26th September Thursday Update on This is Love

26th September Thursday Update on This is Love

Doctor asks can you feel it now. Raman says I can’t feel my legs, what’s happening to me. Ishita asks why is this happening. Doctor says we have to do a MRI. Raman asks why, you have done my surgery. Doctor says there is no sensation, we have to do some tests. Raman says I can’t be paralysed, my life will be ruined, you all go out of here, leave me alone. Ishita and everyone try to calm him. Doctor asks them to leave him and go. Everyone worries. Raman shouts. Doctor makes them out. Everyone goes out and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I thought things will fall into place, but I was wrong. Amma says Raman’s legs have paralysed temporarily.

Ishita says the tests have to be conducted, this will be a temporary setback, I will talk to Rajat, don’t go to Raman with sad faces. She asks Ruhi to be strong for Raman’s sake. She asks did you find Rajat. Doctor says we are trying, maybe he is travelling, we should give some time to Raman. Ishita says Raman shouldn’t see us, he is going through an emotional trauma. Ishita cries. Raman tries to move and shouts no, this can’t happen, I want to get up. He cries. Ishita hears his voice and cry. Nurse says we have to go for MRI, I will get a wheelchair for you. Ishita cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….Raman goes for tests. Ishita says I won’t cry, Raman will surely recover.

At police station, Simmi holds Parmeet’s neck and says I won’t leave you. Constables stop her. She says Parmeet ruined everyone’s lives, you can arrest me if you like, I have done crimes like him, I don’t mind getting arrested by killing him. Constable asks her to get out. Doctor says reports are not positive, Raman’s spinal cord is damaged, Raman is paralysed down the waist, he won’t be able to walk now. Ishita asks what do you mean. He says check these reports, we can’t say when will he walk again. She says Dr. Rajat is top neurosurgeon. He says Rajat saved Raman’s life, he isn’t any Lord to do any miracle, the impact of the blast damaged the spinal cord, what can anyone do, you should be thankful that he saved your husband’s life. Ishita cries and says Raman is with us but….

Romi asks what were you doing, you have any idea about Raman, what will he go through if he knows this. She cries and asks shall I spare Parmeet and myself, I have done crimes, I m not innocent, I have ruined everyone’s lives. He says Raman didn’t get you out of bail to see this, calm down and think about it, this won’t help Raman. He hugs her. Doctor says we have to tell Raman about MRI reports. Mrs. Bhalla says he will shatter knowing this, he is our support. Ishita goes. Amma calls her out and asks where are you going. Ishita says someone has to tell him the truth, I m his wife, I will tell him. Everyone says we won’t tell him, his situation is critical, he will go in depression. Ishita says if he knows this truth from someone else, he will get more hurt. Bala says don’t know if he will be able to say this shock. Ruhi says yes, don’t tell him anything, he will get big shock, we can tell him later. Ishita says I won’t break his hopes.



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