call her inside or not. Ansh are still in shock. Saanchi gave them the tea n said how difficult it was for her to make tea. She knew they are surprised but as she has some responsibility after her marriage with jagdeesh. She is now trying to used to with it. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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